Saturday, February 14, 2009

The end of 245 kisses

Happy Valentines day! I got kissed 245 times at the Vain hunt & today I will show you the last of the prezzies!

Poses, 0L, Vago (instore freebie)

Dress, 0L, Cutie Honey (Nr. 241)

Terry hoody set & v-day love earrings, 0L, Y.M.X. (Nr. 183)
Knee Highs, 0L, Malt fashions (Nr. 187)

Hot Pink Valentine Dress & Valentine jewelry, 0L, Twisted and Spoiled (Nr. 197)

Project Kiwi is a cute store that I discovered through this hunt. Not only did they have a nice outfit in their lips, they also had two cute dollarbies out: a kiwi-top & a ducky top.

Blue faded pants and cropped sweater, 0L, Project Kiwi (Nr. 181)
Kiwi top & ducky top, 1L each, Project Kiwi

The Fleur skins are another MUSTHAVE from this hunt, in total you get 7 tones. I'm wearing 5 of them in the next pic together with the tube tops from Kuso.

Skin, 0L, Fleur (Nr. 194)
Top, 0L, Kuso (Nr. 143)

And ofcourse there also lots of dresses!

Valentines dress, 0L, Topaz Square (Nr. 220)
Crown, 0L, The black canary (Nr. 242)

Taylor dress limited hunt edition, 0L, Ivalde (Nr. 191)
Both poses are from the instore freebie box at Vago

Valentines dress & jewelry, 0L, Rebel Hope (Nr. 230)

Whew! Another great hunt brought to a succesfull end! On the next one!
Valentines outfit, 0L, Kar'Ona (Nr. 207)
Pose, 0L, 5th Order (Nr. 137)