Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gifts, gifts, gifts for all!

*waves merrily from her hermit lair*

Hello Cupcakes! No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. It's me, Pumpkin. I took a bit of time off, I was mostly posting on my personal blog, but I am back. The rush of recent gifts inspired me to do a post. Maybe I'll continue to get inspired!

As you all are probably aware, it is the holiday season. What with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Hijra, content creators from around the grid are going all out with the giving!

::Riddle:: recently sent out two great group gifts to members of it's subscribo: a sweater dress and a cool light green jacket. At the moment, the store is still on Valentines Island, but it will soon be moving to it's own sim, which owner and designer Chrystina Noel is very excited about.

Gifts, gifts, gifts - Riddle & Shag

Also sending out group gifts via subscribo is Shag, which gave us the cool "Chrissy Snow" hair (named after Suzanne Somer's character in "Three's Company") in red and white (not shown). Included are the cute snowflake attachments.

Gifts, gifts, gifts - Riddle, Shag, Tuli

Miss Tuli Asturias (of Tuli) gave members of her in-world group a set of gorgeous skins in seven (SEVEN!!!!) tones with three different eyebrow options (black, brown, light [blonde]). I'm wearing them in all of the pictures in this post. No, you can't get the skins at her store, which is in the sky while the sim is being rebuilt. You need to join her in-world group ($250L --- well worth it!). The skins are lovely!

Below is the cool ::Riddle:: coat that I previously mentioned. I'm also wearing the group gift from 69. The in-world group members ($300L to join) received a fatpack of this beautiful hair! What I'm not showing is that it also comes with mufflers, a Santa hat and a Rudolph red nose, which you can remove. Very cute!

Gifts, gifts, gifts - Riddle & 69.

The jewelry I'm wearing comes from a relatively new store called Haus of Darcy (aka H.o.D.). Creator and owner Aydan Darcy has some very cute and creative jewelry pieces in her new store. Also, right now she is having a 12 Days of Christmas special going on for her in-world group members. If you join her group (which is free), you can buy her special gifts, under the Christmas tree, for a steal --- $25L.

Below, I'm wearing her 'Starlight, Starbright' necklace and her 'Edible Christmas Lights', both of which are $25L and under her Christmas tree.

Gifts, gifts, gifts - Tuli, 69, H.o.D.

Below, is a group gift for $25L. Many people know of the 'less than three' sign. Miss Aydan took the maths and made them into a necklace. What's cool is that there are six pieces all together: two complete 'less than three' necklaces, two 'less than' necklaces and two '3' necklaces, all of which come in silver and black. Being that they're transferrable (and they look pretty unisex since they are on a black leather strand), they make a great gift to give to your significant other. This necklace was recently released, but already I have seen at least one store blatantly using her design and passing it off as their own. It's a shame that people resort to taking the design of a hardworking new creator.

Gifts, gifts, gifts -- H.o.D.

I should also mention that I'm wearing the H.o.D. subscribo gift earrings (named 'Bodiqua' --- I love it!) that you get when you join up. As I've asked before, please do not join the subscribo just for the gifts and then unsubscribe. Not only is this rude to the creators, who work hard on their gifts, but it also helps prove to the anti-freebie people that freebie lovers are selfish.

Gifts, gifts, gifts - Tuli, 69, H.o.D.

Going back to the also looks great without a shirt underneath. Just sayin'.

Gifts, gifts, gifts - bewbs & H.o.D.

-Skin: Tuli (free but the group is $250L to join)
-Hair: Shag (free) & 69 (free but the group is $300L to join)
-Boots: Bax Coen (pic#1) & (pic#3) Sand Shack Surf Co.
-Shirt: ::Riddle::
-All jewelry: H.o.D.
-Poses used: Reel Expression