Monday, March 1, 2010

Shook Me All Night Long

She Was A Fast Machine
She Kept Her Motor Clean
She Was The Best Damn Woman I Had Ever Seen
She Had The Sightless Eyes
Telling Me No Lies
Knockin' Me Out With Those American Thighs

Okay, okay. So I am kinda jamming out to old skool AC/DC as I write this post. It kinda fits, since Dutch Touch, LeLutka, *G Field* AND *pop feel* shook me up with some great presents! These very generous stores have a history of making us feel special, what with their great gifts.

Dutch Touch has some lovely skins and casual apparel. They're also dabbling in lingerie again, yay! If you're in their subscribo group, you probably got this cute lingerie set! If not, join up (but PLEASE do not join then leave right away. That's not cool or fair to the designer who spent time and money to make this gift)!

Dutch Touch s-o-m

*G Field* also sent out a great gift to their s-o-m'ers -- this beautiful light green chiffon top! They have other colors for sale (go get 'em!), but this pretty springy green color is awesome!

G*Field's s-o-m lovin'

The skins I'm wearing are the latest group gift from LeLutka and are from the newest line, Ife. The skins come in three tones and hairbases for the corresponding brow colors.

LeLutka gg & Lolapop!

The necklace I'm wearing in all the pics is a new release from Lolapop! To celebrate the new main store opening, everything in the store is 50% off, so this week, the necklace is $63L!

*pop feel*

I camped at *pop feel* for either 20 or 25 minutes (can't's late and I have a headache) for this pretty camisole in one of the phone booths. I love it!

-Skin: LeLutka
-Hair: Tiny Bird
-Necklace: Lolapop!
-Jeans & chiffon blouse: *G Field*
-Shoes: Nardcotix
-Camisole: *pop feel*
-Lingerie: Dutch Touch