Friday, March 20, 2009


The Ivalde sim has been closed for a few days, but now, (finally) L'abel is open! Like every good opening there were also some gifties! At L'Abel you can find two freebie bags, one containing the turqouise dress, in the other you can find leggings & a cropped jacket. Elegance hats also has a new store & there you can find a cute little hat with tiny flowers! I heard the Ivalde freebies are only out for the night, so hurry!
5 Desingers (eyecandy, muse, kesskreations, violet voltaire & balderash) have come together and are organizing a jewerly showcase. At the same time there's also a Journeyman's quest going on. Every designer has a certain gem. They are appearing all over the place, walk around a little to collect them all. You have to collect 6 gems from every designer to put in your jewelry box. You are then given a key & with that key you open the treasure box of that certain designer & you get your prize. (There are also more clear instructions at L'armoire itself :D ) The Armoire ends on Sunday.

Jacket & leggings, 0L, L'abel
Turquoise dress, 0L, L'abel

Top row
Balderash gift, Kesskreations gift, Violet voltaire gift
Bottom row
Eyecandy gift, Muse gift, all at The Armoire
Straw hat, 0L, Elegance hats