Friday, September 25, 2009

Lucky gifts with pearls

If you are a member of the Alienbear update group & like kittehs, you need to go to the special groupplacethingy! There you will find the latest group gift: Kitty earrings & pearl necklace. Very pretty & very much worthy of that precious groupspace <3
The Tomoto Update group also requires a group slot, but in return you can win lovely tops from the Lucky boards. There are more colors in the lucky boards than the one I'm showing in this post :)
The lucky board at Haven designs is open for everyone! If you want this blue silk (well it's a pretty top for me, since I'm not gor (NO really, Laleeta, I'm not!)) you have time till the end of the month... For a little more fabric, you can go to Urbanity and if you join the subscribo you'll get this BF shirt.

Happy shopping weekend!

Peek-a-blue, Lucky board, Haven designs
Kitty Cyrus earrings and necklace, Group gift, Alienbear
Camisole, Group lucky board, Tomoto
My BF's shirt, subscribo joining gift, Urbanity

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Allison.2 from
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Jeans: Worn capris from Tuli
Lashes: Flutter lashes from Cake
Poses: Pffiou, Reel expression