Saturday, March 13, 2010

Frugal Fashionista: Clothing Fair on a Budget

Hello mi amorcitas! Yes, that lovely time is upon us once more: Clothing Fair! I know you all want to help raise money for the American Cancer Society by attending! Unfortunately for some, they want to participate but are limited on the Lindens. Not to fear! You can find some really cute stuff that won't make you break the bank! This morning, I went snooping around the eight (YES, EIGHT!!) sims for CF10 and found some cute free gifts and some items that won't leave you hurting for cash.

*Sari's* is an interesting store that has a spot on the New Delhi sim at CF10. Specializing in boho clothing with a strong Eastern flair, I felt like a kid in a candy store, snatching up all of the goodies that owner Sari Telling set out. When one puts on clothing from *Sari's*, you can help but feel like you're one of those people who, without prior warning, dropped out of college and ran off to India to go "find yourself" while bumming around on one of the many gorgeous beaches in Goa.

Boho Gal

The skirt & top are $65L each. Aren't they cute? The necklace & bracelets are also available at CF10 and are a staggering $10L a pop. I'm also wearing a bindi from her pack of five bindis for $10L (available at CF10).

At CF10, *Sari's* also has out a cute gift, this Bollywood dress!
Boho Gal1

The cute dress below is from her RFL vendor (meaning that the proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society!) and it's only $75L.
Boho Gal3

Finally, I present to you one of Zaara's RFL vendor offerings (which is in the New Delhi sim as well): this cute diamond top in pink for $75L. I love Miss Zaara's clothing, so I didn't even hesitate to snatch it up! :)
Boho Gal2

So make sure you stop over to Clothing Fair 2010! Get some cute clothes and help keep the hope for a cure alive!

-Skin: Belleza
-Hair: Tiny Bird
-Poses: *EverGlow*


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