Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunny Halloween hunt

There's a superduper fun hunt going on on the Sunny sim! (Trust me, I don't use the word superduper lightly!). First you need to get a HUD from on of the hunting boards all over the sim. Then, you wear the HUD (well duh, Asthenia!). The HUD will look like a skeleton. You will have to wander around on the sim and find the bones of the skinny dude. Click the bone and it will get added to the HUD. Then just go to the corresponding store and ring the doorbell!
Now, there can be some issues with the doorbell if too many people are around, so it's sometimes best to be a little bit patient.
The Sunny sim is beautifull to walk around in & the bones are not that hard to find (if you disagree, I'll be glad to help you out :)) You can find them hiding behind trees, lounging on chairs or hanging out near the water (one even fell down to the bottom of the pond :O) (Why yes, those might have been clues!)

BC - Sunny Halloween hunt
Denim tunic, Ohmai!
Faded blue jeans, Decoy
Apron top in black (also in orange, not shown) and necklace, Twosome
Hair, Tiny bird
Orange birdie tee, Sh*t Happens
Halloween tie top, Malt
Joy night dress, Elate!

BC - Sunny Halloween hunt
Tea hawks vest, Whippet & buck
Purple tees, Fri.day

Skin, Halloween gift DCNY, blogged here

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Poses: LAP, Pffiou