Sunday, September 27, 2009

Skin Expo or "Why Pumpkin's Linden Account Is Empty"


It's like all of the skin designers got together and said, " can we make people go broke this month? Ooh! Let's all get together and release our gorgeous new skins at the same time and donate some profits to charity!!"

They're evil, I tells ya! It's okay, though. Let me warn you: I will be showing non-free skins as well as some free ones because they truly are lovely. I'll mark the non-free ones.

Exodi has out some great freebies from the "Lily" line, the 'Frosted' makeups. The tones are as follow: cedar, cherry, dove, elm and they come with dark and light brow options. In the pic below I'm wearing the dark brow option.

Exodi freebies - Skin and Shape Expo
Lovely (free) skins, courtesy of Exodi.

Likewise for [RockBerry], as Miss Heather has put out some cute skins from her "Megan" line.

RockBerry freebies from Skin and Shape Expo
I love the green eyeshadow!

Damiani has a gift for the ladies which includes this bikini that has an opened and closed option. Pretty neat!

Belleza bodies
Open sesame!

Kunglers released another gift for the members of it's in-world group! You know it's gonna be a good day when they treat us to another present, since they always give out such great stuff!

Kungerls group gift
Cute boho top, necklace and pants - join the Kunglers' group!

Awesome stuff that isn't free:
-Hair: (pics#1 & 2), (pic#3) Junwave & (pic#4) JE*Republic
-Skin: (pics# 3 & 4) Belleza

Poses used: Reel Expressions, *TorridWear*, Striking Poses