Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here Little Fishy, fishy...

I went wandering around today. What was I looking for, you ask? Nothing in particular. Did I get anything good, you ask? Yes, yes I did. Let me show you!

My first stop was to Tuli. She sent a notice yesterday about new pick rewards skins available this month. Having the store in my picks, I jumped over and scooped them up. "Hope" in onyx, with it's smokey eyes is lovely, of course. You get five tones with four colored eyebrow options. I'm wearing the red option in all tones below. Next, I went to Little Fish, where I scored this pretty yellow Chinese-style dress from one of the lucky boards. Finally, I puttered over to Lazy Places to grab Miss Sakuradawn Lei's Demonology Hunt gift, which are these cute hooves.

Here Little Fishy, fishy...
Awesome stuff from: Lazy Places, Tuli and Little Fish!

Fab, but not free:

Poses used: Reel Expression


Anonymous said...

<3 The demonology hunt, can't wait to see what other awesome things we'll find!