Thursday, April 30, 2009

A quickie.

Ravenlynn Templar dropped off a notecard on me a few days ago about her store, FirstLook. What caught my eye is that in the notecard, she mentioned that EVERYTHING was $1L. Yes. What's the best part? Her stuff is so cute. Don't believe me? Let me show you a few of the goodies that Miss Ravenlynn has just for you! And be sure to check back at least once a week...she'll be adding new stuff!

Gearing up for need cute swimsuits. FirstLook (L) & SWIM (R)

Casual and cool is the name of the game.

Mix n' match your favorite character tees & panties!

You might be asking...where did you get that cute pixie-ish hairstyle, Pumpkin? If you jump on over to Tiny Bird on the Festivale sim, you will find a dollarbie fatpack of this hair as an opening gift! Tiny Bird, formerly PixelDust, has finally reopened and Miss Autumn Hykova has leashed upon the SL world some adorable styles that you will definitely need to check out!

Blog 043009-1
I always imagined Alice's (from 'Twilight") hair to look like this.

And finally, in some freebie and non-freebie news...Otaku Designs (who also made the tattoos that I'm sporting in all the pictures) released a really cute Kawaii necklace for it's members of their subscribo! The necklace actually made me kinda hungry since it has ice cream and other yummeh foods on it! Go snap it up, as it'll only be available for five days. Heard it from the designer herself. The hair I'm wearing is a new style from Truth (called Willow 2), which should be released today, according to the Count of Coif himself, Mr. Truth Hawks. If you're like me, you get all giddy everytime he releases a new 'do, so be sure to check out this style and the other ones being released today!

New hair <3
Beautiful hair from gifted creator Truth & a sweet necklace from Lola of Otaku Designs!

Poses used:
The Black Canary, Torrid, Imperial Elegance, KoumB, Striking Poses

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My mood is Seldom Blue

Yay! I can finally catch a break and blog some of the awesome stuff that has been sitting in my inventory!

On the left: Chess dress subscribo gift, PixelDolls
On the right: Kyla dress subscribo gift, Toast

On the right: Stella Lingerie set only 50l now, Seldom Blue and Eternity Bride (back of the store in front of the entrance)
Cardboard man pose, Pffiou!

Sofa and Poof Midnight Mania (100 people), Belle Belle
Follow Morning Home Vase lucky chair, Wine and Roses

Not free but you know you want it:
Poses Murder Doll set Pffiou!
Skin Gauze
Shoes (except on Toast outfit which are part of the gift) Adam n Eve

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some goods.

Over the past week or so, I've been contemplating on switching out my good ol' trusty house for a brand new skybox. I had no idea where to look first, so I asked the Queen of the Prefabs, my friend Sai. She pointed me towards Phantom Republic's recent blog post (note: there are two parts, the link I'm giving out is for part one. Part two is here.) about skyboxes. After visiting a few of his faves and falling in love, I decided to keep looking. That's when I turned to From Urban Affliction, I found a wonderful dollarbie called "Los Angeles By Night" which features a lovely view of L.A. At 38 prims, it's perfect for even the most conscious of prim users.

Me, chilling.
Chilling on the couch in my new skybox :)

I like what I see.
Enjoying the beautiful L.A. skyline.

New skybox!
A full shot of the skybox! Only $1L!

*Reale* has a very, very lovely dress out on it's lucky chair. Of course, when my friends and I find a lucky chair, we stalk 'til we drop, which typically lasts for about an hour or so. In grand tradition, we started dancing to appease the Lucky Chair Gods. It didn't work for my friend Sehra. Sorry, darling. At least the rest of us got lucky.

More stalking.
Doing the lucky chair dance for the LC Gods.

Lucky chair stalking
More of us shaking our groove thangs.

This is the gorgeous dress you could possibly win if your letter pops up! It's a soft, delicate gold color and just simply...really pretty! Hehe. I paired the dress up with one of Truth's new hairstyles (not free), called 'Natasha'. It's lovely and seems to fit perfectly with the dress.

The lovely lucky chair goody!

In other newness, Bebae released their hotly anticipated Delilah skins today! If you are a group member, this means that you jumped for joy when Miss Torie dropped the group gift on us, skins in four different tones! I will admit that I am a HUGE fan of Bebae skins. I find myself drooling more and more with each release.

Once again, in the picture I am wearing yet ANOTHER amazing creation from none other than the illustrious Mr. Truth Hawks of one SL's most popular stores...Truth (der). This hair, called 'Willow' (not free), features scripted hair and a scripted bow so you can change their colors! Amazing! I am also wearing these gorgeous tattoos, called 'Sugar Skulls & Roses' by Otaku Designs (not free)! With each new tattoo release from Otaku Designs, I find myself loving them more and more! Also worn, is jewelry by Violet Voltaire. As many of you may know, she has decided to close her store (NOOOOO!) in SL, save for a few satellite stores. Right now, she's having a big sale on most her jewelry. Her stuff is so creative, quirky and fun, I strongly suggest you check it out before it's too late! Also worn, but not free, this beautiful pink dress from Cupcakes. With the tats and hair, it has a punky flair, which I think looks kinda cute. :)

Pretty in punk.

Poses used:

The Black Canary

Cardboard Man stole my Heart

New stuff at Pffiou! that you must have! Ever get tired of buying couple poses hoping one day who knows? Well it's time to take a stand ladies!

Introducing the Cardboard Man:

Cardboard Loving group poses, Pffiou!

Yup no more hoping for one day to share that poseball with someone girls, that Carboard Man will do the trick! Go singles!

Oh and it looks hot on pictures too:

Dresses left and right group gift, Katat0nik

The Cardboard Man is the answer to all our worries girls I tell ya!

On the left: Dancer Avatar 0l, Baiastice
On the right: Dress 0l, Sn@tch

Oh and if you are wondering about the other releases from Pffiou! you can check it out on the blog here!

Not free but mouth watering:
Skin Gauze
Hair Lamb
Shoes Maitreya

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Springy & bouncy!

This blogpost was brought to you from a lovely pool in SL, aaaaaaaah the magic of technology! Anyhoo, while I lay here sunbathing, I will show you lots of summery goodies that are available RIGHT now! Indie Rose has a lovely summerdress out for you all, to walk around in between the flowers enjoying the sunrays. Dark Mouse realised we needed to wear our hair up when it gets hotter, et voila, there's a freebie hairstyle available with texture changing hairband in all the Dark Mouse hair colors! The subscribo from Elate! also sent out another lovely little dress. The skin I'm wearing is this weeks dollarbie from Kosh.

Spring flowers dress, 0L, Indie Rose (in the purple bag on the table)

Skin, 1L, Kosh (weekly dollarbie)
Hair, 0L, Dark Mouse (all colors are free!)

Silvia dress, Subscribo gift, Elate!

Right next to Kosh, there's Concrete flowers. There you will find the bouncy spring outfit & a pack of 10 flower power gloves for 1L only this week. Mischief has three short hoodies available for you guys for free, ONLY this weekend! So hurry or they won't be free anymore :). The shorts I'm wearing were also very much free & come from Area Aurora. There's a wall with 12 free shorts!

White stripe hoodies in leaf, blueberry & berry, 0L, Mischief
Shorts, 0L, Area Aurora
Shoulder bag, 1L, Kosh (weekly dollarbie)

Bouncy spring outfit, 1L, Concrete flowers
Flower power gloves (10 colors), 1L, Concrete flowers

Dutch touch skin hunt

Over the Dutch touch sim there are five tones of a special make up for the onyx skin hidden. In the subscribo you can find a map to lead you to each skintone. It's realy not that hard, just compare the place on the map with your minimap & you should be able to find them all! You will be looking for black bags & they will be totally free.

Dutch touch skin hunt
Dutch touch skin Onyx, purple special edition, 0L
(Awesome tattoos not included)


Friday, April 24, 2009

Tartan hucciE

AV Vlodovic has sent out a new summerdress through the subscribo. If you check out the store, you will also find the blue tartan dress for sale as a dollarbie. You can find the green dress in the house of hucci hippo group, I got it after I joined, so hopefully that will work for everyone else too :D The shoes are a subscribo gift from Periquita.
The denim shorts are from the lucky chair at YMX. They have all the letters in there, so if you wait long enough you can hopefully get the shorts with your initial on it! The letter changes every 2 minutes. They are transfer so you can exchange with friends if you like. I got my pair from a plurk friend :D E is not my initial (asthEnia, I dont think that counts? ) but OMG my RL name starts with an E so it kinda counts!
As usual, you can click the pic to go to flickr & get a bigger view if you like.

Tartan hucciE
Lace mini, subscribo gift, AV Vlodovic
Tartan tube dress, 1L, AV Vlodovic
April group gift dress, subscribo gift, House of hucci
Initial denim shorts, lucky chair, YMX
Tootoo shoes, subscribo gift, Periquita

Nudge nudge, wink wink, knowwhatimean

Hum yeah I know that blogpost's title is very weird...


In other news Cilian'gel has a new release called Marie Antoinette and she made an intro pack for it which is that dress on the left. You can get it for 10l and it comes with long and short skirts. The dress in the middle and on the right are the full price versions of the Marie Antoinette set.

On the left: Marie Antoinette Intro Pack 10l, Cilian'gel
In the middle and on the right right: Marie Antoinette sets 450l, Cilian'gel

Backpack 0l, Sasquatch Design
Wooden Forehead Crown midnight mania (75 people), Sasquatch Design
Animal print bolero 1l, Sasquatch Design

Brown Wood Bench 1l, Harmony Interiors
Ebba Purple Scarf and Top subscribo gift Michami

Harmony Interiors is a new store by my friend Terri but it's really promising. Do drop by so at least when she takes over the grid in 6 months you will be able to say "Oh I remember when she was still in that small store"... :D

Oh and while at Sasquatch Design go look at the awesome store next door... Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, knowwhatimean.

Not free but still awesome:
Jeans and Green Top in second picture Malt
Hair Truth
Skin Gauze
Boots ETD

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not Lola

On the left: Earth Day dress 0l, Pididle
Laura hair lucky chair, Magika
On the right: Hair + top subscribo gift, Modd.G
(oops forgot!) Standoffish poses set (6 of them in total) 1l, Pffiou!

Hey I can make fancy blogpost's title too Asthenia :p !

Not free but totally great:
Skin (only 100l!) Gauze
Shoes J's

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Lola dress in teal
Lola leggings in yellow
Lola undershirt in Yellow
1L april dollarbie, Axel

The muffin store is open for business

This blogpost is all about the fun-iture (see what I did there?), don't look at the clothes or anything else for bargains! Oh and please don't drool all over my friend Sehra in the second picture!

A Quiet Moment rocking chair lucky boards, Belle Belle
Table and candle Midnight Mania, Belle Belle

Peaceful Hippy furniture set Sack of Stash hunt, MudHoney

MudHoney has a notecard giver explaining the hunt and stores participating in it at the entrance of its store so check it out! Oh and if you find the other Sack of Stash give me a shout pretty please.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gauze for my Heart

Omg two posts in one day? What is happening to me?! Well my friend Lola told me about Gauze and I just had to go check it out. It's a good thing I did too because I left with some great goodies!

Check Mate outfit lucky chair, Gauze

Skins 0l (Grab Bag on the table at the entrance), Gauze

If you teleport to the second floor have a look at the skins, they are only 100l each a total bargain if you ask me! The shape I am wearing was tweaked a bit by me but the base for it is sold 200l on the 2nd floor as well.

Now I must be off to walk around the grid as a Porcelain Princess! *waves*

Not free but full of win:

Pffiou! - Exciting News!

My store Pffiou! finally has a new home and I totally love it!! I will not bore you with the new releases you can read it all here if you want. However there is a new dollarbie for the opening that you must grab! It's a 6 poses set called Standoffish and all the poses you see on that blogpost are part of it. The dollarbie section can be found under the stairs in the store's new location!! *dances with excitement*

Standoffish poses set 1l, Pffiou!

Left: Easter Dress subscribo welcome gift, Luxurious World
Center: Panda dress 25l, Katat0nik@Atomic
Right: Outfit camping 30 minutes, Luxurious World

Left: Anguilla swimsuit 1l (limited time), WigWamBam (Thanks Alicia!)
Center: Avery Yum! lingerie lucky chair, Reasonable Desires
Right: Avery Moo! group gift in store, Reasonable Desires

That's it for today! Enjoy folks! *bounces out*

Not free hotness:
Hair Inorite
Shoes Periquita

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tuli, Kunglers & Lemania

There are many, many goodies for me to share with you! I know, I know...I've been slacking on the blogging front (yet again), but I am back..ish.

First up is this lovely dress, the retiring dollarbie from Lemania Indigo Designs! This dress reminds me of a simpler time when it was perfectly acceptable to go to your school dance in a big poofy dress. In fact, it was probably mandatory that it be poofy.


Today Kunglers' released a lovely group gift! As soon as I got the notice (for some reason Kunglers' notices haven't stopped for me! Yay!), I dropped what I was doing and put this baby on. L-U-F-F. Kunglers' always gives out such nice group gifts. If you haven't done so already, join the group. It's well worth it. Be sure to also check out the store, they've got some really lovely clothes!


Dutch Touch has added a lucky chair! The letters change every 60 mins, so if the letter falls on a, say, U, you are screwed if no one has a U on their list. However, the gifts are quite nice! While I failed to snag a girl outfit, my friend Diego was lucky enough to get his claws on a cute boy outfit.


While he was bumming around my place, I had him go through a re-released group gift from Maddox & Co. of KMAD --- a box of 25 hairstyles, all different colors! I'm so happy that they've decided to have red hair! I love me some redheaded boys!


And finally, Tuli has generously given her group a lovely set of skins called "Faith"! The group costs $250L to join, but she rewards us with gifts, so it's well worth it!

Tuli front

Not free:
Shoes: (Pics#1 & 2) Troof
(Pic#3): Hoorenbeck

Hair: (Pic#1): Redgrave
(Pic#2): Kyoot
(Pic#5): Troof

Tattoos: (Pic#5) Troof

Skin: (Pics#1 & 2): Bebae (will be released soon!)

Poses used:
The Black Canary
*V* Busted (can't find the slurl, sorry!)
Lazy Places


There are 6 carrots hidden in and around the [AV] Vlodovic store at their Lemania locations. In the carrots you will find shoes, socks and a dress in Celery & Blush. All the carrots are for sale for 1L each.
The bathing suit is a dollarbie from boom. If you're picking it up, make sure to look around because there's a huge sale going on!

Bunny dress, socks and shoes in celery & blush, 1L per item & per color, AV Vlodovic
Miami nights, 1L, Boom

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Safe sex & free things

April is STD awareness month and that's why a condom hunt started on Pulse & Snatch City yesterday. All over the place you will find condoms with items from all the stores on both sims, some are free & others are not.

Black hoochie sweater, 0L condom hunt, Forsaken
Jeweled belly ring, 0L condom hunt, Snatch
Bloody mess, 0L condom hunt, Retox
Maholo bikini, 0L condom hunt, Snatch
Python jacked, 0L, condom hunt, Snatch

Pixeldolls also sent out a box with all their previous groupgifts. So if you've missed a few or want to help out new residents, go to that subscribo! Today it was nr 2 in the notices (april 14th). While I was there to make the SLURL, there just happened to be an A on the lucky chair & I won this catsuit. So yay me!

Love is a battlefield Tee, Tintable leggings & Pink corset top, 0L opening gift, Moxy & lux
Drape knit dress, Group giftbox, subscribo Pixeldolls
Plugsuit, lucky chair, Pixeldolls

Monday, April 13, 2009


The Malt Fashions sim is having another hunt, my friends. This time, the gifties aren't just from Malt, they're from the various stores on the sim! I am really lazy, so I haven't gone through everything just yet!

Elate & [Malt] pose
Cutie pink Spring dress from Elate with two Malt poses

Malt, [Akai] and Fear & Clothing
(L: Malt top w/jewelry, pants were from previous Malt hunt) & R: top from Akai, pants from F&C)

LeeZu Baxter Designs released a subscribo dress for the masses and it is luscious, lovely and divine! Surprisingly enough, it's quite versatile. I threw on some long, romantic hair and some loose pigtailed braids with a headband and I had a boho chic look going on. My friend Ali threw on her new LBD gift and added an Bollywood flair to it. There's so many pieces to this fab dress, that the many different ways of wearing it are virtually endless!

Loveliness, thy name is LBD

Not free:
*Pics #1 & 2: Aden (no longer available, I think)
*Both styles from pic #3: Truth
-Tattoos: Truth
-Shoes: Stiletto Moody
-Poses: The Black Canary, LAP, Torrid, and some various freebies from past hunts.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Pretties

So I took a break from eating chocolate and looking for a new location for my store (omg if you know of a cute place where I could rent IM me in world I beg you! - Laleeta Xue in case you don't know by now :p) to bring you some goodies!

Bunny outfit 10l today only, Reasonable Desires
Hair subscribo gift, Pididdle
Flowers with poses (not seen in picture) Bunny Hop gift, MudHoney

Have a great Sunday everyone!

A little bit rock 'n roll.

First of all, I want to wish all of you cupcakes a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover!

Last night/this morning, I stayed up later than usual. I was putting my thoughts on paper (on the computer) when Jungeun Vella of J*E Republic dropped her group gift on my head. I happily thanked her for her generosity and put on my new 'do. Memories of watching Joan Jett & The Blackhearts videos on MTV while growing up flooded my head. I went to bed and then something strange happened. LeLutka dropped on their devotees their Easter group gifts!

The pants have a sort of punkish vibe to them (even though they're pink), because they have a belt option that includes a chain! Also included are four different colored Jesus Christ tees (he is our homeboy, after all).

LeLutka & J*E Republic

Now I must run off and gobble down massive quantities of chocolate and flour tortillas with my familia. Have a wonderful day!

Not free:
-Poses: LAP & The Black Canary
-Shoes: Stiletto Moody

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free Lovee from Free Speerit!

Welcome back, Free Speerit! It's wonderful to have you back! Oh, what's this? A gift? For being a group member? GET OUT! :-D Yes, ladies, that's right...Free Speerit has a gorgeous group gift out at their brand spanking new store! This skin is so so pretty, it makes me want to melt! Just wear your group tag and click the pic!

Free Speerit group gift
*sighs* I just love Free Speerit's skins!

Along with the group skin, there's also a Wall o' Freebies ~AND~ a "Pay What You Want" wall!

Free Speerit Wall o' Freebs
Gotta love a place with a wall o' freebs!

Free Speerit has some beautiful first generation Kimberly skins on sale for $250L a pop, which is a great deal! So head over there ASAP with your group tag and scoop up the goodies!

Not free:
-Hair: Truth

We live in a beautiful world <3

So many freebies, so little time! Take my advice darlings, never stay up till 3AM for strippers!

Top is from Drea Camisk, Lucky board, Analise
Candy plaid capris, 1L, Concrete flowers
Nylon trainers, 0L, Hoorenbeek (WAIT for the egg to rez, it's huge but takes a minute to rez!)
Denim skirt, 1L, Concrete flowers
Retro socks (more colors than shown here), 1L, Concrete flowers
Multicolored spring necklace, subscribo gift, On the catwalk
Bunny ears, subscribo gift, Royal blue
Leggings, subscribo gift, Moonshine clothing
Mini dress, subscribo gift, On the catwalk

Tube dress, subscribo gift, AV
Culpa in blue, lucky board, Eldee
Dearest ruby dress, 0L, Cover girl
Pink denim mini skirt, group gift, Tuli (250L to join)
Top from Joanna outfit, 0L egg hunt, Bliss couture
Shawl, 0L egg hunt, Bliss couture

Office dress, 1L, AV
Long babydoll dress, 1L, AV (Birthday present from the designer!)
Revolution dress, subscribo gift, Leezu