Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hair Fair and some freebies.

I love Hair Fair.

I’ve tried on some demos at various stores that are participating in Hair Fair 2009 and I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised at some of the styles. Normally, it takes a lot to impress (or shock) me, but there are some seriously talented hair creators here in SL. Today I’m going to give you a sneak peek at one of my favorite stores’ Hair Fair 2009 entries. Remember: by purchasing these hairstyles at HF09, you’re not only making yourself stylish, you’re also helping a wonderful real life cause: Locks of Love. When you purchase one of the styles specially marked with the Hair Fair emblem, the money you spend on said hairstyle goes towards Locks of Love.

If you don’t know what Locks of Love is, it’s a wonderful non-profit organization that takes monetary, as well as hair donations. I know what you’re thinking. “HAIR?! Are they crazy?!” The answer is no, they’re not insane. Locks of Love helps financially disadvantaged children who have lost their hair due to medical conditions by giving them a good quality wig, made of human hair. This helps boost their morale, and many agree that having a positive attitude is imperative when one is faced with a potentially life-threatening disease. I, myself, have donated hair (just once -- a few years ago when my hair was much, much longer) and I cannot explain the overwhelming feeling of joy I felt, knowing that my hair was going towards such a fantastic organization. My (real life) cousin Carley works at a salon as a hairdresser, and she’s the one who told me about Locks of Love back in 2005. The salon she worked at was having a cut-a-thon event and she suggested that I cut off ten inches (which is the minimum, I believe). After many years of having long hair, I decided to take the plunge and cut it to my shoulders. The added bonus was that I was getting a cute new ‘do that was going to be easier and faster to manage.

Each day we make purchases in SL. Clothes. Hair. Skin. Shoes. Sometimes we feel a little guilty after we go shopping. During Hair Fair 2009, you don’t have to worry about that. Your money is going to a good cause. Just think of the many children you could be helping, bringing a smile to their faces as they are given a brand new wig made especially for them. Isn’t that worth a couple of thousand L’s?
Okay, now on to the hair. Tiny Bird Hair Hottie, Autumn Hykova was kind enough to send me her Hair Fair 2009 entries so I could help spread the word. I love Autumn’s work – it’s funky, original and a breath of fresh air. She’s so imaginative, kind and talented. Not only is she a participant in HF09, she’s also one of the many organizers. So yes, she’s a very busy lady! While none of these styles are free, I wanted to post them anyway because the proceeds go to a worthy cause.

This first style is called ‘Swirly’, which may be a nod to the hilarious blogger, Swirly Cyclone. It has a lush, feathery, slight Farrah Fawcett-esque circa 1977 vibe to it. It’s big hair at it’s most fabulous.

Dress: Ingenue (DSN freebie)

Janie is style numero dos on the line up. A soft and feminine shoulder-length ‘do with whispy bangs, it’s a must have for all of the summer styles most of us will be donning for the next few months.

Bikini: Exodi (DSN freebie)

For the boys, she’s got Bereznyak, named after Jewnas Brother, Izzy (aka Mr. Stein Shilova). It’s her only male entry, but it’s one of the nicest male styles that I’ve seen so far for Hair Fair. Bereznyk is a sexy, messy ‘do with attitude for just about every guy.

Shorts: Kiitos!! (in-store dollarbie)

A fun and funky style is just what Autumn thinks we need, so she gives us Gattina. Reminiscent of my younger days when I’d let my cousin Carley play with my hair, putting this style on made me long for those simpler times. I’m sure I’m not the only slightly wavy/kinda straight-haired girl who lusted for big dramatic curls.

Top: Otaku Designs (not free) Shorts: Maitreya (not free) Shoes: The Black Canary (lucky chair freebie)

Finally, I present a sweet, free-spirited, hippie-ish hairstyle named Hayden. Of course, it’d look great with just about any clothing you feel like wearing, not just hippie clothing.

Shorts: Kiitos!! (in-store dollarbie) Top: **en svale** (not free) Shoes: The Black Canary (lucky chair gift)

All of the hairs shown come in a wide array of colors, 20 to be exact. When you make your way to Hair Fair 2009, be sure to stop by the Tiny Bird kiosk to try some demos. You might just fall in love with your next favorite hairstyle.

Tattoos used:
Otaku Designs (the link is to the new store right by Naive...she has a dollarbie tat & two other dollarbies! Check 'em out!)

Poses used:
Kiitos!!, Torrid, *V* Poses, Imperial Elegance