Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So hey Asthenia!

We even used the same pose without knowing it too <3

On the left: Dress and boots 0L$, Deviance
On the right: Lingerie 1L$, Seldom Blue

Lingerie set 195L$ instead of 800L$ for limited time, Seldom Blue

Christmas skins 0L$, Nuuna's Skins

Skybox group gift in store (wear your group tag), D-Lab


Not Free:
Hair Truth


Asthenia said...

We have issues :P

Anonymous said...

We do :p

Nereisse said...

I can't find the skybox in D-Lab, can you tell me where it is? It looks gorgeous on the pics!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nereisse, to the left of the entrance to the store you should have a box. Click on it while wearing your tag to get the skybox.

If it still can't find it feel free to IM me in world :)