Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Learn to fly

*rushes in and shows you a few pics*

Scarves, 1L for both, Viva la glam
Brandi dress, 0L, Bliss couture
Leggings, 0L, Punpy hunt
Glitter mini dress and purple polka dot dress, Cinderella's lost slipper gridwide hunt, Posh

Salopette & Cardigan, both 0L, Hunt at Punpy
Necklace, subscribo joining gift, Biensen + Maitai
Diliana dress, 0L, Cinderella's lost slipper gridwide hunt, Elate

*runs back out*

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Trisha from Truth
Skin: Hope from Tuli

Shoes: Pumps from Haysuriza, 3way rose pumps (*with* matching clutch!) from J's,
Poses: Pffiou, Sugar Mill, Striking poses, Lap