Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shake your Pompoms!

I am too lazy to type much... Yep lazyness thy name is Laleeta! I am putting an awesome video at the end of my blogpost that made me laugh way too much though so I am forgiven right?

Shoes subscribo gift, Emjay
On the left: Dress welcome gift to subscribo, Musashi-Do
On the right: Cheerlader outfit 0L$, Je*Republic@Moon Works Animations

Shirts and hoodies look on picture for how to get them, Intrigue Co.
All jewelry on those pics and the "Window to the soul" are gifts or dollarbies at Jewelry Fair

Saint and Sinner pumpkins subscribo gift, New Trails
On the left: Shirt subscribo gift, Mischief
On the right: Shirt welcome to subscribo gift, Naith Smit Design

Oh and as promised here is the video that has been haunting me lately. Slightly NSFW because... Well the title is Wrong Hole so you can guess why :p !

Not Free but Full of Win:
Skins in all pictures new release at Nuuna's Skins (Second floor)
Hair Truth
Poses Pffiou!


katharine said...

everything looks FANTASTIC as always, laleeta. thank you so much for blogging the new intrigue co prizes. <3 :)

Maretch Waffle said...

lmao at the video, lol how did you find it, i'm showin it to my frnds XD thanks for the amazing outfits!! kisses

Maretch Waffle.

Laleeta Xue said...

A friend of mine posted it on Facebook, I am glad you liked it :D