Thursday, July 23, 2009

SOS: The melon saga continues

Welcome to part 2 of the Slice of Summer hunt!

The SLURLs will only bring you to the store, for hints on the location of the gift you can check the official hunt website.

See-through top, bikini, jeans and slip ons, Sentou Yousei, #82
Neko cube, Senries, #57
Belly jewel, Flirt, #79
Purple dress, Forbidden apple, #76
Black/white dress with shoes, Zenith, #37
Pretty little bow, Adore&Abhor, #40
Watermelon baby outfit, Acid & mala creations, #30
Vans, Tango New York, #32
Pink casual outfit & hair, Cuppycake, #77
Boyfriend's horse sweatshirt & sweatpants with socks, Project Kiwi, #78

Retro watermelon onepiece, Vextra messing design, #115
Green mules and bangles, MJ+Dada, #110
Smiley shirts, Sway creations, #83
Green lowrize denim, From zetton, #91
Watermelon tank, From zetton, #91
Lace up ivory boots, M'z, #88
Alice hair (there are more hairs in the gift, but not shown here), Metaphysics, #107
Watermelon dress and shoes, Sweeter than candy, #112
Slice of summer dress, Draconic kiss, #98
Vacation shirt + bag, Izumiya, #58

Gset dress, Gallery fumiwo, #86
Watermelon rainbowlove tank, Squishyface, #113
Black cherry tree backpack, Kosh, #114
Watermelon dress, Elsie shop, #68
Summer watermelon dress, shoes, hairpin & watering can, Sassy kitty designs, #93
Summer anklet, necklace (earrings not shown) and dress, Twisted and Spoiled, #36
Leather code bracelets, Fine, #35

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Twiggy and Ash from Truth
Poses: Striking poses, Reel expression, Torridwear, Pffiou, Mela's, Sugar Mill, VPoses, Analu, Lap


Vitabela said...

great job you did here,congrats:)