Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Hai, Pretty Eyes!

Yes, it's me. I decided to make a sporadic appearance! I have a few cute things to show you guys!

First up, I camped out in two phone booths at *pop feel* (15 mins a piece) and was rewarded with this leopard bustier AND then this brown cut-down-to-there blouse that I'm wearing over it. I'm also wearing this pretty necklace from Kunglers that was given out by Modavia for reaching 20,000 members of their subscribo. It's also because Kunglers is now going to have a jewelry line, so they wanted everyone to get a taste of what they're going to have to offer!


I have been on an eye kick as of late. I usually wear Lano Ling's Poetic Colors eyes or KMAD eyes, but I also had a few pairs of Shine eyes in my inventory that I had forgotten about. I know, bad Pumpkin! Anyway, when I tried them on (as I was trying on my new Exile hair -- Lucia -- shown), I decided to go and get some more. Brandy Rasmuson, the tamale-lovin' lady behind Shine, has a real talent for making these pretty, pretty eyes! They're a steal at $50L a pair, but being the generous lady she is, she has some freebies out. The eyes I'm wearing are her Mardi Gras eyes, which are one of the freebies. If you love these, I strongly suggest checking out her other offerings! You won't be disappointed.


-Skin: Belleza (former group gift)
-Hair: Exile
-Eyes: Shine
-Shirt/bustier: *pop feel*
-Necklace: Kunglers
-Pose: V*Poses


Marian said...

Pumpkin, I didn't find the leopard bustier at Pop Feel. Just the brown vest.
Is it gone? :(

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Danggggg! Yeah, it looks like they took out the leopard bustier in the phone booth next to the brown blouse/vest. What's up with that?!

Marian said...

Ah :(
Well, thank you very much Pumpkin!
The blog is amazing!