Monday, September 29, 2008

Gettin ready for Halloween.

Even if we're still a month away, designers are starting to send out some great gifts to get ready with. Katat0nik sent out this adorable dress to the group just today, the textures on it are beautiful as usual. It's only available if you're in the group and you can get an invite by spending 250L or more in the store.

Katat0nik dress

Lemania has this dollarbie skin out, called Morticia it's perfect for a darker glam look.

Lemania Skin

Important note: I wasn't sure if I was going to be blogging since Laleeta decided to take a break for a week, but it isn't fair to a lot of people. I will continue to blog and keep up with the group, Cailin may or may not I'm not sure. Anyway I hope you all stick with us through this :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Dear readers,

Due to some things that I need to take care off in real life I won’t be blogging in the coming week or so. I will be online I’m sure but won’t have the time to look for freebies I’m sorry. I will still be available for questions so feel free to contact me in world :)

I think that Calista and Cailin will continue to update as usual so don’t worry and keep checking the blog!



Saturday, September 27, 2008


Aisuru Rieko a good friend of mine and owner of the Beloved store noticed me about some really nice dollarbies she has there. This marionette strings accessory that you can attach to your avatar is way cool and will be a nice addition to your look. The stockings I'm wearing are also a dollarbie at her store and come in black as well.

The strings don't come with a pose though, but still damn classy! :)

While there do hang around in her store, it's rather small but she has great stuffs like for example this mystic grass she sells for only 50l. I loved it so much I put it on my land.

Other freebies bloggers feel free to spread the word!

Stuff we blogged about before:
Dress and scarf from Happy Happy group gift (previous post)

Non free stuff:

Happy Happy

This kawaaaaaai dress is a group gift from the Happy Happy Update Group. Just look for it in the search group tab and join for 0l. Then go to the past notice tab and get this adorable dress and scarf!

Non free stuff: 

Marinoco Fashion

Cailin told us about Marinoco Fashion a while back now, but after seeing their group gift on Free Style I knew I had to blog about this again.

To get this gorgeous dress simply join the Marinoco Fashion group, then while wearing you tag go to their store and buy the dress for 1l on the board at the center of the shop.

Don't wanna join? Look at their freebie section and get the goodies Cailin blogged about before! The pant in the last picture is on the freebies wall there too.

Non free stuff:

CnS poses

CnS poses has a new freebie couple pose. It's called "I adore you" and you can see it on the wall in front of you and to your left when you enter the store. As always Kahei helped me model the pose so don't look at the clothes just look at the pose :) 


Boom has this colorful swimsuit for 1l at the entrance of its store. Fall might be here for us but in Second Life we can still go to the beach!

Non free stuff:


Yet another good way to celebrate the chilly breeze that comes along with the fall season.. Campbell's Soup. Mmph. I'm not actually giving any away.. It's on the shirt. :D
Shirt, Bracelets, and Choker: Fishy Strawberry
Shorts (Previously blogged by Laleeta): Woe
Not Free
Skin: Curio; 1000L
Hair: Armidi; 250L if I remember correctly.

Southern Charmed

Southern Charmed is getting us ready for fall with 5 new freebies in its store. Look for them in the pink gift boxes to the left of the stairs when you enter the store.

Non free stuff:

Just a little something to Snatch!

Before I pass out on my bed for a little.. okay 5 hour nap, I thought I would share with you that Sn@tch has a new gift in the middle of the store, right behind the in store models. Very easy to see, as its one of the only white outfits there. :D Since fall is finally making an impact where I reside, ( leaves changing, the crisp temperature, apple cider and pretty much anything that includes apples.. erm, where was I?) I thought it would be best to start dressing warm in SL - what better outfit to kick start le automne? And because fall is the best season evarrrr, i've already found what my first akshool purchase of the season will be: the new Zaara jeans. *cue drooling here.* BUT. Because this is a freebie blog, I won't speak about my woes of an empty SL bank account. Now let's look at what you came for, shall we?
Shoes: New group gift from Comme Il Faut. Search them inworld, join the group, and these yummy sandals will be in the notice archives.
Outfit: Snatch

Not Free
Skin: Curio; 1000L
Hair: Deviant Kitties; 200L


This frilly blouse is a freebie from Yumyum. After entering the store look to your left. On the wall you should see the shirt among other discounted but not free items. Thank you to my fellow member of Vain Inc Ruby for sharing the tip :)

Non free stuff:

Rosy Mood

Rosy Mood has a table full of cute things for you in its store. Just look for it on your left when you enter the store. The short in the middle picture is for men but since I was too lazy to log Kahei I modeled it myself :D

Non free stuff:

Reasonable Desires

I don't know what is going on with all the lingerie lately! We used to find no free lingerie and now it's like I find a gorgeous one everyday!

Anyway Alexx Usbourne the marketing manager from Reasonable Desires (sounds fancy >_<) contacted me about some goodies they had in store! By joining their group you can get the lingerie set you see in the first two pictures. Out of group slots? Then do hang out in front of their store they have tons of lucky chairs! I think I counted about 8! The last two pictures are a sample of what you can win in the lucky chair.

At the landing point click on the golden ball to join the group and make your way to the left to click on the board and get your group gift. Then head outside the store in front of the entrance to find the lucky chairs.

Non free stuff:

Friday, September 26, 2008


Not only does Vicious regularly send me hunt locations but she also shares freebies tips with me! Vicious I loooooove you <3

Anyway this tank and pants are freebies from Moloko, the teleport should get you just in front of them. The shirt is supposed to be for guys but hey we can work it girls!

Non free stuff:

ALB Dream Fashion

ALB Dream Fashion has this lingerie set for 0l in its store. It's on the wall directly to your left when you enter the store, next to the masquerade mask.

Non free stuff:

Harbour View

Harbour View has set up a coffin/lucky chair in its store for Halloween! In it you can get this lovely dress! The letter change every 30 minutes or so but there are other lucky chairs around to pass the time :)

Non free stuff:
Hair from Deviant Kitties
Shape from SOUL
Skin from Tuli

Raeva's - Limited offer

Raeva's is retiring its Adaire dress, so until then the store will mark down two colors for the dress at 1l every week. This week it's pink and yellow as you can see. To get the dress enter the store and go up to the 1st floor. There on the wall in front of you you should find the dresses amongst other outfits.

Non free stuff:

Elvie's Closet

I saw this on the Freebie Telegraph and I knew I had to have it! This gorgeous dress is the group gift from Elvie's Closet for this month. Simply get down to the store and click on the board to join the group and then buy the dress next to it. Joining the group is free of course :)

Non free stuff:

Alphamale and Blacklace

Today I went to the Alphamale and Blacklace mall and while there I found tons of gift boxes from the different stores! So get down there and have a look around :)

This one is actually 10l

Originally an outfit for men but girls can work it too!

Non free stuff:

Cailyn's hunt and locations

Cailyn Miller from Cailyn's was kind enough to notice me about a hunt going on in her store. I would be lying if I said I knew her store before but I'm glad I do now! She does some really nice jewelry and I'm sure I'll be going back.

Anyway you will be looking for 15 jewelry boxes in her store and like Cailyn says herself "I am the mistress of tiny prims... and also an evil bitch ^_^. The jewelry boxes are everso teeny small... so you'll need patience and lots of camming to find them all!". Since I got them all I will be sharing the locations after the pictures. I'm assuming Cailyn won't mind since she didn't mention locations sharing in her notecard ;)

The lingerie in all the pictures and chair and posing in the last two are part of the hunt as well. As usual don't look at what Kahei is wearing it's not part of the freebies :)

Hunt ends midnight PST on Wednesday 1st November, have fun!

Hunt locations:

I numbered the prizes as I went along finding them in the store, so the number one here may not be the prize number one in world. I got number 15 (prize 12 in world) thanks to Holic.

1)The big jewelry box next to the hunt board

2) Behind boxes

3) On board's edge

4) Under lucky chair

5) On railing around the pool

6) On top of board

7) In corner

8) On yellow jewelry board edge

9) Near cat's front paw

10) Under light

11) On the tree

12) On edge

13) On board's edge

14) On wall's edge

15) On the writing really hard to see (thanks Holic for sharing!)

Non free stuff on Laleeta (hey that's me!):


I love finding beautiful things I never heard about before! Malt has those great dollarbies in its store that you must have! They are on the wall before the entrance. The last two pictures are of the gift you receive when you click on the subscribo-matic in the store. Joining a subscribo doesn't take any group slot so definitely worth it!

The shoes are not part of the outfit by the way!

Non free stuff: