Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can you say "yum yum!"?

Good evening (or morning), Cupcakes! Yes, I know that I have been M.I.A. for the past few weeks, but I've been going through some personal stuff (I won't go into it), so I took a wee leave of absence. It feels good to write a post. It feels like home.

It's summer, so that means that there are tons of goodies out there! One of my favorite stores, **DP**yumyum, has a few goodies out. If you join their in-world group, Double Paradox, you can camp on a chair in the store (30 mins) and get this cute Black and White Rose Petal Dress.

Cute dress comes with everything you see here...except the shoes.

Another of **DP** yumyum's offerings is this very summery dollarbie skirt called Lemon Soda. It comes with two options.

One option has lemons, the other doesn't :)

In one of the corners of the store, I discovered a pile of boxes that contained $20L bracelets, among other things. In this pile, there is a $10L box that contains this bracelet and the brown belt that I'm wearing. There's also a black belt ($10L also, not pictured).

Cute belt and bracelet. Look cute for cheap!

I snagged some really pretty (and free) eyes from Poetic Colors. They're participating in the Slice of Summer hunt. Just look for the watermelon! The skins I'm wearing throughout the post are the free group gift from 5th & Oxford (formerly Fleur). It comes in three tones: fair, medium & tan. The hair, while not free, is the cute and newest style (Love Letter to Japan I & II) from Tiny Bird, one of my favorite stores. Autumn Hykova has a knack for whipping up fresh, sweet and lovely styles.

Lovely skin and free, gorgeous eyes are waiting for you!

Finally, MichaMi's DSN offering made me very happy. The Bustier & Cardie sample is sleek, sexy and stylish. I love the black prim belt that comes with it. Hopefully you all are registered with the DSN. If you are, but haven't gotten this yet, don't fret. They don't send it to every single person all at once. You may end up getting it a week or two down the line.

MichaMi makes me swoon!

Not free, but still fabulous:
-Hair: Tiny Bird (Love Letter to Japan I - with side-swept bangs & II - traditional bangs)
-Shoes: ETD
-Jeans: Last Call (no longer available)
-Bikini top: **DP** yumyum
-Eyelashes: A.Y.Y.

Poses used:
Reel Expression