Saturday, September 5, 2009

The hunt is on.

Hey guys, guess what? There's a hunt going on! I know, it's been a while since the last SL hunt, so I know that you're ready for this one! ;) The hunt going on now at the Thibedeau sim (called the Avatar Crossing hunt) has some great gifts! I can't show them all, but trust me, you'll definitely want to do this one.

Thibedeau Hunt goodies
L to R: RBCG hoodie, Squishyface tee, [BUTT-ERR] tee & Pink Fuel skin & necklace

Thibedeau Hunt stuffs
L to R: Untitled tee, Medley halter, Rebel-X outfit, \RCS\ shirt

I went to So Many Styles earlier to nab their $50L Friday gift and walked out with some cute freebies. I was also introduced to a new-to-me store called Zeery, which features Indian couture. While their selection is limited at the moment, I think it shows great promise! Be sure to have a look around and don't forget the two freebies they have -- his & her silk ties!

SMS & Zeery
L to R: SMS tunic, SMS transy black shirt w/pink & brick ties from Zeery.

I absolutely ADORE the skin from Pink Fuel. It's seriously becoming my new favorite skin! I recently bought a fatpack of [PF] designer Mochi Milena's 'Raine' skin line and fell in love. Her gift for the Thibedeau hunt ('Skye' - Ganguro) is exquisite! Plus, it comes with face stickers (hearts and stars) and two necklaces (a long and short version with spine and chest attachement areas). I can't wait until she releases the whole Skye skin line!

Sooo fabu, but not free:
-Hair: (they are having a big sale right now, so GET!)
-Jeans: BP*

Poses used: (pda), *A*, Reel Expression, Slash Me Poses, [ImpEle], Striking Poses, {TBC}


Juxta said...

There are so many great hunts going on right now, I need to make a list with their dates so I can make sure I at least *try* to hit them before they are over.

Pumpkin Saenz said...

The Avatar Crossing hunt is going on until October 1st, I think! So, you have plenty of time :)

Juxta said...

Thanks Pumpkin! After all the shopping/camping/hunting/freebie getting I did yesterday my inventory is dire need of some attention, so I can definitely use the extra time.

Mochi Milena said...

Thank you so much for blogging the Thib hunt! I am so happy you enjoyed all the prizes :D