Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yummy goodness.

Slacker, thy name is Pumpkin. It was a lazy Saturday and while I had the best of intentions for this post (it was supposed to come out yesterday), I didn't get around to actually writing until 4:30am Sunday morning. I had writers block!

So anyway, onto the goods. Jungeun Vella of JE*Republic dropped off her store's latest lucky chair gift on me, making me do a little dance. She always has such beautiful dresses in her lucky chair. Her latest is called Dorothy and it's lovely.

060709JE Republic
So so pretty. You'll love this dress if you're lucky enough to snag it!

I've bought many items from JE*Republic. Jungeun's got a great sense of style and is a very talented creator, which is why I'm a repeat customer. The fact that she puts such lovely gifts inside of her lucky chair is another reason I keep going back. Instead of throwing just any old leftover or discount item, she places quality dresses as gifts inside of the lucky chair. While I visited her store earlier with my friend Lola, we dropped some cash on her new hair (I'm wearing it in the pic above). Also worth mentioning is that she currently has her fatpacks on sale at 50% off!

Next up is a cute dollarbie shirt from Cynful. Right when you walk into the store, it's straight ahead. I really like this shirt. It's sheer from the bottom up to right below the bustline. Tres sexy and a fabulous bargain at only $1L.

Great top for only $1L! Can't beat that.

Yesterday I went to a new store via TP from a friend called Historical Heroines, which features hairstyles of yore. Some are "Gone With The Wind"-y, some are borderline Baroque. At the store, I purchased the $10L VSM fatpack gift called "Miss Gemma" and the in-store freebie fatpack "Miss Felt" (not shown). I paired it with the DSN gift from Vanitas Vesture, a red sweater tank. While Vanitas Vesture's inventory is limited, I think it shows great promise.

$10L fatpack of hair + cute free top I was lucky enough to get dropped on me!

Fabuloso but not free:
-Hair: (pics#1 & 2): JE*Republic
-Jeans: (pics#2 & 3): Truth
-Shoes: (pic#1): Stiletto Moody
(pic#2): Truth

Poses used:
-*V* Poses


sarahthered said...

Cute! Thanks for blogging Vanitas Vesture! <3