Friday, February 27, 2009

Lucky lucky chairs, Tuli gifts & some concrete flowers

Tuli gave out a sample of her new Natalie skin to her group yesterday!!!! Eventhough Natalie has freckles, I still love the skin. She comes in 7 tones: gothic, pale, light, sunkissed, tan, exotic and dark. The T-shirt I'm wearing is a dollarbie from concrete flowers.

Lucky lucky chairs, Tuli gifts & some concrete flowers
Natalie group exclusive, group gift, Tuli (250L to join)
Catface T-shirt, 1L, Concrete flowers

The polka dot skirt, sweet tooth shirt & cute panda boots are other freebies/dollarbies you can find at concrete flowers. The cute dress is the latest lucky chair exclusive from Aoharu. The gold dress is a lucky chair exclusive from Reale.

Lucky lucky chairs, Tuli gifts & some concrete flowers
Monroe Graduation dress, Lucky chair, Aoharu
Polka dot skirt, 0L, Sweet tooth tank, 1L, Panda boots, 1L, All at Concrete flowers
Lucky golden dress, Lucky chair, Reale

When you're checking out Concrete flowers, don't forget to slap Boy George, just for gigglez! It only costs 1L to take him home with you ;-)

Lucky lucky chairs, Tuli gifts & some concrete flowers

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scream in pleasure!

Freedom! It is mine! I am done with those darn exams! Now it's onward to the internship with me. To celebrate this I think it's time for a new blog post!

Apart from being a picture of my gorgeous mug that face shot shows you the piercing you can get for free at Sasquatch. I am not much for piercing, actually I am pretty boring with my looks, but I must say I like those ones! Simple and yet cute.

On the right you have today's dollarbie from Leamania Indigo. As you know Lemania is retiring some of her old designs forever and every day she is setting one of them for 1l during 24 hours so be sure to check it out from time to time!

Piercing 1l, Sasquatch
Dress: A Silver Dream 1l, Lemania Indigo

This awesome jacket on the right is from the Fortune Teller at Sn@tch. I was super lucky with it and got it on the first try! The grey tank I am wearing underneath is from Sasquatch as well for 0l.

That awesome outfit on the right is from the riot vendor at Sn@tch too, I got it for only 50l, a steal if you ask me!

Harlot Coat Fortune Teller, Sn@tch
Grey tank top 0l, Sasquatch
Scream in Vain outfit 50l riot vendor, Sn@tch

Non free lyrics:
Hey sister go, sister Soul, sister flow, sister
I love RockBerry and Roll so put another dime in the Juke Box baby
C'mre little Deviant Kitties on my lap 'Cause guess who's back with a brand new rap

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fabulous Fashion TV Studio freebies!

Just a quickie, as I have to go to bed. I stopped by the Fabulous Fashion TV Studios (they have weekly live shows with some of SL's top designers --- I highly suggest you attend!) and snooped around the freebie area. They never disappoint in the goodies department! I'm not even showing everything that's available, so go check it out and scoop up everything, including a giftbag from Runway Magazine!

This dress I'm wearing, courtesy of MB Designs (from the Runway Magazine giftbag) is pretty cute and poufy! It reminded me of a ballerina's outfit in a way.

Fabulous Fashion TV Studio freebs
Pretty in pinkish/peach!

I love eyes. As such, I went berserk when I opened the KMAD freebie and discovered that not only was hair included, but three sets of eyes! I LOVE the eyes from KMAD (aka MADesigns). If you've always wanted a set of their fab eyes but couldn't quite afford them, here's your chance!

Fabulous Fashion TV Studio freebs
Lovely eyes, courtesy of MADesigns

-Dress: MB Designs - $0L
-Hair: MADesigns - $0L
-Eyes: MADesigns - $0L

Not free:
-Skin: Curio

Just swinging

Ornamental life gave out two beautiful wrap tops through their subscribo today, one in blue & one in orange. The red and the white top are freebies you can find in their store.

Just swinging
Blue & orange wrap top, subscribo gifts
Red & white top, freebies
Ornamental life

So make sure you swing by!
Just swinging
Necklace, subscribogift, Primalot

If you're into Mardi Gras (can you tell I'm totally not into Mardi Gras/Carnaval/...?), Primalot gave a Mardi Gras necklace out to their subscribomembers.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shameless plugs are better than other plugs...

Just starting this blogpost with the newest newsy news from my store Pffiou!, I am organizing a flickr contest and I would love to see your submissions! For the rules and other details and stuff simply check that blogpost.

Now what do we have here? Well first this gorgeous skin I am wearing is the new group gift from the Cupcakes update group. Contrary to most skins on my shape the Cupcakes ones never make me look like a shemale so yay!

This flamboyant red dress (looks up flamboyant in google to make sure it means what I think it does) is one of the gifts you can find in the Mana Mall on Gateaux Boulevard. Other gifts are this hair accessory from Eolandes and bangle from flirt. Most gifts can be found near the tree at the center of the mall but some of them are in the stores so have a look around!

Skin: Lovespell - Spring Fling in Honey group gift, Cupcakes
Bangle, dress and hair accessory 1l or 0l, Mana Mall

Not free of charges stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair ETD
Poses VPoses

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hair, hair, GLORIOUS hair!

Gala Phoenix is proving to be the designer who keeps on giving. Hot off of the heels of giving out some very beautiful new group gift skins, she went and kept on spoiling us by giving out some hair! These beautiful flaming red textures will make all of your friends want to toss their blonde & brunette wigs for these sweet styles.

Curio Hair!
Shocking red? Shockingly naughty!

Curio Hair!
Simply sweet.

The gorgeous eyes I'm wearing? A fab group gift from KMADD. Maddox was feeling extremely giving and sent down these beautiful eyes to us. Very natural and alluring, they're "eyes you'll fall in love with"! A $100L+ value, so grab 'em while you can, they're in the group archives!

-Hair: Curio - $0L (group gift)
-Eyes: KMADD - $0L (group gift)

Not Free:
-Shirt: Artilleri (btw, Antonia's having a hair sale! $60L per pack until 02/28!)
-Pants: *Last Call*
-Skin: Curio (soooo worth the $3000L in my opinion)
-Poses: Pffiou!

Blue Sunday

Subscribos are the best thing since prim hair, I'm telling you! Pink outfitters just gave out this gorgeous blue turtleneck. Perfect to brighten up a rainy, grey Sunday afternoon like I'm having in RL right now :)

Blue turtleneck, Subscribo gift, Pink outfitters

Little Rebel is having a clearance sale, E-V-E-R-Y-thing is 25L now (and that's alot!) Tops, pants, sets, dresses, you name it... Since I'm turning into a systemskirt-addict, I bought a few dresses & I'm itching to go back!

Left 1&2: part of the Party Dots 5 piece outfit, 25L
Middle: part of the Lace capped 9 piece set, 25L
Right: Black belted skirt set, 25L
All available at Little Rebel

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The return of the Pumpkin.

After a craptacular past two weeks, I'm back. Yes, I know that I've been slacking on the blog and I'm sorry! I've decided that the best way to get out of my funk is to jump right back into doing things that bring me joy, such as sharing great freebies!

My current obsession, thanks to Gala Phoenix, are the new skins that were released today! To kick off the new release, Gala graciously sent out a fabulous group gift that includes eight skins in the different shades (Acorn, Sundust, Petal & Moonbeam)!

Group gift from Curio
You're guaranteed to fall in love with your avatar. Trust me.

The new skins are just lovely, I highly suggest you head over to Curio and drool over the beautiful skins!

Skins: Curio - $0L (group gift)

Not free:
Hair: Maitreya
Shirt: Dutch Touch

Limited time freebies!

Both BOOM and Slash Me Poses are opening celebrating the opening of their mainstores this weekend. Boom has a *very* short baby blue dress as a gift this weekend. And the three poses in the pic are the opening gift from Slash Me Poses. Both gifts will only be available till the end of tomorrow (Sunday 22nd) so hurry! The SLURL will land you between the 2 stores.

Dress, 0L (Limited time!), BOOM
Poses, 0L, Slash Me Poses
Busride to both stores: SLURL

Friday, February 20, 2009

Everybody is looking for something

So as you can see I was bored and tried something a bit new with Photoshop, not sure what to think of it… 

Anyhoo the skin I am wearing is called Mona and you can get it from the lucky boards at Basz store. There are four boards with four different skins so that leaves you with some room for inventory clean-up.

I am a bit late in blogging this awesome hat but it is the group gift from The Black Canary update group for when it reached 500 members. Congratulations Morrigan and thanks for being so awesome!

And last but not least this dress is today’s dollarbie from Lemania Indigo. Lemania is retiring some old designs and setting one for 1l everyday so come and get yours.

Skin: Mona lucky board, Basz Store

Hat: Abundance group gift, The Black Canary

Dress: Subtle Pine Forest 1l, Lemania Indigo

Oh before I forget Sn@tch is having a 50% sale this week-end only so go drop some lindens there!

I have dilly dallied long enough now, I think it's time I get back to work on that report. Can you believe I am having classes tomorrow? On a saturday?! Oh the pain!

Non fat free stuff:

Shape Soul

Hair and Shoes Maitreya

Journey hunt & itsy bitsy bears

Today the Vain hunt ends, you still have a week to do the GL hunt AND Tuli just opened her own hunt on her sim, Journey. Lot's of other stores on the sim are also participating! You are looking for little treasure chests in the participating stores, between the participating stores, next to the stairs of the stores en in the central area in front of the Tuli shop.

The gown on the left is the gift from Fine pixels. The jewelry (bracelet, necklace, earrings & tiarra) are gifts from Violet Voltaire. On the right I'm wearing the gift skin from the fabulous Tuli herself with a cropped vest, also from Tuli. The necklace and earrings are gifts from DelEmma design.

The tattoo on the left is another gift from Tuli, the one on the right is a gift from Collisions. Dark mouse has 3 gifts out on this hunt, all of them contain bangles to wear on your left and right arm.

The earrings and bracelets I'm wearing on the right side are gifts from flirt, amazing as usual. The red pumps are a gift from Jimmy Chau, search high for this one ;-). The flower earrings are a gift from G Field.
Start searching for the goodies at Journey, the hunts end Feb 27.

Not only is G Field participating in the Journey hunt, they also have a hunt of their own in their mainstore. You are looking for 5 tiny bears hidden in and around the store. They have a two tops, sandals, a pose, a vase with flowers (not shown here) and bangles in them. In the store you can find a board with info on the hunt. Buy it for 0L and you will get a notecard with hunt clues. When you are looking for the bear in the rose, look on the ground floor & don't waste your time upstairs like I did ;-)

Find the little bears at G Field mainstore. This hunt lasts till Feb 25th.


So it's been a while since I have shown some loving to my friend Cilia from Cilian'gel and let me tell you she has been a busy bee! What I love about Cilia is that I met her just when she launched her store and that way I get to see how well she is progressing in her designs and the quality of it and she is guys, she really is.

So anyway! Cilia has gifts for you all! That little red babydoll dress on the left is called Queen's Greatest Love and it is, as you can guess, her gift for the Greatest Love hunt. She is also participating in the Vain Inc hunt so grab your kiss while there. The mask I am wearing is from her store too, she has a masks fatpack you can get for only 2l as well as a corsage and another free mask. So have a look around and get all of those!

That dress I am wearing on the right is her new release A Midsummer Night's Dream. It comes with two different skirts, semi-long and long, and to my great pleasure the possibility to wear a system skirt or not. You can also wear it as a lingerie set so overall a rather complete outfit.

Mask part of the 2l fatpack, Cilian'gel
On the  left: Queen's Greatest Love Greatest Love hunt, Cilian'gel
On the right: A Midsummer Night's Dream 500l, Cilian'gel

Hum got stuck underwater while trying to teleport out right now so if you see a crazy woman dancing on a pole while you cam in the deep ocean don't be afraid!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair Magika
Shoes Maitreya

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's alright

Kunglers has another group gift out! It's a poofy dress in some salmon/orangy/pink color (you see, I have a real talent with naming colors...), it goes realy well with the dollarbie shoes I blogged a few days ago. Vibrant colors like the ones in the Princess outfit from Mashooka designs always make me feel happy, even if RL is still stuck in an icy winter! To warm you up, Deviance has a hidden gift in store. The lingerie outfit is hidden in a itsy bitsy heart, but it's not that hard to find. The cute necklace is a Valentine's gift from KessKreations. And Pididdle has a dollarbie skin out to celebrate the opening of their store at Crush Crow!

Top, left: Dress, 0L, Kunglers (also groupgift), Shoes, 1L, *MPD*
Top, right: Indian princess outfit, 1L, Mashooka designs
Bottom, left: Temptation lingerie set, 0L, Deviance
Bottom, right: Skin, 1L, Pididdle, Necklace, subscribogift, KessKreations

Monday, February 16, 2009

Late night quickie!
Today I'm showing you a cute outfit from a new ALL DOLLARBIES store & some gifts from Fashion Week! So go check out the fashion shows all week (Fashion week lasts till this Friday) & take a look at *MPD* for some cute dollarbies or their lucky chair!

Left: Top, pants & wedges, 1L,
Middle: Shoes, 1L, *MPD*, Earrings, 1L, Vintage wear, Outfit, 0L, Kunglers fashion week gift+ Socks, 0L, Malt fashion week gift
Right: Shoes, 1L, *MPD*, Outfit, 0L, Eldee fashion week gift+ Socks, 0L, Malt fashion week gift

Left: Shoes, 1L, *MPD*, dress, 0L, Ardigraf fashion week gift+ Socks, 0L, Malt fashion week gift
Skin, 0L, Zullay fashion week gift
3d pic: Shoes, 1L, *MPD*, Top & pants, 0L, Sam's secret boutique fashion week gift
Right: Shoes, 1L, *MPD*, Skirt, top & beret, 0L, SWA fashion week gift

All fashion week gifts can be found here. Every store has a little display set out with their gift, walk around to find them all & check out the new collections!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shape of my heart

Valentine season makes me feel all mushy! So I start listening to mushy songs, just like the one I am linking at the end of this post, then I get even more mushy! Halp!

Thank god a good dress always raises my spirits! I dunno what I am doing wrong with Evie's Closet (and not Elvie's Closet thanks Meara, I think I wanted The King to be back and wear frilly girly dresses) update group, I am part of it but I always learn about the new group gift via other blogs. Anyhoo just wear your group tag and pay the board 1l in store to get your super gorgeous dress!

Dress dollarbie group gift, Evie's Closet

Okay so I know I am cuddling a super hunk of a man (readers meet Kahei my man alt, Kahei meet the readers) but what you want to zoom in on this picture are:

1) The pink pants that are the new group gift from Katat0nik
2) Those cute green flats made by fellow blogger Ding that you can get here among other free ones. I love those shoes because I am a giant in SL and with heels it only gets worse!
3) This couple pose which is the V-Day gift from Vent and you can get at the same place as the shoes from Ding!

Pink pants group gift, Katat0nik
Green shoes and couple poses 0l, 50 flats and VPoses

As promised I am sharing that darn song that always makes me cry when I hear it, no don't thank me it's my pleasure...!

By the way the hair I am wearing is from the Starlust Motel Hunt I blogged earlier.
By now the rest of my anatomy must be quite boring to you, just know that I have some Soul and that I Rock the Berry!

Starlust Motel hunt

So there is a hunt going on at the Starlust Motel, basically what you have to do is go to the starting point and get your hud for the hunt. It will give you the clue to find the first piece of broken heart. Once you have found all the pieces you get to go collect your gifts! 

Really fun hunt with some awesome prizes from great stores like Silent Sparrow, Katat0nik, V-Poses etc...

Everything in this picture is from the hunt, the house is the gift from Beloved Designs and the furniture, hair, pose and clothes are gifts from various stores.

All in all a fun hunt to do and great prizes at the end! 
The only downside in my opinion is that it could get a bit laggy at time and some people found the clues too hard.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day news!

So did you all have a pleasant V-Day? I know I did! Being single on V-Day can either suck or rock! I mean think about it you can lay around in your pjs watching girly movies during the whole day! And you have a great excuse for it! I am telling you I am not sure I want a boyfriend at this rate...!

Anyway so this frame and couple pose is a dollarbie from my store Pffiou! for V-Day. I dunno how long I am going to leave it so you better come get yours fast! The members of my subscribo got it for free though... just a thought!

Frame and couple pose 1l, Pffiou!
Dress dollarbie group gift, Lemania Indigo
Hair with hat lucky chair, Magika
Kisses shirt group gift for men in store, Aoharu

And I am off to the couch again, see you later peeps!

More Valentines gifts!

Aoharu has a Valentines group gift out! Don't forget to activate your tag! For the girls there is a tailored jacket and matching shorts, the boys get a white shirt covered in kisses (not shown here). The boots are another amazing freebie from Eva. The skin I'm wearing is an Eloh-mod, available in 4 tones at Imagen for 1L each. The skin on the bottom right is a Valentines dollarbie from Whimsy. Right now they have a skinsale going on: 1L per skin & 10L for a fatpack! Hurry hurry because I think the sale ends tonight at 8pm SLT.
The pose is the newest subscribo gift from Pffiou!

Valentines boots, 0L, Eva footwear
Tailored outfit, groupgfit, Aoharu
Valentina skin (top), 1L, Imagen
Valentine skiin (bottom), 1L, Whimsy
Oh baby! pose, subscribo gift, Pffiou!

The end of 245 kisses

Happy Valentines day! I got kissed 245 times at the Vain hunt & today I will show you the last of the prezzies!

Poses, 0L, Vago (instore freebie)

Dress, 0L, Cutie Honey (Nr. 241)

Terry hoody set & v-day love earrings, 0L, Y.M.X. (Nr. 183)
Knee Highs, 0L, Malt fashions (Nr. 187)

Hot Pink Valentine Dress & Valentine jewelry, 0L, Twisted and Spoiled (Nr. 197)

Project Kiwi is a cute store that I discovered through this hunt. Not only did they have a nice outfit in their lips, they also had two cute dollarbies out: a kiwi-top & a ducky top.

Blue faded pants and cropped sweater, 0L, Project Kiwi (Nr. 181)
Kiwi top & ducky top, 1L each, Project Kiwi

The Fleur skins are another MUSTHAVE from this hunt, in total you get 7 tones. I'm wearing 5 of them in the next pic together with the tube tops from Kuso.

Skin, 0L, Fleur (Nr. 194)
Top, 0L, Kuso (Nr. 143)

And ofcourse there also lots of dresses!

Valentines dress, 0L, Topaz Square (Nr. 220)
Crown, 0L, The black canary (Nr. 242)

Taylor dress limited hunt edition, 0L, Ivalde (Nr. 191)
Both poses are from the instore freebie box at Vago

Valentines dress & jewelry, 0L, Rebel Hope (Nr. 230)

Whew! Another great hunt brought to a succesfull end! On the next one!
Valentines outfit, 0L, Kar'Ona (Nr. 207)
Pose, 0L, 5th Order (Nr. 137)

Friday, February 13, 2009

FFXII is like a drug to me!

Am I a lazy blogger or what? You guys will have to excuse me though but my internship is drawing near and I have tons of reports and exams due before leaving the university for 6 blissful months!

Anyhoo since it's friday afternoon and I just want one thing it's to be a couch potato you will have to make do with this rather succinct blogpost!

On the left: lingerie lucky chair 10 minutes, Church of Luxe
In the middle: group gift in store (wear your tag), Lo*Momo
On the right: super cute subscribo gift, Royally

On the left: cupid hat hunt, Lemania Indigo
On the right: hearts hunt, Modd.G

Thanks for letting me know about those deals guys and happy V-Day if I don't blog again before that!

Laleeta over and out!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Hair ETD
Shoes Periquita

Just 'cause!

So a few days ago my good friend Take posted a picture of himself taken by Mailee Manga and I knew I had to have mine taken as well! So here it is! 
Mailee is super nice and I was totally impressed by how quickly she was done with it! So you guys just have to contact her for your profile picture!

Thanks Mailee!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cupcakes from Artilleri

The lovely Mimi & Rosemary from M&R Cupcakes are having a hunt in their mainstore right now. It started a few days ago & I'm not sure how long it will last. I found 12 boxes, 4 with lingerie sets, 4 with skins, 3 with dresses & one top. The boxes are VERY easy to find, just walk around in the store and I promise you will find them all.

Hunt gifts, all 0L, M&R Cupcakes

SL ate the Artilleri update group a while ago, so now Artilleri has set out a subscribo. To trick us all into joining, there's a little gift already in it :) For joining the subscribo you get the glasses, flowers for your hair & the cardigan.

Cardigan, glasses & flower, subscribo gift, Artilleri

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Short & sweet

That title could be about the dress I'm showing you guys today or about the length of this blogpost, LOL.
The dress on the left is the latest group gift from Alchemy (latest, as in 2 seconds before I hit publish on this post!) The generous people from Kunglers have also send out a Valentines group gift. It's a cute little thing in dark red with a silver belt. You can get the gift if you join their group, search for Kunglers Fashion Design (make sure you are searching mature content too). If you don't have a group available you can get the dress for free at their mainstore.
The bracelet and earrings I'm wearing are a subscribo gift from U+R. They make realy cute jewelry & these gifts are no exception. Check out the post I did about their camping gifts or use the SLURL on the bottom of the pic to get to their mainstore!
The pose I used is part of the dollarbie LoveShooter set at Juicy.
Oh and my hair is a limited edition called Victoria from Truth. Check out this blog to read about the things you can buy to support the victims of the bushfires.

Lovestruck dress, subscribogift, Alchemy
Earrings & bracelets, Subscribo gift, U+R
Dress, Group gift Kunglers Fashion design (use search) or get it for 0L, here
LoveShooter Pose, 1L, Juicy

Weird Science

*looks when was the last time I blogged*
She is alive, aliiiiiiiiive!

Today I am doing a blogpost with mini me! This super cute child shape is a freebie you can find near the fishing pond at Katat0nik. It was originally made by Bitter Ink to go with the released Skins of Delphi from Kat.
This cute rainbow heart choker is from Katat0nik as well, it's one of the latest group gifts.

This grey top I am wearing on the left is from B&T Atelier, but I received it through the Vain Inc group so check the past notices to get yours.

Of course my child avatar couldn't look good without that cute candy belt! Get it for free as well as that red dress I am wearing on the right at the Don't Ask store. The red dress is in a hidden box for a hunt so have fun!

Child avatar shape 0l, Katat0nik
Rainbow Heart choker group gift, Katat0nik
Grey top on the left group gift from B&T Atelier, Vain Inc
Candy belt and red dress (jewelry included) 0l, Don't Ask

Non free stuff:
Shape on the right Soul
Hair Frangipani
Shoes Kari
Grey short on the left Kunglers

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kiss my vanity!

Hurray! I am here with more hunt gifts! Why are you making that face when I say the word HUNT? You know you love the gifts!
If you haven't got someone for Valentines yet, you can try wearing the Skarkattack dress from Shit luck. It will definitely get you some looks. If you're not into pink (yeah, like anyone is not into pink!) you could try the dress from A-Bomb in black and blue that I am wearing with the hat from Couture Chapeau. When you prefer a simple top and some black pants you can wear the outfit from Paja.

! The SLURLs take you directly to the gift
Sharkattack dress, 0L, Shit Luck (Nr. 87)
Vain gift dress, 0L, A-Bomb (Nr. 105)
Hat, 0L, Couture Chapeau (Nr. 93)
Valentines outfit, 0L, Paja (Nr. 92)

In the next pic I am wearing the shape from Pididdle. On the left I am also wearing the skin and sweater from Pididdle. In the middle I am wearing the skin from Fetch Alternative with a top from A Touch of Surreal Designs. On the right I am wearing the skin from ti'ko with the T-shirt from HS Stores.
! The SLURLs take you directly to the gift
Shape, 0L, Pididdle (Nr. 120)
Skin & pink sweater, 0L, Pididdle (Nr. 120)
Skin, 0L, Fetch Alternative (Nr. 80)
Blue top, 0L, A touch of surreal designs (Nr. 142)
Skin, 0L, Ti'ko (Nr. 136)
Purple top, 0L, HS Stores (Nr. 78)

In my last pic I have the company of 2 cute bears! The one on the left is the gift from Teddy in Wonderland. Not only is he pink, but he also offers you roses. The perfect man! He didn't bring me those bracelets though, those were a gift from flirt. The grey dress I'm wearing on the right is a gift from Crush Factory. I used the bag from JE*Republic to bring some color into the ensemble. The lovely little guy next to my feet is a lucky chair gift I won when I was at JE*Republic.

! The SLURLs take you directly to the gift
Pink bear with roses, 0L, Teddy in wonderland (Nr. 149)
Bracelets, 0L, Flirt (Nr. 150)
Grey dress, 0L, Crush Factory (Nr. 127)
Bag, 0L, JE*Republic (Nr. 132)
Teddy, Lucky chair, JE*Republic

Michami and U+R

If you need a break from hunting you can check out the new subscribo gift from Michami. She just gave out the Laila sheer shirt in pink today and it will be available until February 15.
While I was writing the blogposts about the hunt I camped at the 2 caming chairs from U&RDogs. The adorable poodle earrings are gifts from one chair and the heart necklace is the gift from the other chair. The little pearls of the necklace and the heart are both colorchange with a script so you can match it up to every outfit!
The valentines skins I'm wearing is a dollarbie that I blogged about yesterday.

Top, Subscribo gift, Michami
Jewelry, Camping chairs, U+RDogs
Skin, 1L, blogged earlier

I'll tell you about my greatest love, Part 1

Happy monday readers! Like I promised, here's a post about the Greatest Love hunt. I haven't finished the hunt yet, so I don't know how many gifts there are. All I know is, you have till February 28th to hunt them all down. So let's start with the goodies, shall we?
My hair is the Socialy Awkward Cupcake style from the hairpack given out by Marlys & I'm wearing the licorice color. The sexy skin is a gift from Belleza. They have a male skin out for the Vain hunt & female skin out for the Greatest Love hunt (shown here).
The pink dress is a gift from On The Catwalk (I blogged their gift for the Vain hunt here). The lingerie set is part of the gift from Blacklace. They also have more revealing set (if you like flashing your nipples ;-) ), a skin & a shape in their gift (Not shown here). The gown is a gift from Blacklace Couture.

! The SLURLs will take you directly to the gift
Hair, 0L, Marlys (Nr. 80)
Skin, 0L, Belleza (Nr. 7)
Dress, 0L, On The Catwalk (Nr. 97)
Lingerie set,0L, Blacklace (Nr. 6)
Gown, 0L, Blacklace Couture (Nr. 9)

Next up is this amazing gift from Axel. In their gift you can find 4 dresses and a hairstyle in 4 different colors. I am only showing the Black tone here, but it also comes in blonde, brown (shown in the next pic) and red.

! The SLURLs will take you directly to the gift
Dresses and hair, 0L, Axel (Nr. 15)

The T-shirt and jeans are the gift from Naive for this hunt. In the middle I am wearing Moxie Polanos' Patchwork outfit together with the hair from the hairpack by Audacity. The Velma dress from Modern Gypsy is THE musthave of this hunt so far, if you ask me. It's the perfect dress for a fancy Valentines date. I am wearing the Red Rose bracelet and tiara from Serenity with it. All I need is some shoes & I'm ready to go!

! The SLURLs will take you directly to the gift
T-shirt & Jeans, 0L, Naive (Nr. 10)
Patchwork outfit, 0L, Moxie Polano (Nr. 24)
Velma dress, 0L, Modern Gypsy (Nr. 86)
Red rose bracelet and tiara, 0L, Serenity(Nr. 90)

A T-shirt says more than a 1000 words...
! SLURL will take you directly to the gift
T-shirt, 0L, Lookr (Nr. 16)