Saturday, July 26, 2008

Silent Sparrow

There is a new lucky chair gift at Silent Sparrow, and its as drool worthy as the last. ^^
Sorry for the darker pictures, but i'm in a bit of a rush and I forgot to put a face light on. But I can assure you, its beautiful! Now I am off to watch The Other Boleyn Girl.

Ocean Day

At Cassiopeia Isle, there is yet another event going on called Ocean Day, which will be going on from July 25 to July 27. Just like the last event, many stores have put out dollarbies and freebies for everyone's pleasure and enjoyment. ^^ Thanks to all the creators! I'm a bit short on time, so i'll just show you one of my favorite gifts.This is a Tiger Print bikini by Sysy's, which can be found with another bikini.
Now go get your bikini, a pair of sunglasses and your beach bag, and get in a day of relaxation!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pig's Kick Closet

You may already know about Pig's Kick Closet extremely generous ways, but if you don't then you sure as hell better join the group! ^^ Just search up "Pig's Kick Closet", and join. Simple as that. Now on to some of my favorite gifts in the group. She sends out so many, its almost one gift every day! I'll just show some of my favorites, because there are too many to post.
Gift No. 43 - Cami/Dress

Gift No. 05 - T-shirt
Gift No. 36 - Dress/Cami
Gift No. 12 - Cami

Gift No. 15 - Dress/Cami

Gift No. 08 - Socks (They didn't really match, but I had to fit the cute things in somewhere. ^^)

PND Freebies!

Lot of freebies around and in the store so go check em out ^^!


Callie Cline's Freebie Geebie!

Callie Cline is having a freebie week! You only have to join the group "Cal Gal" And go to her store, there will be several gift boxes scattered around (lots of designers!), kinda like a hunt except that they're really big and easy to find. here's some stuff I got ^^, you should also check the notices for past gifties ;)
This really pretty wedding dress slash Lingerie Corset if you drop all the frilly's, it's really cute and you can even just use the top with some jeans ^^.

The top and stockings here are part of the giveaway too, and the shorts are from the Cupcakes update group

I also found this super cute bikini today, and since you can never have too many, get your booties down to the Laughing Academy and grab it!


Blanc has a new group gift in the store, along with 6 free summer dresses. Sorry there hasn't been as much posts as usual, but with Laleeta gone it definitely decreases the day to day ratio of the finds. It will pick up in a few weeks!

This is the group gift for Blanc. Its so cute with a bit of a casual touch to it, but still retains the classy feel. This is the free summer dress that comes in five other colors. You don't have to be part of the group to get this dress, but why not join? They have really nice group gifts. Check out the rest of the store while you're there - the majority of it is 30L-50L and super cute too.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

White Wedding

Just some linkage and no babble, i'm a bit short on time because I have some errands and a movie to go see. (Yay, Dark Knight!)
Cami & Shorts: *GL*

Hair: From previous hunt at Eat Rice! - my favorite store for everything. ^^ Definitely take a look.

This wedding dress which of course made me thing of the Billy Idol song White Wedding, is free my friends. FREE.
Wedding dress, clutch, and veil: G&N Quality Design
Hair: ETD which I have blogged many times before.
Outfit: Tart

Pink Outfitters

Pink Outfitters has a new dollarbie out called Posh, which is definitely worth a look.
Just a small post from me. Bai now!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I checked out Nekorifik today, and found some adorable freebies for you all. I'm definitely stopping back there later, (same with their main store) because there things are so cheap and so well made - its rare finding that combo in SL.

First off is this lovely dress that is upstairs, (I think.. if not its in the front of the store. Either way its easy to find.) is completely free - no strings attached. The box also comes with a tat, a guys shirt that says "Hit That." and two pairs of eyes, one which i'm wearing in these pictures.
And these cute pjs you can find in another box with two eye colors, a pair of jeans, and another shirt for the guys. Go check it out!

When you find treasure......

You should definitely share ! I came across a store called Chemical Kisses, and all the clothes there are super cheap! Ranging from 1 L to about 20L was the highest I saw, but check em out you won't be disappointed ^^ Here's some of the stuff I walked away with, and there is a LOT more!
The last outfit comes with ears and a tail, and the skirt is just tooo cute!

Not free: Skin, hair, hand bracers, collar

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lingerie Expo & Loads of GGs

HAI! I'm not too wordy today, so I will just give you the freebz.

Choker in 8 Colors: OPIUM

Beach Dress: IBizarre

Hair (Not Free): Diversity Hair

Skin: Tuli
Bathing Suit: tga swimwear

Hair: BooN

Bathing Suit: Short & Sweet Designs

Lingerie: Bianca F.

Lingerie: Carnal

Lingerie: here.

Capris: Kanayama

Bracelet & Earrings: Freebie from the Starlit Sky Event by Itutu. (Over.)

Blouse: *DP Serenity

Hair & Skin: Group Gifts from Gala & Rita Design Announcements

Good n Cheap

No the title isn't about me lol, it's about this outfit here I'm going to show you, it costs 10L Which I know isn't free but it's close enough, considering the quality of it, the original price is 300L and the outfit is only available at A&K Designs till tomorrow so you better grab it quick!

The next two outfits are from Relance, and they're freebies. There's a male outfit and a female one, so if you're a guy, or know a guy who needs some nice stuff in his wardrobe this is it. The quality again in these outfits are really great, especially in the girly one, I love those jeans!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Here I thought I would put up some of the items from the Starlit Sky event at Itutu, because it ends today. Get your behinds over there before its over, theres some lovely things.

This bathing suit, hair, bracelet, and earrings can all be found for 0L at Itutu.
Here we have some free rain boots that come in many different sizes, (men can wear them too!) that is also at Itutu, as well as the hair that comes in blonde and brown too. The jeans are by Garbage Prototype and are a dollarbie from The Gnubie Store that i've posted previously many times before. The tank is not free but cheap from VG Republic - I will include a landmark later because my search engine on SL is "unavailable." Pft.

These awesome sneakers are free from the SF Design Store at the Shoe Expo! Its hard to find nice sneakers, let alone free nice sneakers, but these are a rare find. My skin is the freebie from Tuli that was posted earlier by both Calista and me. This is what I have for you right now, so go check everything out! ^^


Gigi Couture has sent out a wonderful little outfit to her group as an apology for her being gone for a little bit - thanks for the fabulous ensemble Giana! ^^
Search Gigi Couture to get this fabulous outfit!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

And She's Back!

Hey everyone! ^^ I'm back from the ocean, the beach, the sand, and the sun so I will never leave you deprived of crazy posts such as this one again. (That's until next summer when I do it all over again.) I know I know, enough talking; more freebies! Thankfully, i've found many worthy of my postage.
Here I am in a lovely Elemiah Design dress free for only a limited time. It comes in a bright yellow too if flourescent blue isn't your thang! My hair is from the Eat Rice! hunt that took place last weekend, and is now for sale pretty damn cheap at the main store. They also have a free moogle av in the front entrance of the shop, which is adorable - frankly I was just tired and lazy and didn't feel like taking anymore pictures. My skin is the freebie Tuli skin that Calista posted earlier. (That I love FYI.) My cute wooden heels with the bows on the front I got from the Baby Monkey Main Store.
This wonderous creation was a collaboration between some of my favorite designers: Rosemar from well.. Rosemar, and Mimi from Cupcakes! It can be found in the Cupcakes update group. Remember, the group now costs 250L to join, but it's well worth it. Shes already sent out about 4 gifts in the past week!

This adorable dollarbie outfit is called Juno and from Punch Drunk for a limited time only - just this weekend at all of their locations. Go check it out and get your little pixelated hands on it before its gone! Check out her other outfits too; they're so trendy!
Check out this summery little mini dress! Its a gift from Elate! that can be found in the group - just search Elate! under groups and you can strut this little gem around yourself. The skin i'm wearing is a freebie from the uber cool store SINdecade, where you can also find two free eyes and some crazy gestures.

This flawlessy detailed dress is from the subscribe-o-matic at Pixel Dolls. I love the classy quality the dress has. Once you click on the machine at the main store to join, click it again, go in to the history, and it's the most current notice.

And last but definitely not least, is another gift from Cupcakes - that adorable rhinestone tank. Remember the 250L fee to join, but also remember that its worth it for gifts like this. Merci for reading, and i'm now off to bed! By the way, we are looking for a male blogger to contribute to some men's finds to the Cupcakes blog. If you know anyone that would be willing to do it, or if a guy has stumbled across this blog and you are willing to do it, let Calista or me know inworld by iming us! If you're man enough to post on a pink blog with a cupcakers tag, then I think you have the job. :]

We <3 Japanese malls!

I came across a really cute mall called LicoLico, And I was so excited because not only was the stuff super super cute (I got a cupcake shirt!!) But there were some adorable freebies...check em out!This nurse swimsuit/nightie/outfit whatever it's supposed to be lol is sooo adorable!

I also found this dress, the prims on it move really sweet, just like they look like they should.

and i found eyes, these are just some of the few

and a bag!

And this little panda merry go round!! It pops up when you type and just spins n spins it's great, I just need to make sure to keep it away from Cailin, because these are baby Pandas and we all know what happens...

Like I said, the mall is super cute! Really awesome stuff and I didn't get to check out the entire thing so there are probably still really nice things to be found ^^ See ya there!