Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall is in the air...

What does fall/autumn mean to you? To me, it means breaking out the sweaters and scarves for the impending colder weather. Fortunately, you can find some cute fall gear at various stores.

Zeery designer/owner Zeerya Pyrithea let me know that she has some sweet deals in her store! I love her textures, and everytime I pop over to Zeery, I'm always wondering what she'll come out with next. At the moment, she has a cute dollarbie shirt - the Femme Tank in LakeSide Golden Wheat (blue and goldish, quite lovely) and a beautiful cashmere scarf called Aurora Australis, which is a multitude of colors, each one fading delicately into the next.

In the picture below, on the left side, I'm wearing the newest Exile group gift - Maren in "a touch of pink" (check out the bangs - a nice touch).

October 7, 2009 cupcakes
(L) $1L tank & Exile group gift hair, (R) $5L cashmere scarf

*G Field has released some goodies as well, the cute orange sweater (two options - one with a Jack-O-Lantern and one without) and green leggings. Free!

October 7, 2009 cupcakes1
One sweater, two options. Love it.

*G Field also has two pairs of special Halloweeny boots for sale at $30L each. Lovingly crafted, these boots are perfect for the season!

October 7, 2009_005
With cute buckles.

October 7, 2009_006
With a bow :)

-Hair: Exile
-Skin: RockBerry
-Jeans: League
-Shirt: (pic#1, right side) Zeery
-Boots: *G Field

Poses used: (pda)