Saturday, April 18, 2009

Safe sex & free things

April is STD awareness month and that's why a condom hunt started on Pulse & Snatch City yesterday. All over the place you will find condoms with items from all the stores on both sims, some are free & others are not.

Black hoochie sweater, 0L condom hunt, Forsaken
Jeweled belly ring, 0L condom hunt, Snatch
Bloody mess, 0L condom hunt, Retox
Maholo bikini, 0L condom hunt, Snatch
Python jacked, 0L, condom hunt, Snatch

Pixeldolls also sent out a box with all their previous groupgifts. So if you've missed a few or want to help out new residents, go to that subscribo! Today it was nr 2 in the notices (april 14th). While I was there to make the SLURL, there just happened to be an A on the lucky chair & I won this catsuit. So yay me!

Love is a battlefield Tee, Tintable leggings & Pink corset top, 0L opening gift, Moxy & lux
Drape knit dress, Group giftbox, subscribo Pixeldolls
Plugsuit, lucky chair, Pixeldolls