Monday, October 19, 2009


Why the title? Because I have been laaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy lately! And it reminded me that Asthenia and me forgot to do a shameless plug for our new blog in here! It's just a laid back blog called Adorable Lazybums where we blog about our look of the days. Nothing serious there just fun :D

Hair subscribo gift, Pididdle
Sweater subscribo gift, Luxurious World
Outfit on the right camping chair 30 minutes, Luxurious World

Once again Seldom Blue and Eternity Bride have a new release and as per usual they set one item for 1L$ and one for 100L$ to showcase the quality of the new release. In this case the new release is this gorgeous wedding gown you can see me wear in the second picture. The 1l$ item is this cute dress on the left and the 100l$ item is this very sexy lingerie set you can wear with all kind of attachments on the right.

Dress on the left 1L$, Eternity Bride
Lingerie set on the right 100L$, Eternity Bride

Newly released Kira wedding gown 1300L$, Eternity Bride

So there you go fellas! Enjoy :)

Not free:
Hair in picture 2 and 3 Truth