Saturday, October 24, 2009

Too much for one title

The Plastik & Analise have set out a few halloween gifties for us all. At the plastik you can also find an exclusive shredded top for only 15L.
Exodi has lots of goodies out! First there is the groupgift, if you joined before yesterday hurrah! If you are not yet in the group, you'll have to pay 250L but you can get a gorgeous 80s make-up skin. If you add Exodi to your picks, there's another skin to reward you. And if you're more into 7seas fishing, you can fish for a halloween jammies set with socks.
There's newness from duh, gray boots in the subscribo and brown ones in the lucky chair. I also stalked the lucky boards from I <3>
BC - Too much for one title
Halloween skins, gloves, jacket and leggings (not shown here), 1L, [Plastik]
Shredded top, 15L, [Plastik]
Angel costume, Fairy costume (and others not shown), 0L, Analise
Cowboy boots in gray, subscribo gift, Duh!

BC - Too much for one title
Batty jammies and socks, 7seas fishing prizes, Exodi
Lily "La Muera" skin, picks gift, Exodi
Cowboy boots in brown, lucky chair, Duh!

Natural girl tattoo and Retro hotties tattoo, Lucky board, I<3 rien
Daily lingerie in blue, mauve and moca, 0L, Envy

Lily "80s Night", group gift, Exodi VIPs (250L to join)
Kuro gown, lucky chair, *sugar*

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Allison.2 from
Capris: Worn denim capris from Tuli
Pffiou, Mela's, Reel expression, Torridwear