Sunday, August 31, 2008


Pink Outfitters as a new group gift out, so all you have to do is search them up inworld, join, and look in the notice archives. ^^
Top: Pink Outfitters; Join group and check notices.
Hair: Tousled group gift - join subscribothang and check history.
Jeans: Dollarbie at the 50% off Viva La Glam sale.

Not Free
Skin: Curio; 1000L
Shoes: Pixel Mode; 350-400L
Tattoos: Canimal; 200L

Axis Mundi!

Thanks to lovely Aisuru Reiko, I was informed of the Axis Mundi hunt lasting until the first.


*Turquoise circle contains: Turquoise Cupcake Undie Tank by WEBER*
Red circle contains: *katat0nik* (red) Ghostfire Dress*
Rose/Purplish circle contains: Rose colored Blue Flower Gloves by WEBER


Hunt is from Aug 30-Sept1
There are three different round prize boxes for this hunt & 3 tiny white Axis Mundi logo boxes. The round ones are colored turquoise, red, and rose. Each color has a different prize. There are around 230 of EACH COLOR hidden around the Axis Mundi sim - approx 660 total prizes. TAKE ONLY ONE OF EACH PLEASE, and READ THE RULES & FOLLOW THEM :D

*Rules & Tips for the round colored prizes:

1. Search the Axis Mundi sim for colored circles like the ones pictured above. They will NOT be hidden inside shops but might be on the outside of a shop (ie, on the wall, roof, etc.) You will also find these prizes on the ground, on trees, and there might be a few random ones I accidentally rezzed in the air. lol.
2. When you find a colored circle, get within 3m of the circle and click it (you MUST be within 3m of the prize when you click it if you want the prize!!) Once you click the circle, it will disappear and the prize will go into your inventory. PLEASE TAKE ONLY ONE OF EACH COLORED CIRCLE. If you find more than one of a certain color (ie you find two red ones), be courteous and leave the extra one for someone else to find. I know it's easy to get excited and rush to click anything you see, but if I see you taking an unreasonable amount of the same prize, I WILL kick you out of the hunt. I receive a message every time a prize is found and will be watching for cheaters so things will stay fair for everyone.
3. Do NOT ask me or 713 Ayres for hints on where the prizes are, we can't help you.

*Rules & Tips for the Tiny White Axis Mundi logo boxes:

There are only 3 tiny white boxes with the Axis Mundi logo hidden on the sim. They will probably NOT be easy to find. Each of the white boxes contains 1 of the prizes hidden in the colored circles, but these prizes are $1 instead of free, and multiple people can buy them. These are sort of a backup prize in case all the 660+ colored circles get found.

And again, please do NOT ask me or 713 Ayres for hints on where the things are hidden, and please do not IM us saying things like "I looked for 15 minutes and didn't find anything!" or "I have two of the prizes but I can't find the 3rd, gimme it!" THIS IS A HUNT, if you do not want to spend time hunting for prizes, you are more than welcome NOT to participate! :D

And here is the things you will find on the hunt!

Dress, gloves, and cupcake tank: Axis Mundi Hunt
Jeans: Viva La Glam

Not Free
Glasses: Viva La Glam; 100L
Hair: Deviant Kitties at the 2008 Hair Fair; 200L
Skin: Curio; 1000L
Shoes: Pixel Mode; 350-400L

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh Snap!

While I was on the End Of Summer Hunt this morning, I spotted a gift sitting on the table by the entrance of Blacklace and Alphamale. Knowing that they make so fab lingerie, I snatched it up. Ladies and gents, I present to you some smexy lingerie!
I'm also wearing the new Tousled group gift of the month. If you want this cute ponytail, just tp over there and subscribe to the subscribomajig.

Color Changing Pumps: Tousled
Hair: Tousled
Lingerie: Blacklace & Alphamale

Not Free
Skin: Curio; 1000L

AnnaH Gift

Annah put out a gift at the entrance of her store in the Tropical Escape sim, and the outfit is really fruity and fun. Fruity because of the colors. :PFree
Shirt & Jeans: AnnaH
Hair: HoH Hunt - see post.
Color Changing Pumps: Tousled
Not Free
Skin: Curio; 1000L

Pickin' Daisies


Welcome to the Bewitched Hair and House of Heart end of summer hunt, Pickin Daisey's! Lots of little goodies have been placed all over the Tropical Escape & Lemon Island sims with various goodies in them, such as skins, jewelry, hair, clothing and poses. All items have been provided by the awesome designers who share the Islands with us and who make your shopping experience what it is while you are here. The Daisey's are hidden in various spots with various colors and sizes as well as degree of difficulty. Make sure you walk around the areas so you will be close enough to rezz since some of them are quite small. Also a lot of the Daisey's are hidden, after all, with such great goodies we have to make you work a little for them...hehehe. So be sure to check behind things and in nooks and crannies and to remember the Daisey's could be a color to make them blend in better *wink*.

DO NOT pass around notes with coordinatesYou can shout hints to items if someone asks but please try not to shout out exactly where an item is...the hunt is meant to be fun for you all as well as for us designers
Anyone being disrespectful will be ejected...meaning no begging, profanity (keep it within your party), nudity, solicitation, cheating, etc...If you see or hear someone doing these things please contact Sheltered Heart of Fallinmy Webb. Both sims are classified as mature but they are PUBLIC and as owners it is our prerogative :D
Participating designers (as well as Bewitched Hair & House fo Heart)

Body Doubles
House fo Nyla
Fickle Fee
Blacklace (& Alphamale)
Haute Style & Co.
Rare Breed
Zaara Indian Couture
A Piece fo Candy
Jezzebel Rock
IC Skins
Laynie wear
OA Designs
I can't give you the coordinates, (because that would be cheating.) but here are some of the fabulous things you will find on the hunt.
Everything in the pictures are free & from the hunt (Even poses!) except:

skin: Curio; 1000L

Shoes: Pixel Mode

Anddd.. Here's the links to the hunt!: Tropical Escape & Lemon Island

Hunt at RFyre - GO now! (guys outfit)

Since the outfit for the guys looks really good too I couldn't not blog about it as I'm sure I'll wear it :)

Same hunt as previous post so hurry!

A big thanks to Vicious once again :)

Hunt at RFyre - GO now!

First of all I'm sorry for telling you this only now but I learnt of it only today!

There is a hunt going on at RFyre, you will be looking for 7 packages that will make a whole outfit in the end (see picture). The twist? The hunt ends tomorrow.

Never fear though because the lovely Vicious has done it again and sent me a notecard with the location of the prizes. You won't be tped next to the prizes but at least the red light will give you an idea of where to go.

Here are the locations:

I was done in only five minutes this way.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Alchemy Gift

I love Alchemy - especially their drool worthy gifts.

Hair: Exile at the Hair Fair
Dress: Alchemy; not sure how long this will be out, so grab it quick. :)

Shoes: SKG Shoes

Bracelet: Vain Inc. Group Gift; Fresh Baked Goods

Not Free

Skin: Curio; 1000L

Another New Dress?!

Yess, it turns out the day after I blog about the Cherry Girl dress, a new one is out!
I love how angelic this dress makes me look, if it wasn't for the blonde and pink crazy hair that i'm wearing from Eat Rice. There is many other crazy fun styles there - one style even comes with attachable mice to put in your hair.
Dress: Cherry Girl
Color Changing Pumps: Tousled
Not Free
Hair: Eat Rice!; 150-200L if my memory is correct.
Skin: Curio; 1000L

Passionate Neko Dreams hunt

Ahoy me matey! 'tis your captain again! Another great grand hunt at PND! The loot is a fair one aye and for only 1 doubloons!

On a less free note but still on a pretty good deal one you can find this outfit in three chest around the store in black, pink and red. To buy the chest you will have to pay 30l today, 60l saturday and 100l sunday. It's one of the new release from PND and entirely worth buying for 30l IMHO.

Things we blogged about before:

Non free stuff:
Shape from SOUL
Hair from Deviant Kitties

Pirate's day at the Cassiopeia Isle sim

Arr, me hearty! I found loot! Pirate's day at the great grand Cassiopeia Isle sim! Aye me matey 'tis lucky! By the powers and 'tis only from 0 to 25 doubloons. It's a fine booty mate! So don't be a scallywag and head on down there lasses and mates!

'tis a fine loot too have a look! No swashbucklin' over it or I'll send you'll to Davy Jones' locker!

Topaz Square Grand Re-opening

Opening and re-Opening it's all the same to us because it means gifts! And lots of them too! I counted about 10 gifts and all for 0l! 

First when you enter the store on the right and left there is two podiums with boxes and outfits in them. On your left when you enter the store you'll see balloons, there you'll get the free hair I'm wearing. Then walk to the counter in the center and touch the glass panels to get a menu where you can choose the freebies you want. There is no limitation so you can get them all if you want :D

Hurry up though as the opening will only last three days.

Here is a little preview of the gifts:

Non free stuff:
Skin from Tuli
Shape from Soul

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I know this dress has already been blogged a number of times elsewhere, but screw it - it deserves to be blogged once again. I luff this dress! 100% free as well, but totally worth more.

Dress: Cherry Girl

Not Free But Still Neccesities.
Arm Warmers: Curious Kitties
Leggings: Katat0nik
Leg Warmers: Deviant Kitties
Skin: Curio; 1000L

Zaara Love

As I stopped by Zaara's today, I was struck with good luck. The lucky chair was currently on the letter C! Which never happens, because Miss Cailin Navarathna just happens to be the unluckiest girl that ever hit SL. I hopped on of course, and this lovely outfit is what I got. Remember, if you want this ensemble you better go quick - it will be taken off the chair September 1st and put in its place will be a luffly new dress. So I suggest stalking the chair!
I'm also wearing the M&R Cupcakes skins that were given out as a group gift in group. I'm not sure how much longer they will be out, so search up the group to join! Remember the 250L fee to join. It's completely worth it though, with gifts like these given out left and right.
Outfit: Zaara
Color Changing Pumps: Tousled
Skin: M&R Cupcakes Group - I'm not sure how much longer it's going to be in the notices, so hurry up and join before you miss out!
Not Free
Hair: Maitreya; Jades Black Pack; 200L


Elemiah has placed a nice dress out at her store for free until the 30th. She also has many other freebies, dollarbies, camping and many bargains, so while you tp in to the store check out the other things you can get as well. :)
Dress: Elemiah Design
Bracelets: *Un Tone* Quilt
Color Changing Pumps: Tousled

Not So Free But Still Uber Kyoote
Hair: Maitreya; 200L
Skin: Curio; 1000L

Camping and Such

First on the list for the day is a post with a smattering of different things.

First off is this pretty little summer dress that you can get at Royal Designs for camping a mere 20 minutes. A great way to sort inventory - I would know, considering I have 15k in my inventory.. But that's not the point. You can also pick up some jewelry on the first floor of the store by the steps, and a hidden box to the right of the entrance contains a box with a white bikini. The super cute short hurr style is from Exodus at the Hair Fair. I don't have an LM that lands you directly in front of it, but your rez point isn't too far from it. You can navigate to it. I believe in you.
The shirt is the newest group gift from Dutch Touch, which happens to be one of my all time favorite SL stores. The wedges that i'm wearing can be found at the Free*Style and Free Speerit hunt, where there are 1000 linden bills hidden all over the two stores. You can also get furniture, skins, clothes, and some other silly things. So go go go!

Free In First Picture
Dress: Royal Designs
Free In Second Picture
Tank: Dutch Touch subscribo
Leggings: Punch Drunk in box of clothes for the clotheless
Not Free
Skin: Curio; 1000L

Amberdragon Designs

I normally don't do a post when a freebie is a ring because they are usually not worth all the trouble that'll you get into when you try to get a pic of it. But I HAD to post about this one from Amberdragon Designs

You can get it for 0l in gold and silver, at the landing point just walk inside the store in front of you; once inside go to the freebies/cheapies sections in front of the entrance next to the men section. The ring is there among other nice loot.

Update on the Clover Beach mall hunt

Vicious Rosetta is definitely full of resources! After giving me the slurls for the hunt at All Seasons she sent me another notecard with the slurls for the locations of the prizes at the Clover Beach mall hunt!

I'm feeling a bit lazy as the number of prizes is quite consequent so pardon me in advance for that :p 

Clover 1;
Clover 2;
Clover 3;
Clover 4;
Clover 5;
Clover 6;
Clover 7;
Clover 8;
Clover 9;
Sintimacy 1;
Sintimacy 2;
Sintimacy 3;
Phista 1;
Phista 2;
Provocateur 1;
Provocateur 2;
Provocateur 3;
Provocateur 4;
Earth Jewel 1;
EarthStones 1;
EarthStones 2;
Whitewine 1;
Whitewine 2;
Whitewine 3;
Whitewine 4;
Whitewine 5;
Whitewine 6;
Whitewine 7;
OC 1;
OC 2;
OC 3;
OC 4;
Yuli 1;
Yuli 2;
Yuli 3;
Adored 1;
Adored 2;

Have fun and don't forget to thank Vicious if you ever meet her in the group chat :)

Hunt at All Seasons

Fellow Cupcaker Cailin tipped the group about a hunt going on at the All Seasons store. You will be looking for 10 prizes that fell out of a purse and the purse itself (example: lipstick, credit card etc...)

A member of the Cupcakes Freebies update group, Vicious Rosetta (hello ^^), very generously gave me a notecard with the slurls for all the prizes. Thank you Vicious! Here are the prizes location, each prizes cost 1l:

2) Keys
7) Ipod
10) Condom

Here is a preview of some of the prizes:

Non free stuff/Things we blogged about before:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Umi Usagi

I don't have much time to add in some of my own words, so blah blah blah look at the dress okay I have to go do some things now enjoy. :) OH! You have to be in the group to join. Just search Umi Usagi VIP. That is all.
Dress: Umi Usagi
Not So Free but Still Lurvvvvely

I Love Laziness.

I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow! Which means: more laziness for me, and more freebies for you. It's a win/win, eh? To comemmorate this rare occasion, i've dressed the part with this deliciously comfortable set of clothing. (that look a lot like what i'm wearing in RL right now.)
Checkered Pants and Hoodie: *Un Tone* Quilt

Not Free

Hair: Maitreya; 200L

Skin: Curio; 1000L


Comme Il Faut has done it again, sending out this never before released dress to the group. All you have to do to get this gorgeous yet effortless dress is search the store, as previously mentioned Comme Il Faut, check the notices, and there yoo go. Dress!

Not Free But Painfully Lovely Just the Same

Skin: Curio; 1000L

Hair: Deviant Kitties at the 2008 Hair Fair; 200L