Saturday, July 18, 2009

Face is up there

Hello hello hello!

I picked up a nice dollarbie shirt from Salsa, only to notice it was covered in all kinds of stains when I put it on! (And uh yes, that is a condom hanging from the left pocket! Obviously, it's not mine...)
I also went to Emjay, where I found a nice shirt pointing out where my face is in case someone would forget ;-) There's also a cute cupcake shirt & matching boyshirts for free <3

BC - Face is up there
Slob shirt, 1L, Salsa
Face is up there TEE, 0L, Emjay
Cuppycake boyshorts and top, 0L, Emjay

Then I went to the elliott sim to pick up some cute dollarbie dresses from Random fashions, 3 colors and mucho T-shirts (not shown here) all together for only 1L! If you walk around you will find the store Somatica where there's an underwear set & red cardigan available for free. The lovely pose pointing out where the twins are is also included :)

BC - Face is up there
Black hearted bra and knickers, red plain cardigan & Look at these! pose, 0L, Somatica
Carnival dress in blue, pink and red, 1L, Random fashions

Prelude sent out a new gift through the subscribo & informed us there were different colored versions of the gift at both store locations. So I hopped over to the mainstore & the location at the Malt sim to find the Marguerite dress in two new colors AND I found the Zouzou dress in pink & blue, all gifts for you!

BC - Face is up there
Marguerite dress in blue, pink and violet (subscribo gift), 0L, Prelude
Zouzou dress in blue and pink, 0L, Prelude

I also parked my lovely derriere on WTW's camping chairs at both the store locations & in return I got two cute lingerie sets. While I was camping I also picked up a dollarbie lingerie set at the Trenza location & adorable eyemasks for free at the Cherry location.
The ruffle bikini is from the lucky board at Chiluchilu.

BC - Face is up there
Light pink lingerie, group camping, WTW at Trenza
Purple and blue lingerie, 1L, WTW at Trenza
Eyemasks, 0L, WTW at Cherry
Baby pink lingerie, camping, WTW at Cherry
Bikini with dots and ruffles, Lucky board, Chiluchilu

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Twiggy from Truth
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Jeans: Director high waist pants, Pink outfitters
Poses: Pffiou, Analu, Lap, Mela's, Sugar Mill, Striking poses