Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A quickie. $35k of skins...FREE!

Get. To. Alady. NOW! Tons of freebies! Go!

Click on the huge black & white sign advertising $35k worth of skins. Pay it $0L. Be happy!

These skins I'm showing you are all Pulse aka LorAla skins created by the uber talented Lorac Farella. I feel like kissing her cheeks for these sweet gifts! If you want to visit Lorac's store, Pulse Skins, do it. Her skins are gorgeous.

I have a little birdie. She chirps to me when she hears about awesome freebies. Her name is Angelique. She's my bff. She knows what I like. Free and cheap stuff and lots of 'em. Tonight, for instance. I went to a victory party for a friend who was running for office in San Antonio, so I got on SL later than usual. When I logged on, I got a frantic offline message from Ang saying for me to get my rump down to Alady for their Winter Skin Fair because they had tons of freebies in a sign. I took the LM that she tossed my way and made my purchase, giggling like a little girl.

I know Miss CatEcumen previously mentioned the Winter Skin Fair here, but I thought it was worth mentioning again! So go on now! Go get them thar skins, because I don't know how much longer they will be available!

Fab Freebies:
-Skin: Alady ($0L for like, tons of skins)

Fab Non-Freebies:
-Lashes: The oBscene
-Shirt: Wrong
-Hair: Armidi