Sunday, May 31, 2009

Short & Sweet

This is a quickie post because I have to go to sleep soon. Sowwy!

I went over to Reek earlier today to browse around and saw some cute t-shirts on the wall. Four sets of men's and women's tees (two for the boys, two for the girls), each set being $5L. Yep, two cute shirts for $5L. I asked the smexy Gauge to model a boy shirt with me.

G & P Reek (LOL!)
We Reek.

Also, available, but not shown here, is an honest-to-goodness 80's style roller rink for $1L. It's super cute and would be perfect for a rezday event! As always, be sure to check out their regular priced items, you're bound to find something you'll love!

Not free:
-Hair: Truth (on me)
Paper Street Soap Co. (on Gauge)
-Pants: League (on Gauge)
-Glasses: Rawdolls (on Gauge)

Pose used: Pffiou!

The Day After

Woohoo! I am back from that awesome pool/BBQ party and it was awesome!!! Totally hungover and sunburned but worth it!

On the goodies side here is what I came back to today. The pants I am wearing are the new group gift for Modd.G, people have to wear their group tag and pay the board in store 1l to get it.

The socks are a freebies from Roseo that contains 8 different colors. It's in the small mushroom on the second floor, the LM should get you right to it. Take the time to explore the sim, it's gorgeous!

Oh and the hairs featured in this blogpost are all gifts from the Inorite subscribo. Violet sent most of her current hairstyles in purple to the subscribers in occasion of the "Paint SL Purple Day"!

Shirts came with 300L$ gift card they had in store for free, Aitui
Pants 1l group gift, Modd.G
Socks 0l, Roseo
Necklace DSN, Sable Rose
Hair subscribo gift, Inorite

Gown DSN, L&S
Hair subscribo gift, Inorite
Necklace DSN, Sable Rose

And that's it for now! Hope you enjoy!

Not free but you know you drool over it:
Poses VPoses
Skin Gauze
Shoes ETD

Silvery Poppies

Oh beautifull day!
Icing, where the prettiest dresses in SL are born, has a lucky chair in the mainstore. If you are lucky enough to have your letter on the chair, you get this lovely poppies dress. The headband I am wearing with it is a freebie I picked up at the Accessory Fair at Albero. There was also a darker headband that goes well with the new Kunglers group gift dress.

Green dress, Kunglers groupgift, 50L joining fee (search for Kunglers Fashion Design)
Headbands, 0L each, Silvery
Pizziciato Poppies dress, Lucky chair, Icing

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Izzy from Truth
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Shoes: Belt Platfrom Sandals from J's
Poses: Mela's, Imperial Elegance

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wear your smile

Obviously you need clothes to go with that smile! Thank goodness, AV Vlodovic sent out a new subscribo gift this week, a white dress with yellow accents. In the store you can also find a purple dress with ruffles for 1L.
Pumpkin already blogged the gorgeous Hope groupgift from Tuli. But did you know you can get an exclusive make up for Hope if you add Tuli to your picks? Well, you know now! The boots I'm wearing are a limited dollarbie, only available on Xstreet. The shape I'm wearing for this post is not my usual one, but it's a freebie from Fools Fate.

Cocktail roses dress, subscribo gift, AV vlodovic
Shape, 0L, Fools Fate
Skin & shoes, previously blogged

Purple dress, 1L, AV vlodovic
Boots, 1L, MStyle only on XstreetSL
Skin, picks reward from Tuli

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Ash in Java from Truth
Poses: Lap and Reel Expressions

Friday, May 29, 2009

Birds in the sky, you know how I feel

Sooooo. My bag is finally done for the week-end but my brain feels like a big pile of goo! And since I have been waiting and waiting to do a blogpost of course I have tons of stuff to show... So here goes!

Skin in all pictures group gift, Cupcakes
On the left two dresses group gift, Cupcakes
On the right dress DSN, Adored
Pet shoulder DSN, Bubu

On the left outfit DSN, Store With No Name
Black dress DSN, Sysy's
Pajamas 1l, kAwAii

Tantric Lovin' lucky board, Belle Belle

Fountain subscribo gift, Beloved

On the left DSN, Smiling Cat
In the middle DSN, VillageStore
On the right DSN, Greene Concept

There you go folks! Hopefully you all have a good week-end and I hope I won't come back with sunburns! Oh and by the way this has been haunting me so here you go!

Not Free:
Shoes J's
Hair Truth

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This post is so full of fail, it went to funny & came back to fail again! I saw a beautifull dress on the feeds, searched for the store and cammed forever around in the store. I didnt find it, I was about to throw a tantrum when I touched the subscribo. Apparently the dress was a subscribo joining gift *facepalms* The sandals are also totally free from a cute little shoe shop.

BC - Waaaah
Delilah gown and dress, Subscribo gift, Ranene Olivier Couture
Sandals, 0L each, Haysuriza

I couldn't resist to their regular priced shoes either and I'm spamming you with the picture cuz I'm in loooooooove <3 (with the shoes, that is :p ) And it *is* love thursday and all!!!

Pumps, not free, Haysuriza

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Victoria in Java from Truth
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Skin: Elizabeth from Tuli (previous group gift)
Poses: Lap

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pumpkin loves getting spoiled.

Everyone knows how much I love skins. I love buying skins. I love getting free skins as group gifts. One of my favorite groups is Tuli. Skin Baroness Tuli Asturias always gives her groupies gorgeous gifts. Today, she dropped off the preview to her newest line, Hope, on us. In five tones. My heart leapt and I began giggling like a madwoman as I unpacked my new treasure. There are two things I love most about this new line: 1.) The lips. They are to die for and 2.) The eyebrow options. How many skins do you know of offer red eyebrows? Tuli didn't disappoint with the newness. Wins all around. Want in on the action? Join her in-world group for the goodness. It's not free, there's a $250L fee to join but trust's well worth it.

Tuli group gift - Hope
Lovely skins as a gift? Score!

Speaking of skins, I got in touch with my inner stalker on Sunday and did my dance so that the Lucky Chair Gods at Atomic would smile upon me. They didn't. They made me work for it. After a few hours of watching the lucky chair spit out the same letters (primarily G's, N's, D's, I's, C's and R's), I TP'd my friend Nikki to relieve the chair of yet another N and proceeded to complain bitterly in IMs about the lack of respect it was showing the letter P when in the middle of my bitching...a P popped up. I dropped my happy booty on the chair and scooped up my skin prize. Earlier in the day, I had won a cool top on the second lucky chair at the store...but I wanted the skin, dang it!

Atomic skin.
Be patient and have lots of friends whose names start with an 'N'!

A few days ago, I hit the subscribo at [ Cynful ], which is CnS E-Motion (poses) cutie Cynthia Ultsch's new venture, and scored the cute sheer top shown on the left below.

Top o' the mornin'!
L to R: Sheer top from [ Cynful ], top from Atomic.

The jeans in the picture aren't free, however, they are on sale. Zaara's is having a wonderful 50% off sale until June 1st! Hers is one of my favorite stores and this sale is absolutely fabulous. There are added bonuses, of course:
1.) She does have freebies at her store. I previously blogged them here. Please forgive the craptacular pictures. :)
2.) You may be lucky enough to catch the Bollywood version of "Thunder From Down Under" like I did.

The Full Monty - Bollywood style! Pt.3
Sorry. I just had to do it.

And finally...Blacklace and Alphamale have also released gifts to men and women who join their subscribo! For the ladies is a really nice lingerie set. For the guys, a polo shirt and pants. Sweet.

Blacklace subscribo gift.
Sexy lingerie! Ooh la la!

For the boys.
Can't forget the gents!

Not free:
Hair: (pics # 1-3, 5) Kin
Boots: Maitreya
Pumps: Stiletto Moody
Jeans: (pic#3) Zaara

Poses used: The Black Canary, Imperial Elegance, Pretzel Poses, TorridWear

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just chill!

If you are in need of summery outfits, you might want to check out LVS&Co. There you can lots of cute outfits in different colors outside for 1L each. Also, inside the store there's a sale going on! So, Hurray for summer!

Outfits (basket included in the first one!), 1L each, LVS&Co
(flipflops not included)

Lee Loo has set out a dollarbie for everyone. Inside the box you can find two shirts, bangles and an outfit for the boys. But I think the pants and shoes also work pretty well on girls :D Make sure you check around the store, because almost everything is priced 15L (yes, fifteen!)

Shirt, pants, shoes, sequined top and bangles,
1L for everything together, Lee Loo

And last but not least, Atomic has an exclusive skin in their lucky chair. Sadly, I didn't get it yet (*cries*) but I did pick up this nice shirt WITH icecube for only 10L! You win some, you loose some :D

Just chill tee with icecube, 10L, Atomic

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Ash in Java from Truth
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Skin: Elizabeth from Tuli (previous group gift)
Flipflops: Sand Shack Surf Co
Poses: Sugar Mill & Lap

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boy Oh Boy

After 30 mins of struggling with SL to get pics, I present you this blogpost! *pauses for applause*

Sugar skull tee, May subscribo gift, Shabby Cat
Leather pants, Subscribo gift, Deviance
Flats, 0L, 50 flats (Previous free flats are also available!)

Skin with bikini on it, subscribo gift, Dutch Touch

Laundry day lingerie set, 0L, Fishy Strawberry

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Ash in Java from Truth
Skin: Elizabeth from Tuli (previous group gift)
Poses: Sugar Mill & Lap

Friday, May 22, 2009

I <3 Candy!

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I am aching all over from working on my family's house yesterday and I have to go back for more in a few. Before I do so however I have some things to share with you all.
I especially love the potty mouth shirt as it makes me think of my friend Tristan! 

Cookies Monster hoodie lucky chair, Intrigue Co.
Potty Mouth shirt lucky chair, Intrigue Co.
Bella Corset subscribo gift, PixelDolls

Warning slightly NSFW picture coming up but I covered the nips I swear! Those gifts Perfect Prefabs sent via the Designers Showcase Network were so gorgeous I just wanted to loll around them like a topless vixen!

In the Woods and Waterfall DSN, Perfect Prefabs

Watches DSN, Iced
Amy dress DSN, Elate
Skeleton hat 0L$, XD Fusion
Candy necklace 20L$, ~[HT]~ 
Rose ring DSN, Elate
Skull nose-bridge piercing DSN, Omnik

And that's it! Now I really should get my little butt back to the housework or you know my family will get my hide...

Not Free:
Hairs Novocaine
Skin Gauze
Poses Pffiou!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Amour for cute things

I <3 flowers! (Well who doesn't actualy?) So flowery outfits & accessories make me extra happy! I found out that if you join Kyccie's update group, you get a bracelet with two color options. You can also camp 30 minutes for the same bracelet with different colored stones. This weeks dollarbie from the French Farm is a classy dress in Antique Pink and comes with a baret.

Top row, group gift, join here
Bottom row, 30 mins camping, Kyccie's

I saw on the feeds this supercute outfit from Miel. When I was at the store, I clicked the subscribo (what can I say, I'm addicted to subscribos) and got the headband as a gift! In the Indie Rose subscribo you can also find a cute free dress. Without the skirt you can also wear it as a bathing suit. So it's lovely for sunbathing & partying afterwards, without having to change your outfit much!

Left: Headband, subscribo joining gift, Miel
Top & skirt are also from Miel, but are not free.
Right: Antique pink dress and baret, 1L, The French Farm

Whonose sent out a dress with matching flats out somewhere last week (woops, but it's still in the history :D) If you are in the Bijou group, you can find the white Amour bathing suit in the history.
Grape dress, subscribo gift, Whonose
Amour bathing suit, group gift, Bijou (search for bijou shopaholics)
Dress & sunglasses, subscribo gift, Indie Rose
Poses in this pic were all free and from Chez Oleandra

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Victoria and Ash, both in Java from Truth
Skin: Hope from Tuli (not available yet)
Poses in the second pic: Sugar Mill & Lap

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A big blob of tired pixels

I am soooooo sleepy it's crazy. I have to do this blogpost though, it's long overdue!

First something very dear to my heart, my talented friend Terri from Harmony Interiors made a new furniture set and guessed what she called it... The Laleeta set! I have been squealing like a little girl ever since she gave it to me! It's the first time someone named something after me in SL *gets all emo in this blogpost*

So anyway you can get the whole furniture set (everything in this picture and even more stuff I didn't show - sexy girl not included) for a mere 250 lindens! The cushions have 5 different poses and the bench has two and if you don't want to buy the whole set you can always get those awesome Twilight posters for free!

Twilight posters from Laleeta furniture set 0l, Harmony Interiors
Complete Laleeta furniture set 250l, Harmony Interiors

Almost Diamonds dress DSN, Rara Avis
Tiny Bunny Avatar (male and female) DSN, Locos Pocos
Sayuri 2 hair subscribo gift, Waffles! (Thanks Elo for letting me know, mi amor! <3)
Azteca Tattoo DSN, Otaku Designs
Necklace, bracelet, button eyes DSN, Kunstkammer

Prince and Princess Neko lucky board, Belle Belle

Speaking of Belle Belle, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of one of their latest release, the laundry set. It costs 490L$ but it's worth it, especially when you see all the things you can do with it... (oh yeah Ali I so did that!)

Laundry set 490L$, Belle Belle

Oh and I don't have a clever parting line for this blogpost so I will just say: Adieu!

Not Free:
Skin Gauze
Shoes Maitreya
Poses Pffiou!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Gift of Truth.

Mr. Truth Hawks, the Count of Coiffure himself, has generously laid out a short, sweet & sassy freebie fatpack named "Jess" for all of his loyal customers. Along with this very kind gift, he's also released another hair: the Farrah Faucett-esque "Linda". It's never been a secret that I hold Mr. Hawks' hair in high esteem, as I wear them regularly, not just in my posts, but out and about on the grid. He is one of the hardest working creators out there and each new style that he churns out is beautiful and obviously lovingly made. Check out his new releases!

New Truth
Left to right: Linda & Jess

Well, what are you waiting for? Go down to Truth and get his fabulous gift and be sure to look around at his regular priced're guaranteed to find something that you'll love.

I'm already cursed

Years ago, when I was younger...

Not only did Norway win the Eurovision song contest last night, they also celebrate their Independance day today! And everyone can join the celebrations, because Ivalde has put out a lovely brown dress for free!

I'm in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I loose my mind
I'm already cursed

BC - I'm already cursed
Dress, 0L, Celebration gift from L'abel & Ivalde
Skin, 0L, previously blogged

Makayla hair in Java from Truth, Tuli Pumps from Shiny Things.
Poses from Chikka (left) and Analu (right)

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Simple. Short. Sweet. That's the name of the game for this post...

Lamb released a new group gift called 'Teased Up' (color: 'Restaurant Ketchup' LOL!) and it is really cute! Join the in-world group and it can be yours! Lamb gives out fabulous group gifts, so I recommend that you stay in the group so you can be one of the first to know about her new releases!

lamb group gift
Great group gift in a sexy red color! I'm in love!

Some jewelry, a dress and shoes -- oh my!

CKS Designs sent out a really cute item from it's subscribo group: the essential t-shirt dress (in teal)! They sell the dress in 21 other colors for $145L a pop or $250L for a three pack color set. Of course, if you have your heart set out on the teal, just smack the subscribo and hit the 'history' button and it'll be there.

Otaku Designs is celebrating hitting the 650 member mark on it's SOM service by sending out these awesome items - a princess lipring and necklace! The lipring comes in mouth/chin/nose attachments and the necklace comes in spine/chest attachments, so you're well covered. Be forewarned, however, the gifts that Lola sends to her subscribo members can only be retrieved if you were already a member...i.e. if you subscribe today, you won't get it. The only way to be on top of her gifts are to join her SOM and stay in it. She gives great treats out pretty regularly, so it's worth staying in it.

Subscribo gifts ahoy!
I feel pretty...oh so pretty...

Speaking of SOM services, recently, *G Field* sent out a wonderful group gift...some awesome brown Mary Jane-style shoes! They're well crafted and absolutely lovely! If you're not a member of her SOM, just go to the store and register, then hit the SOM board and go into the history. While you're at the store, be sure to snag the freebies by the tree in the middle of the store!

Sweet gifts from *G Field*

Not Free:
-Hair (pic#1): Truth - 'Pumpkin'
-Skin (both pics): RockBerry - 'Uma'
-Tattoo (pic#2): Otaku Designs - Sugar Skulls & Roses

Poses Used:
-Pretzel Poses, The Black Canary

Friday, May 15, 2009

[Insert Clever Title Here]

First off remember Pffiou! subscribo gift for having reached over 650 members? A lot of people contacted me to get it because they were not members yet when I sent it. As I am a bit lazy I decided to compromise and put it for sale. So come and get your own man for only 10L$! It's near the entrance next to the subsribo. Don't forget to subscribe though so you don't miss the next gifts and news.

Next I wanted to introduce you guys to a new and very clever system called Designers Showcase Network or DSN for short. When you click on a DSN kiosk you are offered the possibility to subscribe to different channels such as female, male, poses, house etc... Each of this channels will send at random and to a random number of people a sample of designers' work. In short each day you get to discover a new store and therefore broaden your shopping range.

As a designer you can buy the kiosk at Clever Things and if you want to subscribe as a customer just go to one of the participating stores and click on a kiosk.

Therefore if from now on you see us mention that we got the gifts via DSN you will know how we got it. Since the gifts are sent at random it might take you some time to get it but you can still visit the designers' store and have a shopping trip while you wait for the gifts!

What a mouthful but definitely worth reading! Now if you want to subscribe to a kiosk it just so happens I have one set up at Pffiou! and here have a look at the sample I made for DSN you will get by subscribing to the poses channel (yus that's hottie and fellow blogger Asthenia posing with me).

Sai Hime group pose DSN, Pffiou!

On the left and middle: Dress 20 minutes camping, Hal*Hina
Boots DSN, Pretties
Socks 1l, Hal*Hina
Bolero group gift in store, Hal*Hina
On the right: Dress group gift, Modd.G
Flats DSN, Pretties

Shirts subscribo gift, Zanzo

I promise next blogpost will be less talk more pictures but until then, ja ne!

Not free but I say you need it:
Pink Shorts in second picture MichaMi
Hair ETD
Skin Gauze
Poses Pffiou!

Bunnies cry when pigs fly

A lovely Friday to all!
SKG has a cute dress with two belt & two sleeves options avaible for only 5L (2x2 options means 4 dresses, so thats only 1.25L per dress, Math ROCKS!) The matching shoes are available for another 5L. The leopard shoes are also from SKG and are part of their dollarbie shoe-collection (so, move your butts to SKG!)

Barbara dress in hotpink, 5L, SKG
Hotpink pumps, 5L, SKG
Snakeskin pumps, 1L, SKG

Deviance has moved to a bigger location and some of the outfits are also getting an updated version! In the new mainstore there is an updated version of their Bunny-outfit available for freeeeee. You will find it next to some outfits that are marked down 50% (permanently!). My make up smears are the current dollarbie from Glow Studio. YOu can get the adorable flying pig from the Pink Fuel Hippo group. The bikinis are both dollarbies from Deka.

Bunny outfit, 0L, Deviance
Smudged tears, 1L, Glow studio
Flying piggy, subscribo gift, Pink Fuel

Bikinis, 1L each, Deka

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.
Not free: Victoria hair in chocolate from Truth & Elizabeth fair skin (enticing) from Tuli (former group gift)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thriller Night!

*starts doing the thriller dance*
Call me Zombie Laleeta from now on please!

Anyhoo to celebrate Pffiou! reaching over 650 members in its subscribo I sent a very special version of my cardboard man pose. By touching the board you can choose between 9 different textures as you can see in this picture. Since the subscribo doesn't have a historic of past notices I would advice joining now so you don't miss future gifts and releases!

Cardboard Man pose subscribo gift and now 10L$ in store, Pffiou!
Teal gloves 0l, Pididdle

On the left: dress lucky chair, Sn@tch
In the middle: pants riot vendor, Sn@tch
jacket fortune teller, Sn@tch
On the right: dress and earrings subscribo gift, PrimPlay

Not free but full of win:
Poses Pffiou!
Shoes Periquita
Hair Truth
Skin Gauze

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday gifts

Ohai thar! Is that a cone in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Ice Creamed Man set, 1L, Concrete flowers (with the cute socks!)
Strawberry polka dress, 1L, Concrete flowers
Violets nightshade dress, 1L, Kosh

OMG, 4 fatpacks are hidden in 1 moon over at Aurora. To find the moon, use this clue: "The moon matches the furniture, but when you look at the sea everything will be much more clear " (It's not the exact clue, I crashed & lost it, but I hope you will get it :D)

Left: The cuteness cami, all rolled up pants
Middle: The cuteness lingerie set
Right: V neck sweater and shreds jeans
All in fatpack in the hidden moon at Aurora (0L)

And uhm... 3 other cute outfits!
Pink power may freebie, 0L, Ema's (shoes not included)
Dress, choker and shoes, 0L, May flowers hunt at AV Vlodovic Lemania location
Outfit, bangles and flats, 0L, May flowers hunt at AV Vlodovic Lemania location

And make sure you check this out You get suprised by a gift from a new designer everyday! Now if you'll excuse me, it's like bedtime for me!

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh gawd, I can't make up a title again *sigh* Lot's of stuff, plz look!

*hugs the dust bunnies* Ohai thar! I have lots of pictures so lets get started!!!

First I have some party dresses and crazy hair.

Little black dress, 0L, Bliss Couture
Fantasy pumps, Lucky board, AV Vlodovic
Fantasy silver dress, 1L, AV Vlodovic
Hair, 0L Foam!

Eldee has a dress in 3 different colors for free at their location on the poly jean sim.
Amyna dress in blue, black and pink, 0L each, Eldee

More fancy dresses from sugarcube and Top2Toe (rawrrrrrrr)
Chopsticks holder dress, 0L, Sugarcube
Leopard gown, 1L, Top2Toe
Snow leopard gown, 1L, Top2Toe

Show some skin (from Chez Oleandra) with the army tramp tops from Tyranny designs.
Passion fruit skin, 10L, Chez Oleandra
Berry Spill skin, 10L, Chez Oleandra
Pretty in peach, 10L, Chez Oleandra
Army tramp tops, 1L for 6 colors, Tyranny designs

Some casual tops...
St. Pepper cropped jacket in Poppy and Valentino, subscribo joining gift, Whippet and buck
Jersey, 0L, Hotch potch

And more free Tuli skins! Just the face, but we all know Tuli makes a good body and does good butt.
Kalista base skins, 0L, Tuli

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.