Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bunny hopping spamming, Part 1

So are you bunny hopping already? This hunt is full of goodies so you better get started! The SLURLs should take you to the place where I found the eggs. If you think the pics are too small, you can click on them & you should end up at my Flickr where you can pick a bigger size :) Grab a snack & enjoy the picture spamming!

Poses & basket, Attituede, #62
Dress, Hair & Shoes in the next pic :D

Pink bunny, bare rose #1 & Bettie Page posing stool, On the cover #15
Eve dress, Encemble, #48 & Priscilla hair, Hal*hina, #34
Akane hair, Yuzukamiya, #38 & Outfit, DYN, #46
Diapop bonjour shirt, faux bunny ears, Somapop, #52 + Dragon jeans, Kittenish, #57 (For better view of the boots & the necklace, stay tuned for the next pic!)
* Dress, Ibizarre, #56 & boots & scarfy, Leafy, #58

boots Studio M'z, #59 & hug bear, zenith, #54 & easter backpack, fifferling, #53

Ring, U&R, #65
Crossbag, TOP in SeraKorea, #10
Alebrije "Caralampio" avatar (comes with the sparkles), Greenies shop, #45
Bunny beads, Somapop #52

Until we meet again...
Outfit, Umi Usagi, #5

Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter yummehs.

I have a few yummies for you cupcakes! This post is gonna be short-ish because I'm writing this before I go to work (I just jumped out of the shower and I'm letting my hair dry!).

Otaku Designs released a cute Easter necklace! The owner will probably kill me for letting you guys know this, but...*whispers* it's only $1L! It's under the "New Releases" section...and another thing, there's another item that is marked half off! I don't know how long the prices will be like that, so check out the items now while you can before they go back to regular price! Also, Otaku Designs has a new home on a new sim, so update your landmarks!

The earrings I'm wearing are a subscribo gift from *Ticky Tacky* and they're adorable! *Ticky Tacky* regularly gives out gifts via subscribo, so you should definitely hit it up, it's so worth it.

Sweet Easter jewelry!

Rosemary Galbraith & Mimi Coral of Cupcakes have done it again. I'm still swooning over their Lovespell skin set and they've gone and released MORE gorgeous skins! Yesterday, Rosemary sent out a group gift that consists of eight skins in eight tones from their new Seduction line! The group costs $250L to join, but Rose and Mimi regularly send out awesome gifts (skin, clothes, etc) before the stuff is released, so it's well worth the price, in my opinion!

Cupcakes - Seduction Skins (modest)
Lovely skins from Cupcakes!

And finally, Jezzebel Rock has some cute Easter gifts that are soft on the wallet! Five sweet-looking Easter shirts with bunnehs & carrots on them in five colors for...five linden a piece! They also have a Playboy Bunneh-esque outfit (complete with tail & ears) for $25L!

Jezzebel Rock - Easter
Look! Lucky chairs in the background!

-Easter necklace: Otaku Designs - $1L (in store)
-Pearl earrings: *Ticky Tacky* - $0L (subscribo)
-Skin (pic#2): Cupcakes - $0L (group gift)

Not free:
-Hair (pic#1): Troof
-Shirt (pic#1): Jezzebel Rock - $5L
-Hair (pic#2): Troof again
-Top (pic#2): SMS
-T-shirts & sexy bunneh outfit (pic#3): Jezzebel Rock - $5L & $25L respectively.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Maybe you’re blessed, maybe you’re cursed

Girls oh girls, have I got stuff for you! Somewhere in the dirty corners of my inventory I found 1 stinky sock (because you never find two socks, always just one...) It's not mine, I swear! The shirt that Maeve's subscribo sent out luckily doesn't stink. I picked up the sparkly leggings at the Starlust motel. Nowadays all you can find there are rainbows & unicorns and I'm not complaining about that. The green outfit on the far right of the pic is the March freebie of Ema's. The pink shoes are from Duh & will also be shown in the pic after this one, so stay tuned!

Maybe you’re blessed, maybe you’re cursed
Stinky sock & nose peg, 1L, Concrete flowers
Shirt, Subscribo gift, Maeve
Glitter pants from Dream, 0L

Katatonik dress, 0L
Unicorn socks, 1L
Imagen unicorn lover skins, 1L
Sparkle sparkle bun bow & wings, from Silentsparrow, 0L
All at Starlust

Caldonia outfit, limited time 0L, Ema's

Maybe you’re blessed, maybe you’re cursed
Dark Alice outfit, 0L, Pure Alice outfit, 0L, Dreaming Alice
Pink bow pumps (2 options: black or white bow & sole), limited time dollarbie
Red bow pumps (2 options: black or white bow & sole), lucky chair, Duh

Maybe you’re blessed, maybe you’re cursed
Dress & white capri pants, 1L, AV Vlodovic
Light pink pumps, 1L & Black/red pumps, 1L, AV Vlodovic
Pink belt, subscribo gift, storin
Brown belt, subscribo joining gift, Duh

And last but not least, Tesla has decided to prize all her hats to 0L, yes that means they're free! Here are a few I picked up.

Maybe you’re blessed, maybe you’re cursed
Hats, all 0L, Tesla

C'mere girl, c'mere girl, c'mere girl, bounce

I am really quite impressed with the gifts I have gotten from the Bunny Hop so far and I am not just saying that because my store is in it as well (*whistles*). Yesterday I picked a store out of random in the list and out of the 4 gifts I got 3 I am sure I am going to keep. Here have a look:

Hoodie Bunny Hop #184, Acid&Mala
Skin and bunny parts Bunny Hop #182, Bounce

Left: dress Bunny Hop #194, Indie Rose
Center: Metallic Knit dress 1l, Gigi Couture
Right: Danni dress lucky chair, Elate

Not Free:
Hair ETD


That is all^^. Two new hairstyles. You may commence screaming.

Alipants in Torwen (new from ETD!)
My friend Alicia in Torwen

Me wearing my new ETD hair...Chel.
Me in Chel

Friday, March 27, 2009

Oodles of goodies!

In an effort to not be AWOL from the blog for too long, I decided to jump head-first into the Bunny Hop hunt, which started at the stroke of midnight! There are 301 shops total (maybe more have been added?) that are participating in this awesome hunt so this is a prime opportunity to be exposed to new and upcoming stores! That's why I love these hunts...it lets me wander into a store and uncover a gem that may have gone unnoticed! Anyway, enough chat --- more freebs!

First up are the huevos (eggs) that our very own Cupcake Laleeta made for her store, Pffiou! She called some people over and told us to pick a huevo and sit on it. So, I picked the biggest one, of course.

I stole this from Lola's photostream
We were sexy bunnehs, Ch'Know?

Otaku Designs' entry in the Bunny Hop Hunt is really cute...armwarmers & legwarmers! I especially love the legwarmers because: 1.) They're different colors, 2.) they have cute flowers on them and 3.) LADYBUGS! They're totally springy and can brighten up your day and your wardrobe! The armbands (named "Punk Ass Armbands") can punkify any outfit, what with it's anarchy symbols, spikes, safety pins and barbed wire.

Otaku Designs BH gift!
Fun armwarmers to give a punk edge to your outfit & legwarmers to soften it!

Malt Fashions, which recently had it's own hunt that I previously blogged about, has it's own BHH egg! Concealed inside is this beautiful, lush party dress that I walked around the grid in (shoeless) for a few hours. I really dig Malt's stuff because it's so well made and chic.

Malt Bunny Hope gift
Fun, sexy and springy dress that is PERFECT for Easter!

In other non-Hop related freeb news, Deviance has some freebies of their own out -- cute fairy stuff that is yours for the taking!

Aqua Fae from Deviance
Be a pretty blue fairy for $1L!

Deviance wings.
Stunning rainbow wings - $0L

Pumpkin Fae
Pink Pumpkin Phairy! And it comes with the shoes!

And lastly, Kunglers has generously dropped off yet another fab group gift! This lovely brown leather dress can be yours if you join the Kunglers group! They give out great stuff very often, so if you like getting pretty things for free, this is the group for you.

Kunglers group gift!

Not free:
-All hair & boots: Truth
-Skin: Curio
-Skirt (pic#2): Calypso
-Shirt (pic#2): SiniStyle

Like an Unicorn

*canters in*
My friend Aisuru from Beloved Designs has done it again! She made those super cute unicorn parts for only 75l! So of course I had to get it and you should too!

Left: Crazy Quilt 1l, Lemania Indigo
Middle: Lime Dollie Dress group gift, Katat0nik
Right: Dresses pack Midnight Mania (just click the board), Doux petit dahl (thanks anon in the chatter box!)
Unicorn parts 75l, Beloved Designs

Love is a Game tattoo lucky board 10 minutes, Seerose (Thanks Lya!)

Oh and don't forget to come pick up the gift from Pffiou! for the Bunny Hop!

Not free awesomeness:
Shoes Periquita
Hair ETD

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The bunny hop! *Updated with SLURLs*

The grid is buzzing with yet another grid wide hunt... This time they want you to go bunny hopping! The hunt starts tomorrow (Friday 03/27). You could wear the easterbunny lingerie set from Angelwings, if you think it's acceptable to walk around in your underwear like that...

UPDATE: Bunny hopping AO, Bunny Hop HQ (Huzzah! Everyone get hopping! It's in the starter egg)
Easterbunny set (Includes the cute ears!), Angelwing fashions

All the other poses used in this post are from the egg at KSCreations poses. Please note that the SLURLs will take you to the store, but not to the egg (yet). The SLURLs provided now are from the official blog, I hope they are correct. I will update them tomorrow because A) the hunt officialy starts tomorrow & B) my current internet connection doesn't like lots of teleporting :). Thank you for understanding.

Headpiece, dress, necklace, bracelet and flats Whonose

Bunny necklace, carrot earrings, dress, shoes (with bunnies!), skin, eyes Fashion bar peppermint blue

Ring, Juenos
Hair, Lala moon
Dress & stockings, Sister strawberry

Bunny dress, Weirddesigns

Dress (with two skirt options), skins (with different blush options), shoes, Liquid Candy

Cutest girl (she sings! touch her!) Littlegirl shop
Skins, Chaos by design

Dress, Spork
Ears & tail, Sassy kitty designs

Purses and shoes, Sentou Yousei

Angelwing fashions
Fashion bar peppermint blue
Lala moon
Sister strawberry
Weird designs
Liquid candy
Littlegirl shop
Chaos by design (Didn't manage to find that one yet)
Sassy kitty design
Sentou Youssei

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got Milk? (dunno why I picked that title)

So I had the hardest time doing that blogpost because I had a weird bug that instead of loading my clothes textures loaded what I could see on my screen...

Anyway this beautiful silk I am wearing is from Eternity Silks and is part of a fatpack that is usually set for 1495l and is only 100l at the moment! So if you are feeling silky you know where to go. At least drop by the store to get this dollarbie necklace that comes in 7 different textures.

Necklace 1l, Eternity Silks
Silk fatpack 100l, Eternity Silks

On the left: LightBlue dress 20 minutes camping, Hal*Hina
On the right: Hot Girl dress 1l, Cute and Q

By the way no I didn't forget something for that picture on the right the dress came with only one arm-warmer. Give me a shout if the designer added the second one when you come and pick up the dress!

Not free but still yummy:
Hair ETD
Boots Truth (previous subscribo gift)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cupcake lovin'.

As many of you might know, Cupcakes has put out two new lucky chairs filled with goodies: skins from their Lovespell line and clothes. The Sophster summoned me to flip a chair for her (I heart her) and I ended up staying. "Because of the great gifts inside of the chair?" you ask? Well, yeah...but also because Soph started dancing in the middle of the store. As you can see, many soon took her lead as the area surrounding Cupcakes' new lucky chairs was soon filled with dancing chicks. Next store that we're going to hold "So You Think You Can Dance?" auditions? Probably Truth.

Pants Off/Dance Off @ Cupcakes
I hope Rosemary & Mimi didn't mind us making their store into a club temporarily!

Anyhoo, now onto the actual prizes. As I mentioned before, there are skins and clothes to be won! I won a Lovespell skin in Kumera ("smokey") and this cute 80's-esque dress/leggings combo! The hair is a free gift from the [Pacadi] subscribo (The Sophster gave me heads-up on that one, too)! It's pretty darn cute, if I say so myself.

Lucky Chair time @ Cupcakes
I love it.

Speaking of cupcakes, Devilish Cupcakes' subscribo dropped this cute little dress on me yesterday. Devilish Cupcake is a new-to-me store that I wandered into while getting lost at the Relay For Life Clothing Fair. This outfit includes the cute belt and jewelry!

Devilish Cupcakes
Sugary sweet and amazingly, calorie-free!

Not free:

-Boots: Truth
**Poses used: Koumb (not free), *V* (old Vain Inc freeb), Slash Me Poses (not free)

*Editor's Note: The LM provided in the Devilish Cupcake subscribo gift sent me to Analise

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here is what happens...

...when I let folders mold in my inventory! Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gents here is a quickie blogpost with lots of pictures!

Oh and by the way the last two pictures are of lingerie so if you are at work be careful!

Skin left 0l, [lessthanthree]
Skin right 1l, Lazolli
Chair with poses 1l, *Elisa*
Dress left 5l, *MIU*
Dress right group gift in store, *MIU*
Socks lucky chair, *MIU*

Outfits left and center and pants right subscribo gift, Malt
Shirt right 0l, [lessthanthree]
Pose left and center 0l, Pose-ology

Moon 1l, *Elisa*
Dress Psychotic Neko hunt (looking for eggs in the mall), Katat0nik
Smiley faces 10l, VPoses

Mask and veil 1l, Illusions
Lingerie left group gift in store, Reasonable Desires
Lingerie right 2l, Reasonable Desires
Ying Yang belly ring 1l (only until 24th of March), DbNR

 Dress left lucky chair (back of the store), Serene Sensations
Dress right 499l but totally awesome, Serene Sensations

There! That should keep you busy for some time! At least until the Bunny Hop grid wide hunt starts friday... *hint hint*

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Shoes ETD

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey you! Go fly a kite!

Oh hi! I've managed to find a few more kites, eventhough some were pretty well undercover as the next pic will show you! Sugar mill has an easter egg pose set in their kite. The tops I'm wearing in here are the kite gift from Insatiable Fashions.

Hey you! Go fly a kite!
Sunny side up easter eggs with poses, Sugar Mill #77
Tank tops, Insatiable Fashions #201

Hey you! Go fly a kite!
Tube tops, Cuppy Cake #196
Hair, ChiChickie #102
Purse, JE*Republic #45
Jewelry set, Zhi-fi #197
Green pumps, Tango New york #199
High as a... T-shirt & Blue boots, Duh #188

Malt, I love you.

Malt had a wonderful fashion show yesterday, showcasing not only their own beautiful clothing, but also that of Spork. I was blown away by a good chunk of the designs, switching between salivating as each ridiculously gorgeous model came out in a different outfit and laughing at my poor friend Soph who couldn't sit correctly on the seats. She would sit down backwards. LOL. I'll spare you the picture because I am rather fond of being alive, tyvm.

As a thank you, Malt and Spork placed giftbags in front of the podium, near the runway. Pick these babies up or you will be sorry! Trust me on this. Their gifts are just way too cute to miss! Malt's gift is this beautiful white tunic with a black belt. It has two sizes of skirts (plus you can mod it if need be). If you'd prefer to wear it without the skirt too, that's cool. I paired the tunic with these awesome jeans that I snagged in one of the logos for the Malt hunt (more on that in just a sec) and added the cute waist flare that's included with the tunic. Also included is the cute necklace! <3

Malt gifts!
Beautiful bohemian-style tunic for free at Malt! Get it now!

As for Spork's gift, it's quite lovely as well! A purple and black dress that has subtle shine to it, I was feeling like a lovely princess as I danced around my house in it.

Lovely dress from Spork!

Now onto the hunt. I must warn you, it's not free. However, given the high quality of the items, I encourage you to go out and do it! There's 10 logos and 5 sporks to be found. At $50L a pop, these great items are a steal!

Malt hunt logo
This is the logo that you'll be hunting for!

I began drooling (again) when I saw this hot little number! Inside logo #6, you're practically stealing this dress!
Malt hunt prize!
A lovely $50L dress called "Bermuda" is just dying for you to find it!

The jeans and top in this pic are in one logo (#3, I believe) and the purse w/AO is in another logo (#1, I believe). Both are definitely worth the $50L tag.
Malt hunt!
The shirt & pants are in one logo, the cute purse w/AO is in another! Lovely all around.

Like I said, the hunt isn't free, but the gifts are so worth the $50L! The hunt is on for a few more days, so you have some time!

Free/Not free:
-Tunic w/necklace & waist flair: Malt - $0L (pic#1)
-Jeans: Malt - Not free (pic#1)
-Shoes: ETD - Not free (pic#1)
-Dress: Spork - $0L (pic#2)
-Hair: ETD - Not free (pics 1 & 2)
-Blue boho dress: Malt - Not free (pic#3)
-Jeans, blouse & purse: Malt - Not free (pic#4)
-Shoes: J's - Not free (pic#4)
-Hair: Troof - Not free (pic#3)
-Hair: Lamb - Not free (pic#4)
-All poses: Pffiou!, KSCreations, uhh...Koumb, too, I think.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is in!

Today spring has officaly started & here in the lovely .be it has kicked off with a beeeeeeeeautiful day! Spring is the time for gardening & bright colors and today I have both things for you...
The dress from the lucky chair at Toast brings splashes of color into your inventory. The wig from the subscribo gift at Maeve keeps my hair out of my face, for easy working in the garden! The tube top from Maeve already has me wishing for summertime... For a night on the town, I could wear the new dollarbie from wigwagbam. I'll be safe as long as the gnomes are not coming to get me!

Precious dress, Lucky chair, Toast
Hair, Subscribo, Maeve

Tube top, 5L, Maeve

Odette plaid dress, 1L, Wigwagbam

Gnome girl, Lucky chair, Greenies

I'm not the only one celebrating spring. At Lvs drive you can find several dollarbies set out to welcome spring back into our lives :D Both dresses I am showing in this post come in several colors but somehow I was attracted by the blue colors it seems :D Must be that gorgeous clear blue sky I had all day <3 Anyhoooooooo, I also picked up a wardrobe essential at one of the shops at LVS Drive.

Spring fling dollie dress, 1L, LVS Drive (With easter basket, yay! (dress & socks included))
Spring fling garden belt, 1L, LVS Drive
Spring fling cutie dress, 1L, LVS Drive
Tropical dream outfit, 1L, LVS Drive

And there are also a few potted flowers with poses!

Spring fling flower, 1L, LVS Drive