Saturday, January 31, 2009

A long one.

I never really used to be interested in SL shoes all that much. Perhaps it was because I never really saw any that I liked. Most of the ones I used to see had so much bling on them that they threatened to blind everyone within 50 meters. I've always been more of a hair/skin/clothes hog, but recently I've noticed that I've gotten more and more into boots and shoes. My friend Nereisse (who TPs me to lucky chairs when she needs to get rid of a P and vice versa for N's. By the way, feel free to IM me if you need a P taken off!) sent me a TP to Sentou Yousei to pick up these boots on the chair. I've been wearing them pretty much ever since. I've gotten quite a few compliments on them from friends and strangers alike. In fact, two of my friends were quite insistant that I take them to the chair so they could stalk it.

Spiked Heart4
Free shoes are the bestest!

For all of you who adore cute undies (like me), Aitui has an in-store freeb --- cute boy-style undies with hearts on them. They're great for guys and gals alike. They look very yummy on guys, in my opinion! Along with the undies, I'm wearing the group gift from ::69::. Very cute! Made me say "Ooh la la" and made me felt like taking a trip to Paris! The beret is color changeable so it's very versatile!

Spiked Heart3
Free: Undies - Aitui, Hair - ::69:: (Go get 'em!)

Freesoul's weekly gift is this Army outfit. Comes with everything you see here (except the hair & bracelets). Cute complete outfit. All you have to do to get freebies like this each week is go to Freesoul and put them in your picks. Wait a day or two and go back to the store, touch the sign that says "Free Item Here!"

Spiked Heart2
Ready to go hiking? I got my backpack on!

And finally, Prism Haute Couture released another cute in-store dollarbie called "Spiked Heart". Comes with everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) you see here. Prism releases new dollarbies every Wednesday, so check it out weekly.

Spiked Heart1
Too cute to pass up for $1L!

Recap ---

-Boots: Sentou Yousei
-Hair (2nd pic): ::69::
-Undies: Aitui
-Army outfit (3rd pic): Freesoul
-Bracelets (3rd pic): Zaara
-Entire outfit w/hair & boots (4th pic): Prism Haute Couture ($1L)

-Skin: Belleza
-Eyelashes (2nd pic): Redgrave
-Hair (3rd pic): Armidi

Yebizah sim opening gifts

Yep, me again! I found some nice freebies at the Yebizah sim opening, I'm not sure how long they will stay out so hurry :) The dress on the left is the opening gift from la dulce vida and comes with the stockings and see through bolero. The eyes I'm wearing are from the gift from NB Look and the shoes are one of the gifts at Ibizarre.
The middle picture shows off the cute coat from ibizarre, and I'm wearing it over the dancer outfit from earth & sky designs. The third outfit shows the full outfit from earth & sky.

1. Dress, sim opening gift, 1L La dulce vita * shoes, sim opening gift, 0L, Ibizarre * eyes, sim opening gift, 0L, NB Look
2. Dancer outfit, sim opening gift, 0L, Earth & sky designs * Jacket, sim opening gift, 0L, Ibizarre

The next pics show another gift from Ibizarre & the poses are the opening gift from Posh poses (yes, I am that flexible!)

Acrobat poses, sim opening gift, 0L, Posh poses * Outfit, sim opening gift, 0L, Ibizarre

Whew, now I'm pooped! I'm relaxing in the flower gift from Samarah, wearing the skin from the NB Look gift & bikini from Ibizarre.

Relaxing waterlily, sim opening gift, 0L, Samarah * Skin, sim opening gift, 0L, NB Look * Bikini, sim opening gift, 0L, Ibizarre

Sn@tch and Lemania Indigo (Limited Offer!)

First of all I wanted to welcome my good friend Asthenia to Baking Cupcakes, I know she has great taste so I am sure you will all love her too!

Now for today's little treat. Tapika Tomsen who is a model at Lemania Indigo sent me this gorgeous dress which is a dollarbie for today only. It made me think of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. Great movie I highly recommend it! Thanks Tapika for the heads up and thanks Lemania for the beautiful dress!

Which brings me to those shoes. They are a freebie from Sn@tch called Zombie Bitch Stilettos. Totally fitting right? You can get the shoes next to the freebie TV at the entrance of the store.

Virginia dress 1l (Today only!), Lemania Indigo
Zombie Bitch Stilettos 0l, Sn@tch

Of course I couldn't finish this whole bride corpsy post without this, enjoy!

Non free stuff:

A little Deviance & Primalot

Hello everyone! I am Asthenia & I will be helping you to look good in SL on a tight budget. This morning I found a notice from Deviance in my inventory. To celebrate their new schoolgirl outfit they put one of the skirts as a dollarbie. With the skirt you also get the socks, tie (with orwithout collar) and panties. The shirt of the schoolgirl outfit is not free and costs 100L.

Schoolgirl skirt, 1L, Deviance

The lovely earrings I’m wearing are the latest subscribo-gift from Primalot. They are also pictured on the top left of the next pic. The other jewelry showed are instore freebies from Primalot.

Sequined earrings, subscribogift
Cherry earrings & mother of pearls jewelry set, in store 0L

The Queen Moth is another freebie you can find here.

Queen Moth avatar, 0L in store Primalot

And there are many, many more freebies in the store!

Freebies & bargains, Primalot

Friday, January 30, 2009

Mechanical hearts can be broken too

So a plurk from my friend Alicia about some awesome freebie boots totally pushed me to get up my lazy butt and do a blogpost. Apparently there is a whole story about those boots being sold full perms somewhere but that's none of my concern. I only care about three things: they are not ripped off, they are totally awesome and they are for 0l at Vixen so go grab yours!

This somewhat normal but cute dress on the left is a freebie from Yesterdays Closet. You can find it on the counter under the stairs at the entrance.

This Valentine Day hat is a new freebie at Grunge Depot, just look for it among the freebies boxes on the ground in the left corner when you enter the store. What is it with all the gifts for Valentine Day already? Not that I don't appreciate it! It's just that it's on the 14th of february isn't it? Anyway thanks Ale for letting me know!

This beautiful red dress on the right is a freebie from Lunas Boutique, it's on the second floor of the store along with previous freebies. 

Boots 0l, Vixen
On the left: dress 0l, Yesterdays Closet
On the right: dress 0l, Lunas Boutique
Hat 0l, Grunge Depot

Non free stuff:
Mecanical Heart Cheeky Soul
Shape Soul

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ash's Trash goodness!

Ashleey Andrews of Ash's Trash has generously put up a really nice silver sequins dress that is absolutely free!

I've previously blogged about her cool stuff and I do like to pop in there from time to time to check out her new items. I didn't stumble upon this nifty gifty by my lonesome. I was admiring Ashia's post when I looked to the right and saw Okrebecca's tip about the dress. Much thanks! Now I can let some more people know about this great find!

Oh em gee! It's free!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Dress: Ash's Trash - $0L (in-store freeb)

Fabulous but they ain't free:
-Hair: Troof
-Skin: *Bebae*

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Black Canary, Seldom Blue and Sasquatch Designs

So today after much lucky chair stalking I finally got the new item from The Black Canary: Porcelain Prince. It's this super duper cool outfit on the left, as per usual the letter changes every 5 minutes and the chair is on the second floor of the store. The boots I am wearing are not part of the outfit.

Indigoblue from Seldom Blue very nicely told me about a free gown she has in her store to celebrate the opening. When you walk inside the store go to  the right to find the Seldom Blue section and the gown. I cheated a bit for this picture I am not wearing the system skirt because with my shape I looked like a hot air balloon. But all of you ladies with more small shapes will love that dress!
While there drop by Eternity Silk, Singsong has her Innocence range for only 100l instead of the usual 1499l!

I received the cutest bundle of accessories from Selena at Sasquatch Designs. She has this set of neko tail and ears in 6 different colors for 0l in her store! You can also get those Road Crew Worker items for 0l and cute other freebies as well. Just go to her store and look for them on the floor to your left. The pants and shoes are not part of it!

On the left: Porcelain Prince lucky chair, The Black Canary
In the middle: Gabriella Gown 0l, Seldom Blue
On the right: Accessories 0l, Sasquatch Designs

By the way while stalking the chairs I met Coach who reads the blog, hey Coach! He dropped some LMs on me so I will have to check them out!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crimson Shadow and Black Swan - Limited Time Offer

Hey ladies it's that time of the month again... Crimson Shadow has a new lucky chair and it's this breath taking crimson gown to the left. I tell you ladies with a neckline like this one they are all going to follow you around like pups! As always the letter changes every 20 minutes and the chair is next to a pillar close to the "eyes" section.

This blue gown on the right is totally awesome and is for 1l for a limited time! Just teleport to the Black Swan and it should be the first thing in front of you when you land.

Thanks Tox1c for sending them both to me!

On the left: Mythical dress lucky chair, Crimson Shadow
On the right: Ember dress 1l for a limited time only, Black Swan

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul

Monday, January 26, 2009

Crimson Shadow and Katat0nik

Pffiou what a week-end I have had! Classes on saturday and cleaning up on sunday, totally tiring! Thank god I don't have classes again until wednesday so I can catch up a bit on both lives.

So Tox1c from Crimson Shadow was nice enough to notice me about the Valentine lingerie set they have out there for only 50l. I do think it's the same as last year so if you have it already ladies be careful. The set is on the wall in the section where they have the eyes that follow you (creepy by the way). Thanks Tox1c!

I don't know how Kat from Katat0nik does it but every time she changes her lucky chair I absolutely have to get down there and stalk it. The chair changes letter every 20 minutes and there are three different dresses so come down here and get down to some good old chair stalking!

On the left: lingerie set 50l, Crimson Shadow
On the right: dress lucky chair, Katatonik

Waking up: check
Looking around in a daze: check
Doing a blogpost: check
Okay well that only leaves me with a day full of running errands all over town, oh the joy!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jezzebel Rock & OA Designs

Jezzebel Rock & OA Designs has two cute dollarbies at their main store! A cute pair of purple & black boots and a purple & black top called "Queen of Hearts"! Too cute to pass up and only a linden! While you're there, be sure to: 1.) click on the subscribos for updates and 2.) look around at the cute stuff.

Cute little set up right when you walk in -- this is where the goodies are :)

Browse around the store -- you might just find something else you'll love!

-Top: Jezzebel Rock - $1L (in-store)
-Boots: OA Designs - $1L (in-store)
-Hair: Truth
-Leather pants: Jezzebel Rock
-Skin: Bebae

[42] & Sweeter Than Candy

Mi amiga Lola sent me a frantic message yesterday. "[42] has everything on sale for $42L!" Being the procrastinator that I am, my lazy butt didn't get around to going there until today. She was absolutely right --- everything (or just about, anyway) *is* $42L! Skins & shapes & clothes oh my! Should you decide to head out to [42], I would suggest tapping the subscribo, as that's the quickest way to be informed of awesome sales such as this. Also, they give notices about in-store freebs as well. The cool thing about [42]'s skin is that you can tint the lips and eyebrows to your preferences. You might not agree, but I think it's a neat feature.

Great finds to be had at [42]! Not free, but definitely worth the $42L.

Candace Morgwain of Sweeter Than Candy dropped of a little sweetie on her subscribers! This cute mint colored corset & shrug PLUS this tan hoodie! You can be happy in your hoody on a Friday wearing it. :)

There's nothing sweeter than Candance Morgwain. She spoils us so!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Hoodie & corset/shrug (pic#2): Sweeter Than Candy - $0L (subscribo)
-Fishnets: *Punch Drunk* (I think these were a previous subscribo gift)

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Skins: [42] - $42L (what a bargain!)
-Dresses: [42] (pic#1) - $42 for both
-Hair: Kin
-Shoes: Akeyo

Prism Haute Couture & Dutch Touch!

Prism Haute Couture has released another in-store dollarbie! Angel Heart, which is a full outfit (yes, boots are included!) is a nice little outfit for the upcoming Valentine season. As far as I know (I might be wrong), Prism Haute Couture releases a new giftie every Wednesday! Touch their subscribo to get the notices! It's so worth it.

You can't see 'em, but this outfit comes with some cute boots!

I went wandering around Dutch Touch today because I hadn't been there in a while. As I was snooping around and window shopping, I noticed a brown dress freebie amongst the regular priced items! It comes with leopard leggings and it's really cute!

Boots are from Prism's dollarbie outfit!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Angel Heart Outfit: Prism Haute Couture - $1L
-Brown dress/leopard leggings: Dutch Touch - $0L

Fabulous but not free:
-Skin: *Bebae* (limited Valentine's edition! Get it now!)
-Hair: Truth (only $50L! What a steal!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the dead of the night

I seem to have a tendency to update the blog at terrible hours for me, like for example it's 00:35 am here... Ark! Ah well!

The skin I am wearing in all those pictures is a freebie from [...lessthan3...], just look for the small package on the table in front of you at the landing to get it. It comes with three different tones and with or without freckles.

You might be wondering what I am doing sitting on this cat with my cat paws and snowman hat? Indeed I thought you might. Truth is I thought they were all pretty kick-ass accessories! What's best? They are all freebies from Grunge Depot. Just make your way inside the store and look for the boxes on the ground in the left hand corner facing the entrance. You will get the sofa cat, snowman hat, kitty paws and much more! Thanks Ale for letting me know!

This gorgeous green coat is the new gift from Aoharu's lucky chair. There are two chairs one in the store to your left at the landing point with the coat for men and one in the store to your right for women. The letter changes every 10 minutes and with all the people around you should get it pretty fast!

Cat sofa, snowman hat, kitty paws 0l, Grunge Depot
Green coat lucky chair, Aoharu

This cute outfit on the left with top and pants is a limited freebie from PixelDoll. Just go to the store and get it for 0l. There is one for men too!

Those shoes are full of win and a freebie from Adored. The store is pretty big but basically make your way to the wall opposite from you when you land to get the shoes at the foot of the wall.

This gorgeous dress and accessories are the reward from Cilian'gel's hunt that goes on until the 24th. Just look for the cards around the store, beach and dance floor to get the whole outfit plus some extras. The cards are pretty big so you should have no trouble finding them all! The outfit is composed of 9 different parts.

Left outfit 0l, PixelDoll
Shoes 0l, Adored
Dress and accessories hunt, Cilian'gel

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cherish the love.

Otaku Designs has some really cute tattoos out! Sometimes I'm in a mood to have cupcakes on me. Sometimes, Hello Kitty. Sometimes both (mix & match). Feed your needs over here, kids! There are some really cute purple and pink Hello Kitty lucky chair exclusives to be won! There is also a fab group gift --- the Hello Kitty tats in rainbow! Otaku Designs is a small store, but what's here is lovingly made. If you couldn't tell, the owner is a cupcake fanatic! Gotta love cupcakes!

These cute tattoos also come in purple and rainbow!

The dress below is also a creation courtesy of Otaku Designs. It's set at the special price of $50L for Valentine's Day. Oh so cute and oh so easy to adjust the skirt, which I love (it's scripted). By the way, on the left side of the pic I'm wearing the rainbow tattoo and on the right I'm wearing the cupcakes (not free)!

Cute and only $50L! Won't break the bank and you'll look rockin'.

Jezzebel Rock released a subscribo gifty! A cute top called "Charisma" in fuschia! If you want the top, go to the store and click on JR's subscribo. Hit the "history" button and click #1 and BOOM! You got yourself a new top.

The emo armbands are a dollarbie at Otaku Designs! Pick 'em up!

VictoriaV has a gorgeous freebie dress out! Brown sequins with gloves, you'll be a knockout in this gown! Pick it up before it's too late!

Beautiful, beautiful dress! Don't miss this one!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Hair: Aden - $0L (group gift --- all colors!) (first three pics)
-Hair: Tekuteku - $0L (group gift) (last pic)
-Skin: Romi Juliesse - $0L (group gift) (last pic)
-Tattoos: Otaku Designs - $0L (lucky chair/group gift) (Hello Kitty pink/rainbow)
-Top: Jezzebel Rock - $0L (subscribo)
-Dress: VictoriaV - $0L (in-store) (last pic)
-Armwarmers: Otaku Designs - $1L (in-store)

Fabulous but not free:
-Love Hurts dress: Otaku Designs - $50L (ridiculously cheap!)
-Jeans: *Last Call* (no longer avail)
-Skin: D-Skin (first three pics)


Today I wanted to tell you about some freebies poses. So in those pictures don't look at the clothes but just at the poses!

Fellow blogger Venturino opened his own poses store called VPoses! As a blogger I love them, they are really neat! What's more there are five limited freebies in the store. Two of them are packs of single poses and three of them are group poses. In this post I am featuring the three group poses.

Just look in the store for the board with in the barcode 000L and those one will be the freebies. 
Good luck Venturino! 

Monday, January 19, 2009


It's already 02:22 am here and I have had a pretty tiring day so you will excuse me if I rush this one a bit.

My friend Tristan tipped me about some really awesome freebies. Here are some of them, thanks Tristan!

This black dress on the left is a dollarbie at Glam Couture just look for it at the entrance of the store.

Those red shoes I am wearing are a dollarbie from Ztique, look for them as well at the entrance of the store. They also come with the heart necklace I am wearing.

This red top is from the subscribo at Church of Luxe. Just click on it and look in its history to get it. The top comes also in silver with a deeper neckline.

Those red shorts are a dollarbie from Humming. They are on the stand in front of you at the entrance amongst the other shorts.

This great belt is from the lucky chair at Bukka, my friend Meara was nice enough to teleport me to get it! Thanks Meara and congrats on finally getting it! The letter changes every 10 minutes.

Black dress 1l, Glam Couture
Shoes and necklace 1l, Ztique
Red top subscribo, Church of Luxe
Red shorts 1l, Humming
Belt lucky chair, Bukka

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Axel, Cupcakes & Freesoul!

I love sweaters, the color purple (the book and the actual color...although in my humble opinion, purple doesn't quite hold a candle to ORANGE!) and stars. What brilliant designer put the three together and has given us a supercute dollarbie? Miss Lila Axel. Of Axel. Right outside the NEW RELEASES building is a sign with a pic of the sweater. Get it for a dollar. Be happy.

$1L for happiness? You bet!

I love Cupcakes, especially ones as sweet as Mimi Coral and Rosemary Galbraith (the owners of *Cupcakes). They give out really nice group gifts quite often -- clothes and skins. This really cute bronze-colored ruffly shirt is the latest gift. Lovely design & texture as always, girls! To join this fab group, there *is* a $250L joining free, but I believe it's more than worth it, what with all the high quality gifts they shower us with. Just to let you know, Rosemary sent out a notice a few days ago that said she would release a new makeup set to the group if it (the group) hit 3,000! Right now it stands at a little over 2,800. Soooo, if you've been meaning to join but were kind of undecided, now is the time to join, my friends.

Not only are M & R generous, but they are talented! Support these gals!

And finally...

If you've never been to Freesoul, I think you should stop by. They have this dealio where if you put them in your profile picks, you're eligible for an in-store freebie each week. So, get your cute booties down there, open up a new tab and put them in your picks. I believe it might take up to 24 hours for the store to recognize that you have them in your picks, but I'm not sure. However, after a day or two, go back to the store and hit the sign that says "Profile Pick Freebie of the Week" and the subscribo-like thing will drop a complete outfit (yes, shoes included) into your inventory. Simple as that.

Channeling Cyndi Lauper circa 1982...and I love it!

Matching cute shoes. Utterly fab.

Fabulous Freebies:
-Purple star sweater: Axel - $1L (in-store)
-Bronze ruffly shirt: Cupcakes - $0L (group gift)
-B&W polka dot outfit (w/shoes): Freesoul - $0L (in-store...but you gotta have them on your picks!)
-Skin: Lazolli - $0L (in-store). Miss Laleeta previous blogged about it hurr.

Fabulous Non-freebies:

-Hair: Kin
-Glasses: /artilleri/
-Pants: (Bronze shirt pic) *Cupcakes, (in Axel pic) Jezzebel Rock

Sweet freebs from Kunglers & Glam Couture!

Kunglers & Glam Couture, two fashion houses notorious for spoiling their followers have done it again by each releasing a gorgeous dress.

The Kunglers dress is as fabulous as always. It's a cute spring-like dress with a floral design. You have to be a member of the Kunglers group to snag this, though. I highly recommend you join. It's free and AvaGardner & Barbara Kungler give out group gifts often!

This dress (and many other freebies) could be yours if you join the Kunglers group!

Glam Couture's Sanna dress is a little black dress that you definitely want in your inventory. It's simple, classy and feminine. Pop on over to the store, pick this baby up for $1L and tap the subscribo so you can be in-the-know whenever there's an in-store freebie!

Thanks to the subscribo, I didn't miss this cute dress!

Fabulous Freebies:
-Green floral dress: Kunglers - $0L (group gift)
-Black Sanna dress: Glam Couture - $1L (in-store)

Fabulous Non-freebies:
-Hair: Kin
-Glasses: /artilleri/
-Skin: [RockBerry] (I absolutely ADORE the freckles!)

In my skin

EDIT: After publishing this last blogpost I had the displeasure of learning that one of the skins I blogged about is a rip-off from Redgrave. Not being a customer of Redgrave myself I didn't notice it however the information has been confirmed by the owner herself. I therefore apologize to our readers and of course Ms Emilia Redgrave for the stituation, this blog in no ways tolerates content theft of any kind and never will.

The skin on the left is part of a 10l skin pack you can find at the entrance of Weird Designs. In the pack you get three skins in three different tones, the one I am wearing is the tanned one.

Nariko Shinn from Lazolli was nice enough to tell me about a free skin she has in her store. Just look on the wall for Takako 008 to get this beautiful skin on the right. Thanks Nariko!

On the left: skin 10l, Weird Designs
On the right: skin 0l, Lazolli

In the next picture don't look at the clothes, skins or accessories for freebies however you should look at those cute mushrooms we are sitting on! Get them after only five minutes of camping at Something Blue. While there I met one of our readers that was stalking the lucky board, hello Queen!

Enjoy your friday everyone, I am off to beat some butt at Mario Kart Wii!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Evie's Closet, Dark Eden, A-Bomb and Fairy Tail

So I took a break from making all the store's posters to blog about some goodies I found the other day!

First that purple dress is this january group gift from Evie's Closet. Thank god Adaire is here to remind me, even though I am part of the group I didn't see the notice! Anyway just go to the store and look for it on the wall to the left after the entrance. You will have to pay 1l and wear your group tag.

The grey top I am wearing on the right is a dollarbie from A-Bomb. It should be on your left at the landing point.

The skirt and boots I am wearing on the right are both camping items from Dark Eden. The skirt is a 30 minutes camp and boots 60 minutes, you don't have to join the group to camp.

This rose ring is a dollarbie from Fairy Tail, it should be on the wall next to the entrance along some dollarbie bangles.

Those gorgeous red boots with the black pompoms on the lower right corner are from the camping chair at Line. You don't need to join the group to camp but you better have something else to do on the side because the camping lasts 350 minutes! Totally worth it though, I love my new boots!

Purple dress 1l group gift, Evie's Closet
Grey top 1l, A-Bomb
Skirts and boots camping, Dark Eden
Rose ting 1l, Fairy Tail
Red boots camping, Line

Non free stuff:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prism Haute Couture, Maeve & Tuli

Prism Haute Couture has a dollarbie in their main store! Journey McLaglen is getting hyped up for Valentine's Day by giving out this cute outfit: jeans, a skirt, sweater and even boots! I suggest you scoop up this cute outfit!

Cute and only $1L!

The skins I'm wearing? Both freebies. In case you haven't heard just yet, Miss Tuli Asturias of the famed Tuli skins was generous enough to leave out an easel full of goodies. If you feel the need to let everyone know what a hard-partier you are, these are perfect.

Free skin! Look like a party girl who woke up with a hangover!

The Maeve skin was a bit harder to come by. My friend, the Sophster, IMed me last night telling me that I should grab the gift. "Look in my profile for the group!" she said. Nada. "Look in Mae Moriarty's profile" she suggested. Nope. So I looked up the group and came up empty. Finally I found out that the store was located on Iron Island. So I TP'd. ACCESS DENIED! I gave up. For some reason the SL Gods were against me. Until today. I lucked out and was able to get on the sim, at least. The skin is cute. May not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those of you who like exotic, mega makeup, this is definitely for you. Can't hurt to check it out, huh?

Maeve. Hard to find. Might be worth your while!

-Skins: Maeve & Tuli
-Outfit: Prism Haute Couture

Not Free:
-Hair: **DP**
-Glasses: /artilleri/

**P.S. Sorry for my absence! I missed you guys!

Sn@tch, Vixen and Studio M'z

I don't know what is going on lately but I am getting tons of great free shoes!

Those pink shoes are from the lucky chair at Studio M'z, the letter changes every 10 minutes. Thanks Suri for tping me!

Those red shoes are free for a limited amount of time at Vixen. Just buy the pair of shoes with the star in front of you when you land.

Those two outfits are from Sn@tch
The dress on the left is marked down to 0l. Just go downstairs into the section called The Hunger and look for it. Small hint it's next to a door. I don't know how long it's going to be marked down so hurry!
The outfit on the right is from the riot vendor and only costed me 45l since the riot vendor was at it's lowest. The outfit comes with tops in five different colors, here I am wearing the aqua version. There always are a lot of people at Sn@tch so you should have no problem with the riot vendor.

Pink shoes lucky chair, Studio M'z
Red shoes 0l, Vixen
Outfit on the left 0l, Sn@tch (The Hunger section)
Outfit on the right 45l riot vendor, Sn@tch

Does anyone know what is happening with ETD? I can't find it anymore in the search, weird...

Non free stuff:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alchemy and 24 Shoo-Shoes

My friend Constanza Volare plurked today about a new freebie from her store: Alchemy. It's this gorgeous dress. Reminds me of the snow I had here only a week ago... *sighs*
Anyway to get the dress just join her subscribo at the entrance of the store and you will receive it automatically.

Those boots are a dollarbie from 24 Shoo-Shoes, remember 24 is still having her advent calendar for the whole month of january!

Dress subscribo, Alchemy
Shoes 1l, 24 Shoo-Shoes

By the way I am still looking for new hairstyles, if you know of some good stores leave me a comment, message in the shoutbox or even an IM in world! Thanks in advance!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair ETD

Accessories overload!

So I found tons of cute accessories but I was waiting for an outfit to blog them. However since my classes started again I am not online anymore to receive notices and I decided to do this blogpost with an outfit we saw previously. Since I crammed a lot of things in this picture just click here for the bigger version.

Those cute boots are a goup gift from Kookie that my friend Renee told me about. Just go down to the store, click on the group inviter and then click on the box next to it to get the boots!

This funky hat is a freebie from Grim Bros (I am sure about it this time!). Just make your way around the center of the store and the hat should be in a box on the ground.

The scarf and shoulder pet are both gifts from Miyabi Shape. They have a black kitty on their lounge table that gives you random gifts when you click on it. The scarf and shoulder pet were just some gifts among others I got from it.

Those blue arm-warmers are from the lucky chair at Tokeo Plastik. There are two lucky chairs at the back of the store with letters that change every two minutes so you should get it pretty fast!

Boots group gift, Kookie
Hat 0l, Grim Bros
Scarf and shoulder pet 0l (black kitty), Miyabi Shape
Arm-warmers lucky chair, Tokeo Plastik

Non free stuff:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Can't get away from freebies!


I tried to hide, and avoid coming onto SL so as not to get too lost in it again. But I keep recieving freebies! LOL. Freebies that I feel horrible I can't blog afterwards! Not only for you guys but for the great designers that thought of me :p!


So I'm gonna start blogging again! Even if just once in a while, so I can share these things with you :D

Diva Dress by JE* Republic Only 1 L! ^.^b

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something a bit different...

My friend Bone, Daila and me are holding a silly contest and I would love for you guys to be part of it! Daila explained everything in her blogpost, as you can see you don't have to be a blogger to participate!

I know this is not at all freebies related but still it's a fun contest and I am sure a lot of you will enjoy it! Especially when you know the first prize is 3500l! That's money for a lot of dollarbies! Besides it should be really fun!

See you soon for another great freebies post!


Little Fish, Mingo, Edge Grafica and Cherry Girl

What a busy sunday I had! I needed to clean up my flat in RL so I asked my friends for some nice camping chairs and they didn't let me down!

The boots I am wearing in most of those pictures are full of awesomeness and you can get them after camping only 10 minutes at Edge Grafica. Just join the Utsuku City Member group at the entrance and jump on the swing to start camping!

Those blue shorts and top are the group gift from Little Fish. Just get down to the store, join the group, wear your tag and click on the board next to the counter near the stairs.

This cute black dress is the prize camping at Mingo. Jump on the panda and give him a big cuddle for 45 minutes to get it! No need to join any group. The leg-warmers are a dollarbie from Mingo as well and come in white too.

Boots camping 10 minutes, Edge Grafica
Blue shorts and top group gift in store, Little Fish
Black dress camping 45 minutes, Mingo
Leg-warmers 1l, Mingo

While looking for camping chairs my friend Asthenia told me about Cherry Girl. They have three camping chairs with lingerie sets such as the pink one I am wearing on the right, just join the group and sit down for 30 minutes. They also have a freebie corner next to the chairs where you can get this white dress.

White dress 0l, Cherry Girl
Pink lingerie camping 30 minutes, Cherry Girl

Thank god during this crazy camping session I had some music to keep me company in between cleaning up the flat! Especially this music video that always cracks me up, enjoy!

Non free stuff: