Monday, August 31, 2009

Bad, bad boys.

Every so often, I like to change things up on my posts. Today, I'm going to show some clothing for the boys in our lives. As I'm sure many of you know, the grid can be a scary and intimidating place for a man who wants to look for clothing. Guys pretty much get the short end of the stick when it comes to high quality clothing, much less the cheapies and freebies.

First up is a new store called + blacklisted + on the new Starlust sim, Horst. The shirts are put together very nicely using great textures. You can tell the shirts had a lot of blood, sweat and tears (i.e. effort) put into them. To celebrate their grand opening, there is a dollarbie inside of the store!

Boy stuff.
The middle one is $1L!

Pig is a store that sells, not only cute feminine clothes, but also unisex and men's clothing. Pig's style is fun, fresh, and breaks away from the norm. Their clothes aren't for everyone, but if you want something that'll have people asking, "where'd you get that?" then this is your place.

More boy stuff.
Left: $1L@their main store. Right: free from the Poop Hunt!

While all of the freebies and dollarbies are great, let's not forget to browse around the stores. So many people complain about the 'smash & grab' mentality that some accuse freebie blogs of feeding. We truly appreciate the fabulous gifts that the various talents around the grid lovingly create for us. Let's show them our support!

Fab, but not free (or no longer available):
-Shirt: (1st & 3rd on pic#1): + blacklisted +
-Hair: Junwave ($200L for a fatpack!)
-Jeans: (pics# 1&2) League
-Skin: Belleza (old group gift)

Poses used: [LAP]

**Editor's note: It was brought to my attention that a store I previously mentioned (I removed the paragraph and photos) has ripped skins for sale. We at Baking Cupcakes do not condone this behavior, for it is insulting to not only us, but also to the hardworking and decent creators that make Second Life a joy to be a part of.

My Butt

You will get to see lots of it in this blogpost!

Swimsuit 0l, 4Evva&Evva
Outfit DSN sample, hc&co

Ladybug panties 1L panties raid hunt, Reek

3 lingerie sets only for 79L$, 4Evva&Evva

Not free:
My Butt
Poses Pffiou!
Hair Truth

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brains & cupcakes.

Otaku Designs has an in-store dollarbie at their brand new main store at HoPo. The dollarbie? Some really cute cupcake pasties and panties. As you might have guessed, we here at Baking Cupcakes love us some cuppycakes. Also for a dollar, are the grand opening ladies & gents dollarbie necklaces at the front of the store.

Otaku Designs dollarbie.
Cupcake lovin'.

Nomine is still having a brain hunt at their store, which is where I got the skin I'm wearing in the pic below. The brains aren't free, but at $200L a piece, they're well worth it! After I got tired of nomming on brains, I was lucky enough to win an outfit from one of the lucky chairs! I'm not sure how much longer the brain hunt will go on, but when it ends, the zombie skins will go back to their regular $1,000L price tag.

Will f*ck for brains.

Fabuloso...but it ain't free:
-Hair: Shag
-Jewelry: (necklace) Otaku Designs & (earrings) Zaara <---old group gift
-Skins: RockBerry (pic#1) & Nomine (pic#2)

Poses used: (pda)

DCNY has the goods.

I got a notecard today from DCNY's subscribo about a 50% off sale they're having until September 13th, so naturally, my interest was piqued. I hopped over there and got a few sweet half off items. I also picked up three dollarbies that you may like as well.

First up is this really cute black strapless swimsuit! I had to get out of my house and go find a nice beach scene to take a pic! They have other colors available, but they're not $1L.

DCNY dollarbie #1.
A sexy black swimsuit for $1L? You betcha.

Next is this cute black mini-dress with poofy sleeves. I really do like this style. I like almost everything about this dress, except for the ill-placed logo. If you don't mind the logo, however, grab this otherwise lovely dress!

DCNY dollarbie #2

Last up is this adorable lime green dress that is great for spring or summer. It has an almost 50's vibe to it, which I think makes it look even more lovable.

DCNY dollarbie #3
I love this color.

If you liked what you saw, head over to DCNY and take a look around. You will more than likely find something that you will like! Don't forget that the sale ends September 13th!

Fabuloso, but not free:
-Hair: Shag
-Skin: Bebae
-Earrings: Zaara

Poses used: ChereeMotion (free from their MM board - it has 40+ poses!)

Over and over

Between all the problems SL has been giving me today, I was able to grab some gifts and stuff, take pictures and even blog them for you... So take THAT, SL!

Hope skin in ivory & goth tone, group gift in store, Tuli (250L to join)
Krisie halter bra & panties, 1L, Sweet little
Stripe flare dress, 0L, Sugarcube @ Albero

Blooming dress, 1L, Concrete flowers
Blooming shirt, 1L, Concrete flowers
Starlight skins, 0L, Another skin
Basic cami and belt (also comes in green & pink, not shown here), 0L,

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Cassie from
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Jeans: Armidi limited dark classic jeans
Poses: Striking poses, Analu, Lap, Mela's

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fairy Tales.

One of my best girls, Lola, TP'd me to a few places today. I can always count on her to find great, off-key places that have awesome stuff at awesome prices (she loves a great bargain as much as I do)!

So, she TP'd me to Hal-Hina first, where they're having their 2nd anniversary in SL. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they set out a free, gorgeous and breezy summer skirt! They also have some special gift bags ($380L/ea.) with an outfit, skin and hair in them.

Mother Goose & Hal Hina
Mother Goose tees (from a 'three tees for $30L' pack) & Hal Hina skirt!

I paired the skirt with some tees I bought from Mother Goose, a new-to-me store that Lola also TP'd me to. They have some really cute stuff there that is more than reasonably priced. A whole little house is full of nothing but dollarbies in it! Skins, tees, shoes! Plus, they have a few lucky boards, two of which contain skins (I happened to win them)!

Mother Goose
The 'Cry Yan' skins from the lucky boards.

I mentioned the house o' dollarbies at Mother Goose. Here are the skins I nabbed from there:

Mother Goose dollarbies.
All sorts of awesome.

And finally, here are some of the clothes I got from the dollarbie house!

Mother Goose dollarbies
Undies came in a big box that was free. Yay! All the shirts were $1L.

Awesome, fabulous goodies...that aren't free:
-Hair: Tiny Bird (though the short messy one - Kissy Kissy - is a freebie at their poop hunt!)

Poses used: (pda), *TorridWear*, Reel Expressions, **KoumB**


The Festivale sim, home to the mainstores of LAP and Tiny Bird, is having a Poop hunt... Yes, this means you will be looking for lovely little brown piles & toilet rolls with cute bows. But the gifts are definately not shitty!

Foux de Fafa hair, Poop hunt prize, Tiny bird
Top & Weston swishy skirt, Poop hunt prizes, Vanitas Vesture
Sprocket hair, Poop hunt prize, Tiny bird
Smoky earrings, Poop hunt prize, Deco
Smoky necklace, Poop hunt prize, Deco
Smoky ring, Poop hunt prize, Deco
Smoky bangle, Poop hunt prize, Deco
Cuteness dress, Poop hunt prize, Chikka design
Bereznyak hair, Poop hunt prize, Tiny bird

Ira sweater, Poop hunt prize, This is a fawn
Unisexy dungarees, Poop hunt prize, Pig
Hey Jude III hair, Poop hunt prize, Tiny bird
Kissy kissy hair, Poop hunt prize, Tiny bird
Plaid heart shirt, Poop hunt prize, NSD
Ring of fire hair, Poop hunt prize, Tiny bird
Faux bois tee, Poop hunt prize, This is a fawn

Tetra sofa, Poop hunt prize, Mudhoney designs
Jamaica skirt and top, Poop hunt prize, Chikka design

All Poses from LAP

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.
Skin: Hope from Tuli

Oooh, I'm typing!

No more excuses for slacking on blogging now that I got this cute typewriter!

Sadly, Miabella Foxley will be leaving SL and has decided to give away ALL (as in *everything*) her furniture. To receive the box of awesome furniture, you have to join her inworld group (m. fox boxed, free to join).


So, a big THANK YOU to Miabella!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's getting hot in here...

... so take off all your... erm!

But it is seriously hot in France at the moment, I am melting on my chair! I hope the weather is more viable wherever you guys are.

Anyway one of my favie store, because it has such gorgeous textures, Seldom Blue has a limited offer to celebrate their new release the Francesca Satin dress range. They are offering this delicious little morsel of a dress on the left for only 1L and as an introduction sale they reduced one of the set of the dress for 100L only instead of the usual 465L. You can see me wearing it on the right and it comes with a lot more skirts options believe me!
The reduced dress pack and the 1L one can both be found in the gown section of the store.

On the left: Dress 1L for limited time, Seldom Blue
On the right: Dress pack 100L only for a limited time, Seldom Blue

I saw this cute dollarbie dress from SySy's on the right on my friend Alicia's blog and I knew I just had to run and get it!

On the left: Dress group gift in store, Little Fish
On the right Dress 1L, SySy's

Now if you will excuse me I think I should go and find a fan to remain alive through the rest of the day!

Not free:
Poses Pffiou!
Hair Truth

Monday, August 24, 2009

Since no one got me shoes...

... I still don't have any inspiration for titles!

In case you haven't heard about it yet the Pro Posers hunt, with only poses stores, started on the 15th of August and goes on until the 30th! Since I don't know if we will end up doing that blogpost with all the prizes as we first intended to do because we are busy (read: lazy) I thought I would at least show you the prize I made for my store Pffiou!.

It's a 5 people group pose that you can use on your own or with others since you can hide the poseballs. And yes the fence comes with the poses.

Group pose with fence Pro Posers Hunt gift, Pffiou!

Oh and check out those awesome faun parts I wore for that blogpost, you can buy yours at Titania's Court. Thanks Quaintly for making me want them so badly...

Dress 0l, LeeZu

On the left: hoody lucky chair, Intrigue Co.
In the middle hoody 1l, Intrigue Co.
On the right: shirt 1l, WigWamBam

Wings and flowers in hair freebies and subscribo gift, Wishbox

Not free:
Poses Pffiou!
Faun Parts Titania's Court

Sunday, August 23, 2009

HoPo gifts :)

Hodgepodge, or HoPo as it's lovingly called, is a new sim. You know what that means: gifts. I only went to a few stores, as I was a little pressed for time, but what I grabbed was wonderful. Don't let me tell you how fab they are, see for yourself! I'll just sit here and eat my Tres Leches ice cream while you browse the pics of the pretties I scored for free and on the cheap.

From Sugarcube & Otaku Designs:
Sugarcube & Otaku Designs@HoPo
Dress is a group gift from Sugarcube, necklace is a group gift from Otaku Designs in-world group.

Courtesy of Sugarcube & Otaku Designs:
Sugarcube dollarbies@HoPo
Clothes are dollarbies@Sugarcube, necklace is a dollarbie at Otaku Designs.

Earrings & necklace from Ommik:
Lovely jewelry from Ommik@HoPo for the sim opening.

From Kaa Sera:
Kaa Sera flower/candle arrangement
Candle & flower arrangement: $0L, but it is rather primmy (70 p's)

Fab, but isn't free:
-Hair: (pics 1 & 2): :::: IrEn:::: and (pic#3) Tiny Bird
-Skin: Atomic
-Shoes: Maitreya

Poses used: (pda)

**Editor's note: Otaku Designs now has an in-world group. There is a $50L fee to join, so if you enjoy all of the freebies Otaku Designs has provided so far, feel free to join the group**

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Somatica Sweetness.

I went exploring around the Starlust sim, Elliot. Okay, okay, not exploring...hunting for clams (for their Panty Raid hunt), when I ran into a new-to-me place called Somatica. On the wall, they had a fetching freebie: a red cardigan, a blue with black hearts panty & bra set and a pose! I couldn't resist buying the yellow companion bra & panty set right next to the freebie (a steal at $50L), either. I can't turn down a bargain, dudes.

Wear it with or without the cardigan! The free pose the outfit comes with is on the right. :)

The yellow bra & panty set is below. I took this pic at home. I was in a weird, silly mood. I got the stove (1 prim), the frying pan with a Sion egg & the rolling pin (complete with an angry wave animation) from for free or cheap.

Chicken and the egg
Damn thing hatched before I could eat it.

Fabuloso, but not free:
-Hair: (both pics) Tiny Bird - the newest releases are adorable!
-Yellow bra & panty set: Somatica
-Skin: Laq
-Stove: Devinwood via XstreetSL ($1L)
-Rolling pin: Old Time Prims via XstreetSL (free)
-Frying pan: Boom Chick A Wa Wa! via XstreetSL ($10L)

Poses used: Snook, KSCreations (70 poses for $35L -- can't beat that!), Somatica

Hello Candy!

I got a notice today from Zenith, informing me about the new groupgift in the store! It's a cute outfit called Candy girl & it comes with a lollypop! So, what's not to like right? My flats are dollarbies from Cherry.
Also, Exodi has the cutest Hello Kitty toaster only available in the store on Elliott (Shaddap Laleeta, it is cute :P) and U&R dogs has a new exclusive dollarbie in their LeLook store!
Last but not least you can get nice printed jeans from the RezIpsa Loc's lucky chair... The T-shirt I'm wearing with it is a dollarbie from the same store.

Candy girl outfit (with colorchanging lollypop), 0L, groupgift Zenith
Daily bellet flats, 1L, Cherry
Petit bolero earrings, 1L, U&R dogs (at LeLook)
Hello kitty toaster, 1L, Exodi (only at Elliott)
Revenge Tee, 1L, RezIpsa Loc
Rock n roll jeans, lucky chair, RezIpsa Loc

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a thunderstorm thingy I need to hide from :O

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Hair: Ash from Truth
Poses: Pffiou, Lap

Monday, August 17, 2009

Petit Patapon

Oh my, I sure wish someone would grant me the gift of thinking up awesome blogpost titles instead of you guys having me type whatever goes through my head at this precise moment...

On the left: Bikini lucky chair, Tuli
On the right: Dress camping chair 30 minutes, Luxurious World

I mean if I keep doing it who knows what kind of weird title I will come up with next time right? I could reveal deep unknown thoughts!

Dresses camping sewing chair 60 minutes, Inara's Fantasy

Okay so it's not like I have deep unknown thoughts either I will grant you that....

Hope skin in 5 tones group gift in store, Tuli
Eyes in all those pics subscribo gift, Beloved

Anyway I just wanted to share with you all the grueling pressure it is to come up with fun and witty blogposts titles all the time. It can tire a woman!

Furniture set 10L$ for limited time only, Morantique

So if this story has touched you, please help me fight the trauma by sending me shoes money in world!



Not free:
Poses Pretzel Poses (Apparently closed)
Shoes J's
Hair Truth

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kunglers Kindness

I love Barb & Ava, those Kunglers girls. They love giving gifts out to their groupies! What's more, if you wear your group tag at their store and purchase a specially marked outfit (there's a gold star with a 'K' on them), you get a special group discount! This week, the ladies have done it again with an outfit that is full of WIN!

Fabulous group gift from Kunglers!

Intricately detailed and made with lovely textures, this outfit is gorgeous. Just join the group! You'll want to stay in their group, since they regularly spoil their devotees with gifts and the aforementioned group discounts.

Fab, but it ain't free:
-Hair: Boon
-Skin: RockBerry

Pose used: Reel Expressions

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wherever, whenever... and more clever titles like that!

Aphrodite from Aphrodite Creations is back and brought gifts! (Lace tank & shoes)
Devol gives you bra tops in different colors if you put them in your picks! And have you been to the sxy2nd sim yet? If you do, you might want to check out Seldom Blue because they have dollarbie dress available only on that sim. For something more cutesy, you could swing by Niniko & pick up the pink tube top and skirt for free!

BC - Wherever, whenever... and more clever titles like that!
Pink lace tank, 0L, Aphrodite creations
Sasy chic shoes, 0L, Aphrodite creations
Holder bra, picks rewards gift, dEVOL
Sexy Stella gown, 1L, Seldom blue (exclusive for the sxy 2nd sim)
Borderonepiece, 0L, Niniko

Ever done 7seas fishing? Grab your pro rod & head over to Exodi because you could win a golden bikini, lovely skin, hook earrings, cute koi tattoos or a pretty necklace. (Or everything, if you just fish long enough!)
I also went to the UVogue skin fair & picked up two dollarbies from Symphony Skins & Imagen. I peeked into on of the shops and found lingerie and bikinis from Attitudes for free!

BC - Wherever, whenever... and more clever titles like that!
Exodi 7seas fishing prizes: Bikini, skin, tattoos, necklace and earrings (not shown)
Rose satin lingerie, 0L, Attitudes
Skin, 1L, Symphony skins at the UVogue skin fair
White & blue satin lingerie, 0L, Attitudes
Skin, 1L, Imagen UVogue Dollarbie

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.
Hair: Jess from Truth (Still very much free!)
Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Poses: Mela's, Pffiou, Striking poses, Vago, [On the cover]
Pants: Pocket pants from Miel

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've got you...

...under my skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin *sings off key*


Anyhooo... this is going to be a skin blogpost if you haven't guessed it yet!
My friend Nuuna is selling some of her first creations and made some freebies to go with them, she makes some very original skins and very cheap too so go check it out!

Skins 0l, Nuuna's skins@Vanity Fair (On the second floor)

Far left: wearable demo 1l, Frick
Middle left: Nymph skin lucky chair (comes in 4 tones and freckles option), Frick
Two skins to the right 1l, Staged@Uvogue (go down the alley of stands)

Bikini comes with skins 1l, Staged@Uvogue

Not free:
Poses Pffiou!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A quick post before I go back to goofing off in-world. I popped over to this random sim by accident and ended up scoring a really cute freebie from a new-to-me place called Mixx Ethnic Style (the store's sign says "Zest Mixx" also). Their main store is located here, which is where you can snag the group gift (in-world group) on the wall -- just wear your group tag.

Mexican shirt
Free shirt from the lucky board at their store at the Horseshoe sim!

Group gift belt from MixxES
Group gift belt, available on the wall at their main store!

It's also worth mentioning that LionSkins has a $10L sale going on at the moment (until the 15th) on all of their "Su" skins, which will be discontinued. If you don't go stock up on these lovely skins, you're crazy!

Fabuloso, but not free:

-Hair: Tiny Bird
-Chanclas (flip flops): J's
-Shorts: Paper Doll (no longer available?)

Poses used: (pda), *Amaris*

Skipping stones...

Another hunt, another crazy post from me... I know y'all love it!
The skipping stones hunt is focused on the best bohemian and alternative stores in SL and will run till Aug 24 (it started on the 10th). There are 61 stores in total & the stones are not that hard to find (imo :P). Kunsthammer is the starting point for this hunt. The SLURLs in this post will get you straight to the stones!

BC - Skipping stones...
Skin, #17, Lazolli
Hair, #23, Wot?
Green dress, #2, This is a fawn
Grey leather work boots, #14, Duh
Banjee girl jewerly, #49, Ticky Tacky
Tank, skirt, polka bikini and bird, #9, Tyranny Designs
Flats, #60, Pretties by JB
Dress, bangles and earrings, #11, 1-800 Bettie's
Glasses, #20, Epoque
Red tartan dress, #57, Acid & Mala creations

BC - Skipping stones...
Grandmere funny specs with flower and shoulder bag, #21, Mix 'n Match
Hair, #13, Inorite
Tube top & shorts, #27, Miseria
Country shirt and wheat to chew (cowboy not shown), #25, Sand Shack Surf Co.
Octopus for your head, #40, DooDads
Purple shrug, shorts and glasses, #22, So many styles
Hair, #30, Clawtooth
Tank & red bikini, #35, Pig shop
Hat, #31, Split pea
Stripey sweater, #48, Fishy strawberry
Knee high socks, #34, Miel

BC - Skipping stones...
Foul shirt & leggings, #42, Ducknipple
Summer heat bikini, sunglasses and necklace, #55, Doux petit dahl
Rhapsody outfit, #44, Boom
Scuttlebutt dress, #52, Doppelganger Inc
Renee bikini and sunglasses, #47, Artilleri
Sunscreen skin, #50, Imagen

Poses used in this post, #29, Penny Dreadful Arcade

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wowza! (Yes I have titles that don't mean a thing, so?)

Soooo what do we have here? *rummages through her inventory*

Ah yes! The new lucky board price from Belle Belle! It's a gorgeous fountain with this animated scene kiss. Or it's just a gorgeous fountain if you want it to be since you can hide the poseballs. But you know it makes for some awesome pictures!

As usual the lucky board at Belle Belle are set for group members only so wear your tag proudly and stalk that board folks!

Fountain lucky board for group members, Belle Belle

Cardboard house 0l, C&S House and Furniture

And I guess that's it for now, have a great Sunday everyone!