Monday, September 7, 2009

Showing some skin.

It's common knowledge, given my previous posts, that I might have a *slight* skin addiction. Most people might say that the first step to beating any addiction is to admit that you have one. Well, maybe this is one addiction I don't want to fight? So ha! To my fellow skin whores, this post is for you!

&Bean sent out some group gift skins, so if you're in their in-world group, make sure you get them! They're perfect for the upcoming Halloween season...or even just for stumbling around the grid in! They're not for everyone, but they might just be your cup of tea. They released boy skins and girl skins, so that's good for all of you guys who enjoy getting free stuff too! In my picture wearing the girl skins, I'm wearing the facial piercings from Otaku Designs. It's their Twisted Hunt gift!

&Bean group gift skin (gurls)
Girl skins from &Bean with the Twisted Hunt gift from Otaku Designs

&Bean group gift skin (bois)
Boy skins from &Bean -- dig the strategically placed heart? :-D

Next up is this group gift of skins from a new-to-me store called Aimesi. I found out about these skins from one of our Cupcake readers, Miss KawaiiNicole. Thanks Nicole! They have 8 skin tones with three makeup options for group members. That's right, 24 skins total. In the store, they also have four bikinis for free, which I'm wearing in the pics below!

Group gift skins from Aimesi.
A very generous gift from Aimesi.

ElfPyre is currently having a skin naming contest! If your creative juices are flowing, this should be up your alley. Grab the demo skin here (the skin is demo marked on the body only, not on the face) and write a short essay explaining why Daarc's newest skin line should be named...say, Rocky. Then send the essay and a picture to Daarc Dagger. The deadline is September 20th and a winner will be picked about a week later. What do you win? The entire skin line for free before it's released to the public and the opportunity to model the skins for ads. Good luck to any participants!

ElfPyre skin - naming contest!
Will my name be 'Rocky'?

My new favorite skin place, Pink Fuel, is involved in another hunt (the Diamond Hunt) and has another skin up for grabs! Laleeta blogged about it hurr, but that didn't stop me from showing off Mochi Milena's skin yet again! :-D I'm also wearing the S.O.S. Hunt gift from Modd.G., which is a really cute dress that would brighten anyone's day right up!

Modd.G. S.O.S. hunt gift & Pink Fuel Diamond hunt skin
Beautiful skin and a dress - both for free!

Last, but certainly not least, is a DSN gift I got from *Reale*, which is a lovely pink dress. It has delicate lacing and is just gorgeous. If you're subscribed to the DSN but haven't gotten it, don't worry, you might be getting it soon! *Reale* also has this dress on sale at their main store for $200L and in various colors.

*Reale* - DSN
Get *Reale*

Fab, but not free:
-Hair: (pics#1, 4, 5 & 6) Clawtooth (50% off sale until midnight Sept. 8th!), (pic#2) Tiny Bird & (pic#3) Junwave
-Jewelry (pic#6) Otaku Designs
-Skin: (pic#6) Bebae
-Lashes: Katat0nik
-Lingerie: (pic#4) + blacklisted + (not out just patient)

Poses used: Striking Poses, {TBC}


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