Thursday, June 11, 2009

Because nothing says I love You like a bouquet of buttplugs

One piece of advice: don't let stuff pile up in your inventory! Otherwise you get huge blogpost like this one. Oh and the hair worn in all those pictures is the DSN item from Curio.

Hair accessory subscribo gift, Tiny Bird
On the left: DSN item, Silent Sparrow
Two similar dresses in the middle 0l, Emery
Yellow dress DSN, idk
On the right: Summer dress and hat DSN, Prelude

Gift you receive when subscribing to the MudHoney subscribo

Photo studio DSN, La Petite Morte

Cushions and bouquet of buttplugs subscribo gift, MudHoney
Lamp lucky chair, Wine and Roses

The clothes I am wearing in the photo studio picture are from Potassium, a newly opened store with the highest item I have seen being 100L$ so go check it out! The tattoos are the newly released ones from Otaku Designs called Balance.

Not free:
Poses Pffiou!
Skin Gauze
Shoes Maitreya
Clothes in photo studio picture Potassium


Anonymous said...

The SLURL that you posted to the photo box at La Petite Morte lands you underneath the ground, and I don't think anywhere near where you need to be.. The sim looks empty and I can't find the store.. *cries*

Anonymous said...

I found the store, but the photo box is not free

Banana Vella said...

HEY!!! Theres my stuff! woohooooo!

Thanks Laleeeeeeta!

Laleeta Xue said...

@Anon: I am sorry if there was a misunderstanding but the photo box is a sample of La Petite Morte you can receive via the DSN (Designer Showcase Network) and there fore is not free in the store. For more infor on DSN you can go read here
Don't hesitate to subscribe to it, it's worth it and in the mean time you can always shop and look around at La Petite Morte :)

@Banana: Of course I had to feature it! Good luck with the store :D