Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where It's Okay To Be A Piggy.


Pig. To me, when I hear that word, mouth-watering visions of sausage and bacon flood my mind (and saliva fills my mouth). However, Pig is no longer just the other white meat - it's a store in Second Life. Yes, the store looks like it was taken out of Cold War era USSR or some other Eastern European country behind the Iron Curtain...and aren't seeing things. There are pigs outside of the store (and attempting to mount a motorcycle at + blacklisted + which is directly across from Pig). Yes, there is an armed swine in the courtyard waving a semi-automatic weapon (I think) while wearing a Che Guevara beret with a certain infamous quote from a Martin Scorcese movie. All of this and more is just more of a reason to check it out. If the pigs didn't grab you, then the clothing will.


This is something I haven't seen before in SL. Guayaberas. If you don't know what a guyabera is, just look at the pic above. My grandfather wears these things like it's going out of fashion. He wears them to the movies, to church, out to eat, when he goes to get a haircut, etc. It's an all-purpose bad ass Mexican shirt, really. They're very comfortable and they can be a little on the expensive side ($70USD+). Last year for his birthday I got him two more guyaberas to add to his collection and he was so happy. I have one irl in a deep violet color that I still wear on occasion (like during Fiesta Week which happens to be going on in my hometown of San Antonio right now). Anyway, I hadn't seen these anywhere in SL until I popped over to Pig for $50L Friday and saw that Miss Apatia put out a cotton candy pink one for free (she was celebrating Pink Shirt Day for anti-bullying). It's for men and women. I loved it and wanted to get it in different colors. Unfortunately, this shocking pink version was the only one I saw at her store...until one of my friends told me that if I joined the Purveyors of Accidental Love group, I could score the guyabera in eggshell. The group gives out random free gifts, so I'd suggest staying in the group instead of joining, grabbing the freebie, and leaving. As I've said before with the subscribo thingies, these creators work too hard for that kind of treatment.

Classy Bikini

While I was wandering around her store looking for more guyaberas, I found Pig's Zombie Popcorn Hunt gift, this classy bikini that shows off Tuli's group gift skin's awesome butt cleavage! The Tuli group ($250L to join) gets the first sneak peaks of Tuli's newest releases. This lovely skin is called 'Sayuri' and it will be out soon. I can't wait!

If you liked what you saw, please check out the cool stores. If you don't, you might get a visit from this angry fella:

Psycho Piggy

-Skin: Tuli (group gift)
-Bikini & guyabera shirts: Pig
-Shorts: Dutch Touch
-Hair: Ploom (used to be Deviant Kitties --- I LOVE THIS HAIR!!!)
-Cigarette: FNKY
-Ears: SLink


Lizzie Lexington said...

Whoa. I love that hair too! I need to check out her reds!