Saturday, June 27, 2009

A la mode

Starlust has opened a new sim, A la mode. A pretty, new shopping sim for us all to spend some lindens! To celebrate the opening there are lots of gifts placed on the bridge at A la mode.

BC - A la mode
Lise dress, 0L, Elate
Hair, 1L, Waffles!
Plaid chola dress and Basic slim dress in purple, 1L, Kenzie&Co

BC - A la mode
Halter top and shorts, 1L, AYY
Brocade top and big scarf, 1L, Pastik
Socks, 1L, Split pea

Also, if you haven't voted already, make sure you clicky-click on our poll! Only a few days left!

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Shoes: Flipflops from Sand Shack Surf Co, Loosefit boots from J's
Poses: Striking Poses, Sugar Mill, Reel Expressions, *V*

Friday, June 26, 2009

A quickie for Merrick

So if you are wondering why I am blindfolded blame it on Nat and her awesome idea of taking a picture with that Illusions blindfold. I knew I had to get it too after that... It's only 95L$ if you want to get one as well!

Lingerie set lucky chair, Seldom Blue

Dress lucky chair, Seldom Blue

The chairs change letters every 20 minutes but there are four of them for three different prices so with some friends you should get those quickly!

Not free but style awesome:
Poses Pffiou!
Skin Gauze
Blindfold Illusions

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunshine and stuffs

Ohai! These freebies have been gathering dust for a while now in my inventory so I thought it might be time to show them :)

First up is the Kunglers group gift from last week. I checked & it's still in the notices LOL, if you are not part of the group already, there is a 50L joining fee. Totally worth it, since gifts are given out monthly and there are items with reduced prices at the stores for members only.
Before the discovery hunt ends next week (it ends june 30), you might want to go check out the outfits from DifferentDrummer and Euphoria house of fashion. The tops I'm wearing in the second picture were also a hunt gift from Illy. The cubes i'm sitting on are from Sunshine design. Each cube has another pose. It can cheer up every summer house :)
Last but not least, is the light blue dress from Heart Couture. It's the current gift in the Midnight Mania. The dress comes in two options, sheer (what I'm wearing in the pic) and opaque. So go clickyclick that board and bring 49 of your closest friends along to fill it all up!

BC - Sunshine and stuffs
Dress and bangles, Kunglers group gift (50L joining fee)
Top, shorts and jacket, 0L, Discovery hunt gift, DifferentDrummer
Capris and top, 0L, Discovery hunt gift, Euphoria house of fashion
Jolie dress, and bangles, Midnight Mania, Heart couture

BC - Sunshine and stuffs
Sweater, 0L, Discovery hunt gift, Illy
Sitting cubes, 0L, Discovery hunt gift, Sunshine designs

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Dylan from Maitreya (Hair fair)
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Shoes: Tuli Pumps from Shiny Things, Belt Platfrom Sandals from J's
Poses: Lap, Reel Expressions

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For the punk in you

First, *Fishy Strawberry* dropped off some group gift skins on everyone who's part of their subscribo! "Daphne", in three tones (Cappuccino, latte, mocha) with three eyebrow options (and even a hair option!). The makeup is heavy here, but it's got a cool punk flair to it.

For the punk in you
Pretty in punk.

The outfit I'm wearing is from Otaku Designs. The pants, legwarmers & gloves are from the $10L Checkered Rainbow outfit. The t-shirt is a dollarbie. You can't see it well (my fault), but it has the classic kids cartoon "Jem" on it. There's also a boys "Thundercats" shirt included in the dollarbie set. You can get the shirts & outfit from the new Sugar Mill location!

Freakin' fabulous (but not free):
-Hair: Maitreya (@hair fair)
-Shoes: Stiletto Moody

Pose: Pretzel*Poses

Monday, June 22, 2009

Koreshan Bake Sale.

One of my friends TP'd me to the Koreshan bake sale, going on now at the Koreshan sim. It was supposed to end today at noon, but as of 10pm tonight, it was still on! So what do they have for you at this sale, my frugal friends? Let me show you!

First up -- two hairstyles from Tiny Bird for $1L, and in a super cute color that Autumn is calling "Blurpleberry"!

Koreshan - Tiny Bird(1)
Tiny Bird's Gattina in Blurpleberry

Koreshan - Tiny Bird
Tiny Bird's Olivia in Blurpleberry

Also available is this cute style from Deviant Kitties called 'Alice' in Blue/Purple for only $1L! It comes with some sweet cupcake yummies for your head!

Koreshan - Deviant Kitties
Deviant Kitties' Alice in Blue/Purple

So hurry your buns over to Koreshan and pick up some cute stuff! Not all of it is on the cheap, but they have some really interesting stuff available!

Koreshan Bake Sale
Bake sale table at Koreshan!

Yeah, it's fabulous, but it ain't free:
-Skin: MinaJunk 'Cry' (Bake sale exclusive - a steal at $250L)
-Top & shorts: Maitreya
-Cupcake on my head in pic#2: Lazy Places (at the bake sale) - $25L
-Poison Lolli in pic#3: Pink Fuel (at the bake sale) - $10L

Poses used: Pretzel*Poses

Zomg a blogpost from Laleeta?

Oh hai der! I know it's been a while I have been kinda... busy I will say! But never fear here is a blogpost to start your week on a bright note!

By the way before I go any further I want to remind you guys about the poll we are having on the blog, it's on the sidebar to the right. We want to know what you think so please participate in it if you have the time.

In other news Crimson Shadow's lucky chair has changed again! The new item is this awesome coat and tattoo ensemble that you know you will stalk gladly for.

Coat and tattoo lucky chair, Crimson Shadow

1000 members subscribo gift (congrats Leah!), Naive

Shine dress DSN, Fantasia

On the left: Strapless top DSN, Potassium
On the right: Jeopardy shirt 1l, RezIpsa Loc

Chair lucky board, Tuh Leah Decor

Now excuse me while I try to squeeze myself through a black hole to the Hair Fair!

Not free but you just will fight to death to get it anyway!
Poses Pffiou!
Hair Frangipani (no longer exist apparently)
Skin Gauze
Shoes ETD

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Get some Attitude.

Today, a notice was sent out to the Tuli group about Attitudes, which is at the Journey sim. They put out their Summer '09 free lingerie. Take a peek at what you can get if you go grab these babies!

Sexy lingerie for free!

I managed to get into Hair Fair '09, albeit briefly (before the lag took over), but I managed to snag the Maitreya goody bag that Miss Onyx LeShelle laid out for us, as well as two of the HF hairs. The freebies are of her style "Apple" in three colors. Very generous, indeed! Also, the skin worn throughout the post is the free LeLutka skin, available in-store. It's in the ladies' skin area on the desk. Grab!

Free gorgeous hair AND free skin? Heck yeah!

I had a really cute dress dropped of on me, courtesy of DSN. It's from Prelude and it includes the very summery hat!

A cute dress from a new-to-me store: Prelude!

Last, but certainly not least, is the really fun dollarbie tattoo called "Sugar Overload" from Otaku Designs. It's on the wall in the new store location (near Naive)! There's also a few other dollarbies that will be around for a couple more days, so grab those as well!

Dollarbie tattoo - Sugar Overload from Otaku Designs
Sugary sweet and good enough to eat

Fabulous, but alas, not free:
-Hair: Maitreya (available only at Hair Fair '09 at the moment)
*Note: the Maitreya links are to the main store, not to their booth at Hair Fair*

Poses used: TorridWear, Reel Expressions, *V*Poses

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hair Fair and some freebies.

I love Hair Fair.

I’ve tried on some demos at various stores that are participating in Hair Fair 2009 and I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised at some of the styles. Normally, it takes a lot to impress (or shock) me, but there are some seriously talented hair creators here in SL. Today I’m going to give you a sneak peek at one of my favorite stores’ Hair Fair 2009 entries. Remember: by purchasing these hairstyles at HF09, you’re not only making yourself stylish, you’re also helping a wonderful real life cause: Locks of Love. When you purchase one of the styles specially marked with the Hair Fair emblem, the money you spend on said hairstyle goes towards Locks of Love.

If you don’t know what Locks of Love is, it’s a wonderful non-profit organization that takes monetary, as well as hair donations. I know what you’re thinking. “HAIR?! Are they crazy?!” The answer is no, they’re not insane. Locks of Love helps financially disadvantaged children who have lost their hair due to medical conditions by giving them a good quality wig, made of human hair. This helps boost their morale, and many agree that having a positive attitude is imperative when one is faced with a potentially life-threatening disease. I, myself, have donated hair (just once -- a few years ago when my hair was much, much longer) and I cannot explain the overwhelming feeling of joy I felt, knowing that my hair was going towards such a fantastic organization. My (real life) cousin Carley works at a salon as a hairdresser, and she’s the one who told me about Locks of Love back in 2005. The salon she worked at was having a cut-a-thon event and she suggested that I cut off ten inches (which is the minimum, I believe). After many years of having long hair, I decided to take the plunge and cut it to my shoulders. The added bonus was that I was getting a cute new ‘do that was going to be easier and faster to manage.

Each day we make purchases in SL. Clothes. Hair. Skin. Shoes. Sometimes we feel a little guilty after we go shopping. During Hair Fair 2009, you don’t have to worry about that. Your money is going to a good cause. Just think of the many children you could be helping, bringing a smile to their faces as they are given a brand new wig made especially for them. Isn’t that worth a couple of thousand L’s?
Okay, now on to the hair. Tiny Bird Hair Hottie, Autumn Hykova was kind enough to send me her Hair Fair 2009 entries so I could help spread the word. I love Autumn’s work – it’s funky, original and a breath of fresh air. She’s so imaginative, kind and talented. Not only is she a participant in HF09, she’s also one of the many organizers. So yes, she’s a very busy lady! While none of these styles are free, I wanted to post them anyway because the proceeds go to a worthy cause.

This first style is called ‘Swirly’, which may be a nod to the hilarious blogger, Swirly Cyclone. It has a lush, feathery, slight Farrah Fawcett-esque circa 1977 vibe to it. It’s big hair at it’s most fabulous.

Dress: Ingenue (DSN freebie)

Janie is style numero dos on the line up. A soft and feminine shoulder-length ‘do with whispy bangs, it’s a must have for all of the summer styles most of us will be donning for the next few months.

Bikini: Exodi (DSN freebie)

For the boys, she’s got Bereznyak, named after Jewnas Brother, Izzy (aka Mr. Stein Shilova). It’s her only male entry, but it’s one of the nicest male styles that I’ve seen so far for Hair Fair. Bereznyk is a sexy, messy ‘do with attitude for just about every guy.

Shorts: Kiitos!! (in-store dollarbie)

A fun and funky style is just what Autumn thinks we need, so she gives us Gattina. Reminiscent of my younger days when I’d let my cousin Carley play with my hair, putting this style on made me long for those simpler times. I’m sure I’m not the only slightly wavy/kinda straight-haired girl who lusted for big dramatic curls.

Top: Otaku Designs (not free) Shorts: Maitreya (not free) Shoes: The Black Canary (lucky chair freebie)

Finally, I present a sweet, free-spirited, hippie-ish hairstyle named Hayden. Of course, it’d look great with just about any clothing you feel like wearing, not just hippie clothing.

Shorts: Kiitos!! (in-store dollarbie) Top: **en svale** (not free) Shoes: The Black Canary (lucky chair gift)

All of the hairs shown come in a wide array of colors, 20 to be exact. When you make your way to Hair Fair 2009, be sure to stop by the Tiny Bird kiosk to try some demos. You might just fall in love with your next favorite hairstyle.

Tattoos used:
Otaku Designs (the link is to the new store right by Naive...she has a dollarbie tat & two other dollarbies! Check 'em out!)

Poses used:
Kiitos!!, Torrid, *V* Poses, Imperial Elegance

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yummy summer freebies

It's Tuesday! And i don't need more introduction to show you some lovely gifts and dollarbies! (Orrrrrr, I'm just lazy again? :D)

Edit: Don't forget to vote on our poll on the right hand side of the blog!

Ibizarre has a new freebie in the mainstore, unlike the others it's in a *pink* bag so you can recognize it very well :) If you want to show some midriff (hey, we are always bikini ready in SL anyways!) you can wear the summer gift from idk.

BC - Yummy summer freebies
Pink Snake Outfit (Top and pants), 0L, Ibizarre
Indian summer, 0L, idk

At DP yumyum you can find a lovely skirt for 1L. The tank I'm wearing with it is part from a (quite old) freebie from icing. The necklace in this outfit and the necklace and bangles in the next outfit are from chuculet and they are all for sale for 1L. In fact, everything in the store is just 1L! I scored the silver dress from a lucky chair at AYY. This dress is also in it in the red color, but I haven't been that lucky (yet :D) The last dress is a gift from SD Wears for the flower hunt over at Urban Shopper.

BC - Yummy summer freebies
Lemon skirt, 1L, DP yumyum
Tank top, part of a 0L outfit, Icing

Silver dress, Lucky chair, AYY

Spring flower dress, 0L, SD Wears

Necklaces and bracelets, 1L each, Chuculet

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Sunday from Truth
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Shoes: Hi-tops from Urban Bomb Unit, Flipflops from Sand Shack Surf Co, Tuli Pumps from Shiny Things, Belt Platfrom Sandals from J's
Poses: Striking Poses, Sugar Mill, Pffiou

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Need PA for clever titles

Happy Sunday folks! It's nice and hot here, although it's so hot it's kinda getting stormy so let's hope it doesn't turn too bad.

Just as an info the skin I am wearing in all of those pictures is the new subscribo gift from Kiko Life that comes in 6 different tones.

By the way I have some great news! MichaMi moved! To celebrate the new store this bikini is for 0L$ for a limited time so run and get it! It's a special color from the new release so if you like it don't hesitate to buy it in other colors.

Soraya limited edition bikini 0l, MichaMi

Pididdle had lost its main store for a short period of time but is now located again in Horst. As a welcome back gift Brutus put this lingerie set for a limited time at the price of 1L$.

Pearl Girl lingerie 1l, Pididdle

And last but not least here are the latest DSN finds. I had some people leave confused comments about the DSN items we feature. As we explained in that blogpost DSN or Designer Showcase Network is a network you subscribe to that will send you sample of designers' work everyday. As the sending is random it may take you some time to get the specific item we blogged, that's why we also include the LM to the store so you guys can go shop there already if you want.

To subscribe to DSN just go to a store that has a kiosk for it like for example... Pffiou! *whistles innocently*

On the left: Ready for Summer outfit DSN, Amanda's Fashion
On the right: Sweet as Pie dress DSN, Aurora

Jarl armchair DSN, Prime Furniture

*conga dances herself out of that blogpost*

Not Free but conga dance worthy:
Poses Pffiou!
Hair Truth
Shoes Maitreya
Glasses PrimOptic

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Because nothing says I love You like a bouquet of buttplugs

One piece of advice: don't let stuff pile up in your inventory! Otherwise you get huge blogpost like this one. Oh and the hair worn in all those pictures is the DSN item from Curio.

Hair accessory subscribo gift, Tiny Bird
On the left: DSN item, Silent Sparrow
Two similar dresses in the middle 0l, Emery
Yellow dress DSN, idk
On the right: Summer dress and hat DSN, Prelude

Gift you receive when subscribing to the MudHoney subscribo

Photo studio DSN, La Petite Morte

Cushions and bouquet of buttplugs subscribo gift, MudHoney
Lamp lucky chair, Wine and Roses

The clothes I am wearing in the photo studio picture are from Potassium, a newly opened store with the highest item I have seen being 100L$ so go check it out! The tattoos are the newly released ones from Otaku Designs called Balance.

Not free:
Poses Pffiou!
Skin Gauze
Shoes Maitreya
Clothes in photo studio picture Potassium

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ivalde's Sigrid

You may have heard already, Neferia Abel from Ivalde is taking a break from SL. Luckily there is still a store on Retrology where you can buy some of her designs. All her designs will also stay on XstreetSl. For the full story, you can check her blog.
Eventhough she has left us now, she still had the generousity to leave out another gift everyone! You can find the Sigrid dress available for 1L at the Ivalde store at Retrology.

Thank you Neferia for this dress, and all your previous lucky chair, hunt and group gifts.

BC - Ivalde's Sigrid
Sigrid dress (2 options), 1L, Ivalde

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Victoria from Truth
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Shoes: Pumps from Haysuriza
Poses: Imperial Elegance, Striking Poses

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yummy goodness.

Slacker, thy name is Pumpkin. It was a lazy Saturday and while I had the best of intentions for this post (it was supposed to come out yesterday), I didn't get around to actually writing until 4:30am Sunday morning. I had writers block!

So anyway, onto the goods. Jungeun Vella of JE*Republic dropped off her store's latest lucky chair gift on me, making me do a little dance. She always has such beautiful dresses in her lucky chair. Her latest is called Dorothy and it's lovely.

060709JE Republic
So so pretty. You'll love this dress if you're lucky enough to snag it!

I've bought many items from JE*Republic. Jungeun's got a great sense of style and is a very talented creator, which is why I'm a repeat customer. The fact that she puts such lovely gifts inside of her lucky chair is another reason I keep going back. Instead of throwing just any old leftover or discount item, she places quality dresses as gifts inside of the lucky chair. While I visited her store earlier with my friend Lola, we dropped some cash on her new hair (I'm wearing it in the pic above). Also worth mentioning is that she currently has her fatpacks on sale at 50% off!

Next up is a cute dollarbie shirt from Cynful. Right when you walk into the store, it's straight ahead. I really like this shirt. It's sheer from the bottom up to right below the bustline. Tres sexy and a fabulous bargain at only $1L.

Great top for only $1L! Can't beat that.

Yesterday I went to a new store via TP from a friend called Historical Heroines, which features hairstyles of yore. Some are "Gone With The Wind"-y, some are borderline Baroque. At the store, I purchased the $10L VSM fatpack gift called "Miss Gemma" and the in-store freebie fatpack "Miss Felt" (not shown). I paired it with the DSN gift from Vanitas Vesture, a red sweater tank. While Vanitas Vesture's inventory is limited, I think it shows great promise.

$10L fatpack of hair + cute free top I was lucky enough to get dropped on me!

Fabuloso but not free:
-Hair: (pics#1 & 2): JE*Republic
-Jeans: (pics#2 & 3): Truth
-Shoes: (pic#1): Stiletto Moody
(pic#2): Truth

Poses used:
-*V* Poses

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Untitled (or is it? Muhahaha)

Oh hai! How are you guys? Hopefully you are all enjoying your week-end so far!

Soooooo my little Pumpkin of love explained about the Vendor Support Month the other day and I thought it was about damn time I showed you what I made for Pffiou! for the occasion! 
It's a couple pose called Fan Secrets that comes with this fan I made as you can see. I put the poseballs with and without the fan in the vendor in case people want to use it against a wall or something.
Like every other items participating in the Vendor Support Month you cant get it for only 10L$ at the Pffiou! mainstore nao.

Fan Secrets for Vendor Support Month 10L$, Pffiou!

In other news I know Asthenia already featured this gorgeous blue lingerie set from Seldom Blue that you can see in the middle of this pic but what she forgot to tell you is that this black lingerie set with tons of outfit options is for 100L$ only for a very short time before going back to 792L$ normally! So better grab it quickly!

On the left: Black lingerie set 100L$ for a short time only, Seldom Blue
In the middle: Blue lingerie set 1l, Seldom Blue
On the right: Pink ballgown 0l, Seldom Blue

Pink bustier and jacket DSN, MichaMi
Black dress Bedtime Stories hunt, Cilian'gel

Pink lingerie DSN, Mon Amour
Necklace DSN, Shine

Oh wow, I managed to cram a lot of lingerie pictures of me in that blogpost didn't I? Well I hope you all enjoy those finds and they are new to you, if not... *hands you guys a cupcake?*

P.S: Oh and did you guys see our awesome new banner :D ?!

Not free but you still want:
Skin Gauze
Hair ETD

Friday, June 5, 2009

Huntin' with my blue muffin

At Seldom Blue you will find this blue lingerie set as a dollarbie till Sunday (7th), after that it will be full priced (I assume?)

Kira in blue, 1L, Seldom Blue

One of the 7648 hunts going on at the moment (give or take, I might have missed a few LOL) is the discovery hunt. Most stores offer helpfull tips or have a trail of footsteps out to guide you to the magnifying glass, so it's full of fun. It's totally huge though, i have magnifying glass nr 546 and it doesn't stop there!
Another hunt is the Look what the cat brought in hunt, from the blog with the same name. This time you will have to follow the kitty paws to find your gift :) In the gift you can also find a few fun facts about the creator, perfect if you're nosy like me!
Ooh, Miel also sent out a father's day gift, a tie for boys and a tie for the girls!

K-paws set, LWTCB hunt 0L, Rebel Xtravaganza
Tie, subscribo gift, Miel

Kitty Stampede Jeans (in black, blue, dark blue and faded), LWTCB hunt 0L, Deviance
Bluffin t-shirt, Discovery hunt 0L, Lithium

Opening night dress, Discovery hunt 0L, Angelwing

Fae wings, LWTCB hunt 0L, Fredrik Writer
Same Deviance jeans as the previous picture

Winter whim dress, LWTCB hunt 0L, Simply Fae

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Camile from ETD
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Shoes: Belt Platfrom Sandals from J's
Poses: Mela's, Imperial Elegance, Lap, Reel Expressions, Sugar Mill

Monday, June 1, 2009

VSM, DSN...lots of acronyms.

Right now, you may or may not be asking yourself, "WTF is Pumpkin talking about? WTH is 'VSM' and 'DSN'?" Well, my acronym-lovin' cuppycake, VSN stands for Vendor Support Month and DSN stands for Designer Showcase Network. FYI (I'm just loving using these acronyms), VSM is a group of awesome designers who have placed groovy gifts out at their stores for $10L a pop, while the DSN is a service of sorts that you subscribe to so that you can receive preview and sample items from participating creators. You might be asking..."what sort of samples/previews?" To answer your question -- everything. Poses, skins, shapes, hair, you name it. Now, onto the actual items I'm highlighting today.

One of my besties gave me an LM to a new-to-me store by the name of Tarnished. She told me that owner December Larkham had placed her VSM entry, a skin, out for sale. Of course, this piqued my interest, so I TP'd and had a look around, buying a few items...the skin included. The skin, called "Dot", has a Lolita-esque vibe to it. For a new creator, I think it's really cute and shows great promise. The skin, as I've said, is $10L and comes with a shape (not shown).

Channeling my inner Lolita.

Today I also received a DSN preview of Otaku Designs newest tattoo, called "Azteca". I loved the last tattoo Otaku Designs released (called "Sugar Skulls & Roses"), and I'm really digging this new tattoo as well. If you missed out on this cute DSN gift, don't worry. You can always go down to the Otaku Designs mainstore and purchase it (it's very reasonably priced). While you're at the mainstore, be sure to do something -- hit the subscribo so you can be the first one to get the awesome gifties that frequently flutter into my inventory [note: you have to already be a subscriber to the SOM at Otaku Designs in order to get the gifts...none of this subscribing to just get the gift, then unsubscribing -- that's neither fair nor cool, dudes]. Speaking of SOM's, today I received these cute charm-like bracelets from *Ticky Tacky*'s subscribo! They regularly send out great gifts, so I'd recommend joining if you haven't already!

Awesome tattoo from Otaku Designs & bracelets from Ticky Tacky's subscribo!

Subscribo gift from Otaku Designs. Not shown, but still cute: the legwarmers.

Finally, if you have Tuli in your picks, be sure to pick up this month's Picks Reward gift --- these lovely skins! Hurry up and grab these before you forget!

Tuli never disappoints! Another winner!

Not free:
-Hair: Truth
-Jeans: (2nd pic) League

Poses used: *TorridWear*, The Black Canary