Sunday, November 2, 2008

Show me some skin.

So I was at home, afk, stuffing my face with some chicken fajitas that I made when my next door neighbor/bff Angelique throws an LM at me. At the same time, she IMs me with "did you get the LM?!" Of course, since I was afk and eating, I wasn't paying attention to SL (food is more important than SL in my opinion). When I came back, I grabbed the LM and scooted my happy booty over to a place that I had never been to before called Whimsy.

For a limited time, you can buy two sweet skins: one for $1L and the other for $5L.

This is the $1L skin. I saw it and immediately fell in lurve!

Fab Freebies:
Shirt - Edge Grafica ($0L)
Skin - Whimsy ($1L)

Fab Non-freebies:
Hair - Eat Rice! (bird included) (was $100L at a sale about a week ago, now regular price)

This is the $5L skin:

Fab Freebies:
-Shirt: Edge Grafica ($0L)
-Skin: Whimsy ($5L)

Fab Non-Freebies:
-Hair: ETD ($25L for a pack of five --- until December 26th)
-Lashes: Aphrodite Creations ($280L for pack of five)

Hurry up and grab 'em! I'm not sure when they will be gone!

In other skin news...

If you're a member of the fantabulous M & R Cupcakes group, be sure to check your notices because Mimi and Rosemary have given not one, but TWO awesome freebies!

This first skin comes with a shiner! Some may think "domestic violence" (judging by some people's reactions in the Cupcakes group chat after this gift was dropped off on us), but honestly, I didn't think of domestic violence. I think it looks more like I was in a barfight with some random drunken sorority chick who started talking trash to me because her man was hitting on me (no, this didn't happen to me in RL---lol!).

Fab Freebies:
-Shirt: Edge Grafica ($0L)
-Skin: M & R Cupcakes (group gift - $250L joining fee --well worth it)

Fab Non-Freebies:
-Hair: ETD ($25L for pack of five until Dec. 26)
-Lashes: Aphrodite Creations ($280L for pack of five)

This here is the regular version for those of you who don't like looking as though they just got out of a huge brawl.

Heh, that's my boyfriend Rylan in the background, probably thinking "where'd her black eye go?" I joked around with some friends of ours, saying "I fought some chick over Rylan." The sweet and talented Sinogue Anatra then said, "Nobody hurts my Pumpkin! Do I have to put on my asskickin' boots?!" That girl cracks me up.

Join the groups! Grab the gifts! Visit the stores! Buy 'em out!


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