Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Accessories overload!

So I found tons of cute accessories but I was waiting for an outfit to blog them. However since my classes started again I am not online anymore to receive notices and I decided to do this blogpost with an outfit we saw previously. Since I crammed a lot of things in this picture just click here for the bigger version.

Those cute boots are a goup gift from Kookie that my friend Renee told me about. Just go down to the store, click on the group inviter and then click on the box next to it to get the boots!

This funky hat is a freebie from Grim Bros (I am sure about it this time!). Just make your way around the center of the store and the hat should be in a box on the ground.

The scarf and shoulder pet are both gifts from Miyabi Shape. They have a black kitty on their lounge table that gives you random gifts when you click on it. The scarf and shoulder pet were just some gifts among others I got from it.

Those blue arm-warmers are from the lucky chair at Tokeo Plastik. There are two lucky chairs at the back of the store with letters that change every two minutes so you should get it pretty fast!

Boots group gift, Kookie
Hat 0l, Grim Bros
Scarf and shoulder pet 0l (black kitty), Miyabi Shape
Arm-warmers lucky chair, Tokeo Plastik

Non free stuff: