Monday, June 30, 2008

Gorgeous Freebies <3

I was soooo excited when I heard about these freebies off of Laleeta's post, so once I had the time, I ran down there to grab em up, and omg...The quality on these clothes are absolutely fantastic!The pics below are completely unedited (besides cropping and pasting them together) so you can click on the pictures and see just how wonderful they are, the skirt is amazing, I am in awe, and you can bet I'll be going back soon. The legwarmer boots are sooo cute as well and come in tons of yummy colors, not to mention the pretty eyes with the bitty hearts in them, come on click the picture you know you wanna!
The boots pictured in the bottom pic, I know were blogged in a certain freebie blog, but they were not the focus of the picture and were even cut off by like half! So I grabbed them and they really deserve there own space so here they are :)

lol, okay you're about ready to know where all this stuff came from right? It can't really be free? Well it is! The skirt, legwarmers, and boots came from Katat0nik and are ALL free! well some may be dollarbies I'm not sure, but so worth it, I mean that skirt, wow, just wow. The pretty gun tee and heart eyes came from [Bingo], they totally completed the outfit, and this is one I know I'm gonna love forever!

Non Free stuff:
Hair from Frangipani
Skin from Tuli
gloves from Bare Rose

So Many Dresses..

Have you noticed that the majority of the stuff that I post are dresses? Calista pointed that out to me. ^^ Not that I mind, they are all gorgeous. No dilly dally, lets move on. (Yeah, I just said that.)

This absolutely beautiful dress is from *Sisters* for one linden, but its definitely worth more. Im not sure when I would be able to wear it because I am always wearing jeans, but the first chance I get i'm going to pull it out of the closet and strut around in it like nobody's business. The hair is from Calista's store Flair for 75 linden, and worth it too. Don't be surprised if you see one of us at the studio there taking pictures or acting stupid, come and say hello. :] There is also a free cupcake bikini there as well.Now for another pretty little dress that i'm not sure when I will actually wear. The stockings are cute as well, with bows going down each outer side of the leg. It racks up to one linden, and the store is Kuri Style.Now on the more casual side is the adorable dollarbie shirt, jeans, and arm warmers. The shirt can be taken as your own at [ Bingo ] along with plenty of other dollarbies such as t-shirts, a cute ducky and dresses. The jeans and arm warmers are from Pow Candy, along with plenty of other dollarbies there too. Now onto the shoes!

There was another pair of shoes there that were nicely done, but they weren't my style. And like Calista said, we stick to our style and we give you something that we would actually wear in SL. At :::LiNe::: you will find three free pairs of shoes and a free tank top as well if you join their group and keep the tag active.

Hair: Flair

First Outfit

Dress: *Sisters*

Second Outfit

Dress: Kuri Style

Third Outfit

T-shirt: [ Bingo ]

Jeans: Pow Candy

Arm Warmers: Pow Candy

Shoes: :::LiNe:::

Hubba! Hubba!

Can I say oooh baby?! Today was filled with nice finds for me!

First of the hair I'm wearing in all these pictures is a freebie from Maitreya, if you haven't got it yet run to the store as it is a limited offer. It's a fat pack so lots of different colors too!

I told you about my bangles in this post, my necklace is my long time favorite from this post, the green shoes are the one Cailin blogged about and the blue ones come with an outfit from Sweeter Than Candy that Calista told you about here

So for our first outfit we have a very nice ensemble of tee, rolled up pants and socks from 1/4 Life Crisis. I really like the cute yet "I don't give a damn" look of this outfit. It's the first thing you'll see when you walk in.

This outfit is actually a mix of two freebies. The tee is from Kunglers and the jean is from Rasetsukoku. If you've never been to Rasetsukoku check it out, the store is in a kind of dungeon I loved it :] ! To find the tee look to the right of the podium in the middle of the store and the pant is right at the entrance once you go down the stairs.

This outfit is one of the best freebie I ever found! It's a four different colors fat pack from Rock Me Amadeus and costs 0l. It's on the wall to your left when you enter the store.

This very cute outfit can be found in the freebies section of Silk Dream Wet Dream among other things. The freebie section is down the stairs to your right when you enter the store. And I know the name of that shop does sound kinky :p

My fav outfit of the day I think! Dunno if it was meant to be worn by a guy or a girl but I just love it! It's from !mpossible you can find it just on your left when you enter the store for the sum of 1l.

One of my favourite store, Katat0nik, is giving away this outfit in six different colors. There you can also find a beautiful pair of leg warmers boots in seven different colors. Just make your way to the stairs in the middle of the shop and you should find them!

To conclude I would like to share with you the funniest find I had today. It's from Aqua, I'm not sure I'm gonna wear it anytime soon but it sure put a smile on my face! There are however some really nice dollarbies over there so be sure to check them out! Just head to the back of the store and to the left to find them!

Time to dive back in this crazy world! Until next time then!


Random Giftie!

This super cute baby doll top is a freebie gift from the subcsribe-o-matic at the store Random. /me gets on her knees and hails Garbage Prototype. Thanks so much for the cute top. ^^ Once you get there, look in the history and it should be the latest one, June 30th. In that message you should get a HUD that you wear. Once it appears in the corner of your screen, click on the clothes that pop up, and BINGO! You get your shirt. Very creative way, kudos to you Garbage. The Subscribomatics are in the front of the store, by the entrances.

Week of the Dresses Part Duex

Now on the more casual style is this casual and cute t shirt for free at Sweetness for free, and the jeans are part of the Random pack of skinny jeans for one linden at The Gnubie Store.This corset piercing is at QC Designs for free, along with some other cute free shtuff. ^^
This dress is just one among the many free dresses to be found on the second floor of
Raeva's. Now go get all the cute things for yourself, but if you can't find the item, please be nice. No one likes a rude customer.
First Outfit
Shirt: Sweetness
Second Outfit
Dress: Raeva's

Is This the Week of the Dresses?

Not that i'm complaining or anything, but I am going to break this post down in to two parts because I have many things to share with you today. (Three quarters of which are dresses.) Let's get down to business!

This adorable dress is zero linden and can be found here. It was a gift from [ Bingo ] for SL's fifth birthday. Its beautifully made, and the details on the belt are absolutely flawless. The hair I am wearing is from AOHARU and its completely free. I am also wearing a nose ring that comes with beauty marks for one linden that can be picked up at Soulfire. At Soulfire you can also find many hair accessories, such as a geisha hair fan.

This simply elegant dress I discovered at Soulfire and can be found in three different colors. You may not notice it from the picture, but the dress as a ruched texture it, which makes it all the more pretty. My hair is from WAKA & Yuki.

This brightly colored dress is made by Raeva's and is on their new second floor, which is dedicated to soley freebies. They have some other cute dresses, but they weren't much my style. This one was calling my name however, so I scooped it up quickly. ^^

And this mint number is from Elate! and comes in three different colors if I remember correctly. The cute little top hat is also from Elate!. In the freebie box with the dresses are also three different pairs of PJ shorts and a white tank top.

First Outfit

Dress: here.


Piercings: Soulfire

Second Outfit

Dress: Soulfire

Hair: WAKA & Yuki

Third Outfit

Dress: Raeva's

Fourth Outfit

Dress: Elate!

Hat: Elate!

Check back soon to see the rest of the finds for today! :]

Free cupcakes Bikini

Free at the Flair store....forever lol
you can find it by the studio under the other swimsuits

Sweeter than Candy Freebies <3

You can find a whole bunch of freebies down at Sweeter than Candy, The clothes there are really nice, and I totally loved the freebies, so once the crowd dies'm gonna go back and take another look at the store. Here's some of the stuff I ran off with :)
The blue top is sooo sparkly and soo cute, I really love it a lot. It just shimmers and I can't help but keep staring at it lmao. It's one of the nicest free tops I've found.

Non free stuff:
Skin: from Tuli
Hair: from Armidi
Shorts in bottom pic: from Canimal


Heres a quickie for you before I go and to the errands for the day.

This cute cherry dress is just one linden and be found here at Cassiopeia Isle, and its perfect for just about any summer day don't you think? The hair I am wearing is free from BooN and comes in many different colors.

This plaid dress is also one linden at Cassiopeia Isle. While you are there, (its just a little cart with some cheaply priced items,) be sure to also pick of some free pajamas and if you can afford it the nice 30 linden tank tops.

First and Second Outfit
Dresses: Cassiopeia Isle
Hair: BooN

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Handful of Gifts

Once all the craziness of today was over, I took a trip down to :::ASPIRE ISLE:::
It's pretty much a mall with a bunch of your favorite designers all bunched into one bitty sim :)
I found a whole bunch of freebies and dollarbies from Sn@tch, Calla, Striking Pose, and lots of others. Here are some pics of freebies I found...

Calla also has some newbie packs and tons of free skins, although none of them struck my fancy (and this is a blog where we only blog stuff we'll actually wear :p) I decided to leave em out, and you can go see if you like em :)

Non Free Stuff:
1st pic: Hair - Nana in blonde from Jade Hair
Hair in 2nd pic: Sophie in Platinum from Maitreya
Skin in both pics from Tuli

OMG Hair

Yes, i realized that I put the word hair where shoes should have been. But since this post was dedicated to that very thing I thought I could edit a little bit.

This fabulous hair is from AOHARU is a group gift and can be found in notices. Just search up their name under groups and join. The outfit i'm wearing is another group gift from Cupcakes, and can also be found under notices. If you are a current member, then you will have no problem, but if you aren't there is an enrollment fee of 250 linden. It is definitely a good investment however, because she is being very generous with the gifties. ^^ The skin is also another group gift from Cupcakes.

This hair is free instore from AOHARU as well. Both styles only come in blonde, (im usually not the blonde type of girl,) but for this style I will be lenient considering I love it. The outfit isn't free but still super cheap. The shorts actually come as a mini skirt for 50 Linden at Gigi Couture, but I used it as shorts. The shirt is 50 linden as well if I can remember correctly, and can be found at Tres Blah. Go get your hair now, girls!

Dress Overload!

I have a bunch of dresses, casual and not so much, for you today. Just warning you: There are a lot of pictures in this following post. ^^ I've found bunches for you today.This gorgeously detailed dress by Kazu you can get for yourself at just one linden. What a deal, right? Im not sure when I will get the chance to wear it because I am always wearing something casual, but I will keep it stowed away in my inventory nonetheless! You can also get a very nice handbag for free as well at this store. The hair I am wearing is from Tekuteku that you get for one linden.
This above dress is for free at
ZERO LINDEN where you can also get tons of other things for zero linden too. Some of the stuff isn't great quality, but you will also find beautiful dresses like the one above. They also have a room dedicated to men, so if a man is reading this post full of dresses for some strange reason, then you can run over there as well. The hair I am wearing is also from Tekuteku.
This dress can also be found for zero linden at ZERO LINDEN. The hair is from Tekuteku just like the last two on the wall by the lucky chair which is by the window, and the cute hate comes in three sizes and can be worn as your own from *Jetcity Shop*. This absolutely WONDERFUL skin was made by Sai at her store Imperial Design, and its only one linden. It also comes in many other colors, so when you get there you can take your pick. Also free at her store are about 10 poses, and a pair of heels. She also has a lucky chair, so check it out and see if you win anything! It is definitely the perfect fantasy skin.
This simple yet elegant dress is from
ZERO LINDEN too. The lovely hair can be found at WAKA & Yuki for zero linden, and comes in five different colors.
These arm tattoos can be found as a steal at .::Fashion Bar Peppermint Blue:: for either zero linden or one linden. Either way, if you can't afford one linden, they have some other freebies there for your enjoyment. :]

First Outfit

Second Outfit

Third Outfit
Imperial Design
*Jetcity Shop*

Fourth Outfit
WAKA & Yuki
.::Fashion Bar Peppermint Blue::

Twosomes T's

I went to Twosome for the first time today, they have a LOT of really cute clothes for very low prices, here are some dollarbies I found.I had to do some modeling at home because Cailin was down at the studio, I think they turned out well though and kinda match the theme of the post. ^^

The Kiss me T is so cute, I just wish it wasn't in yellow, since I don't do yellow very well lol.

Non Free stuff:
Hair- Melrose in Platinum by ETD
Jeans -Medium Dark wash by Celestial Studios (no LM with any of my stuff again!)
Jewelry- Candy collection (cupcake) by Canimal
Skin - S5 Tan Diva 3 by Tuli

Harbour View Hunt Continues

Cailin threw me into the Harbour View hunt lol, and there are soooo many cute things! Tons of different pieces and accessories so that you can come up with your own style, I put some outfits together here for you to see some options. They're kinda punkish which i like, I'm sure the other girls put together some different styles :)1st pic:
Red summer tank (prize 12)
Karma Skirt (prize 27)
Stockings with bows (prize 2)
Leather kicks (prize 31)
Pearl necklace (prize 25)

2nd pic:
Black Cameo Top (prize 1)
Gray Skirt (prize 29)
Pearl Necklace (prize 25)

Non free stuff
Skin: S5 Tan Diva from Tuli
Hair: Penelo in Blonde black from Deviant Kitties

*sings* Freebies, freebies, it’s the Sunday freebies! *sings*

All the outfits featured in this post are either freebies or dollarbies. The shoes in all those outfits were the one from Cailin's post. The hair and earrings are not part of the outfits.


Let’s jump right in with this first outfit from Sysy's Design. It's in a gift box on the podium at the entrance of her shop. It comes in two different colors and with a orange jacket so definitely worth checking out!

This cute swimsuit and top are freebies from Bella. You can find other freebies in the store such as a 4th of july swimsuit and tattoos. This very cute pair of angel's wings can be found as a freebie in the entrance of Angel's kiss shop.

This beautiful gown his a freebie from DG innovations, however it's for a limited amount of time so head on over there quickly! On the same table at the entrance of the shop you will find two other beautiful gown so grab them too.

This outfit can be found at Katkreation's store immediately on your right when you enter the store. She has a nice selection of freebies/dollarbies there so keep your eyes peeled!

*squeals* This is definitely my favorite outfit of the day! You can find it here, when you land you should see a shop with a giant map, head inside and the gift box is waiting for you!

Our last outfit is made from different dollarbies you can find in Peeps fashion. The designer has put a dollarbie wall in the back of her store so head on there for clicking madness. Be careful though as a 25l outfit found his way amongst them.

I'm Laleeta Xue reporting from fashion frenzy, back to the studios!

Harbour View

There is currently a hunt going on at Harbour View, with 40 firecrackers hidden around the store, each one linden. The stuff is of such nice quality, I had to share some of the wonderful gifties. ^^ There are so many hunts and sales going on right now, I can hardly keep up!

This cute, cute, cute skirt is at the hunt. It doesn't come with any glitch pants however, but that I wore it with jeans. It looks even cuter this way.

This is another skirt of the same style but a different oriental design.

This gorgeous corset is just another one of my finds at the hunt. I haven't picked up everything because I went broke, but im sure you will do well there.

This bikini is just one of the many swim suits at the hunt.

And this is one of the more eye-catching suits they have to offer.

And these boots.. I drooled at them. And the best part: NO BLING!