Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fantasy Faire - Last Day!

Cupcakes, cupcakes. If you haven't been to the Fantasy Faire yet, today is your last chance! I know this is a freebie blog, but I'm going to show you some great finds you can get for a great price at the Fantasy Faire! If this is the first time you've heard about it, the Fantasy Faire is a RFL event that is benefiting the American Cancer Society. Each store has RFL vendor items for sale. Some are $500L, some are more, some are less. The RFL vendor items' proceeds go to the ACS. If you're going to spend money, make your lindens count for this great cause.

Evie's Closet, known for gorgeous, romantic gowns with a medieval and elven twist, has out some really lovely items for $50L each.

Rowena - Light:

FF -BC_001

Rowena - Dark:

FF -BC_002

Plus, a super cute mouth munchie - a mermaid for your mouth! It's really cute and it emits bubbles!

FF -BC_003

As I said, today is the last day for the Fantasy Faire, so get your little booties over there before it's too late!

-Skin: [KA] Designs (group gift from SoM)
-Ears: SLink
-Poses: *EverGlow*

***editor's note: the mer munch (last pic) was sent out to Evie's Closet's in-world group ($50L to join). Evie had a RFL 2010 faery munch available at the Fantasy Faire***

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where It's Okay To Be A Piggy.


Pig. To me, when I hear that word, mouth-watering visions of sausage and bacon flood my mind (and saliva fills my mouth). However, Pig is no longer just the other white meat - it's a store in Second Life. Yes, the store looks like it was taken out of Cold War era USSR or some other Eastern European country behind the Iron Curtain...and aren't seeing things. There are pigs outside of the store (and attempting to mount a motorcycle at + blacklisted + which is directly across from Pig). Yes, there is an armed swine in the courtyard waving a semi-automatic weapon (I think) while wearing a Che Guevara beret with a certain infamous quote from a Martin Scorcese movie. All of this and more is just more of a reason to check it out. If the pigs didn't grab you, then the clothing will.


This is something I haven't seen before in SL. Guayaberas. If you don't know what a guyabera is, just look at the pic above. My grandfather wears these things like it's going out of fashion. He wears them to the movies, to church, out to eat, when he goes to get a haircut, etc. It's an all-purpose bad ass Mexican shirt, really. They're very comfortable and they can be a little on the expensive side ($70USD+). Last year for his birthday I got him two more guyaberas to add to his collection and he was so happy. I have one irl in a deep violet color that I still wear on occasion (like during Fiesta Week which happens to be going on in my hometown of San Antonio right now). Anyway, I hadn't seen these anywhere in SL until I popped over to Pig for $50L Friday and saw that Miss Apatia put out a cotton candy pink one for free (she was celebrating Pink Shirt Day for anti-bullying). It's for men and women. I loved it and wanted to get it in different colors. Unfortunately, this shocking pink version was the only one I saw at her store...until one of my friends told me that if I joined the Purveyors of Accidental Love group, I could score the guyabera in eggshell. The group gives out random free gifts, so I'd suggest staying in the group instead of joining, grabbing the freebie, and leaving. As I've said before with the subscribo thingies, these creators work too hard for that kind of treatment.

Classy Bikini

While I was wandering around her store looking for more guyaberas, I found Pig's Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift, this classy bikini that shows off Tuli's group gift skin's awesome butt cleavage! The Tuli group ($250L to join) gets the first sneak peaks of Tuli's newest releases. This lovely skin is called 'Sayuri' and it will be out soon. I can't wait!

If you liked what you saw, please check out the cool stores. If you don't, you might get a visit from this angry fella:

Psycho Piggy

-Skin: Tuli (group gift)
-Bikini & guyabera shirts: Pig
-Shorts: Dutch Touch
-Hair: Ploom (used to be Deviant Kitties --- I LOVE THIS HAIR!!!)
-Cigarette: FNKY
-Ears: SLink

Friday, April 16, 2010

Crrrrrazy hair hunt

A hair hunt, with a little twist! All hairs are a bit more special. It's your perfect chance to expand your hair inventory with more unique styles! All hunt items are hidden in a 20m radius from the landing point.

Queen of hair, #4, Curious Kitties
Anemone, #10,
Whom, #12, Flavor!
Vian, #13, Crimson & clover
Deae matres, #14, La boheme
Hawk of doom, #17 , Sn@tch

Chi-Bee, #18, Chichickie!
Gumi hair, #19, Concrete flowers
Crystalline hair, #21, Nushru
Lady Saelanar, #22, Sky Everett designs
Lost time, #24 , Omega point
Wild banana hair, #26, Barerose

Jester, #27, DarkerSide
Gardania, #28, 3636
Butterfly scandal, #31, Vanity hair
Yummy hair, #34, Love soul
Butterfly caught, #36, Burning chrome
Pandora cyberfalls, #37, DV8

Rowe teaparty, #38, Philotic energy
Nethead, #39, Discord design
Kotori, #40, LCKY

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Introducing Elle

If you're a member of the Belleza in-world group ($250L joining fee), you *might* have noticed that Mr. Tricky Boucher gave us an introduction to his newest line, Elle. As with his previous lines, Jesse & Alyson, Elle is gorgeous. You may have noticed that there is a difference between this line and his previous ones: he has made a darker skin, mocha. It's absolutely lovely!


So if you like what you see, join the Belleza group for $250L and/or head over to the store and try on some demos! (A little FYI: there are three sections for the new Elle skins -- they're divided by eyebrow color!)

-Skin: Belleza
-Hair: Exile

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Starlust & Zombie Jesus love you

Hola Cupcakes! Happy Easter from Texas! As you know, there have been quite a few hunts. One in particular is the Starlust egg hunt which is still going on now. It's not rocket science -- just find the big ol' eggs laying around. They're not hard to find, trust me. Most, if not all, are not free, but they're a steal! For example, I got the + blacklisted + shirt for $10L and I love it. So much, in fact, that I went to a zombie RP sim and got up close & personal with the zombie of my dreams. Too bad I had to shoot him in the face. Remember, ladies and gents -- you need to destroy the brain!

Zombie Jesus Loves Me
Ready to kick some zombie butt.

Zombie Jesus Loves Me
Sorry, you won't be feasting on my delectable brain tonight, dude.

-Skin: Laq
-Hair: (flower is from the hairstyle 'Marie')
-Shorts: Tres Blah
-Poses: erm, they're from the gun (BloodDoll Lulu is the creator)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Make him over!

Why yes! Time to give the males on the grid a make over with the latest hunt for guys, The Make Him Over hunt 3! So follow my boy alt as he introduces you to a selection of nice freebies for the dudes...
For hints on how to find the gifts, you can visit the Official hint page or join the inworld Make him over group! I added extra hints for gifts I had a hard time finding.

Framed wraps, #87, Fools Fate
Glam burger deluxe tee, #30, Concrete flowers
Linnen jacket, #21, SF design
Betel nut necklace, #24, Kosh
Legacy eyes, #5 DNA Cloning
Earrings, #20, Rozoregalia
Cap+hair, #31, Cheerno

Hair + cap, #1, MADesigns
Shirt + pants, #2, Alphamale
Shoes, #4, Kalnins (extra hint: Check out the details on these windows!)

Hair+hat, #14, Avoid
Open shirt+Tee+Jeans, #15, Gabriel (extra hint: Ooooh feathers!)

Shirt+jeans, #19, Little Britain
Shirt+shorts, #18, Mashooka

Shirt+jeans+shoes, #10, Sensual mistery
Shirt+tank+pants, #6, FIR
Chair (3poses), #17, Momuller/3M
Silks, #7, Animations Rising

Poses, #12, Bescene

Other items:
Shape: Shape #1 - Fools Fate
Skin: Thomas (Le.look exclusive) - Belleza (not available anymore)
Hair: Varsity - Exile (1st pic), Emoh - Bryce designs (3rd pic)