Saturday, June 6, 2009

Untitled (or is it? Muhahaha)

Oh hai! How are you guys? Hopefully you are all enjoying your week-end so far!

Soooooo my little Pumpkin of love explained about the Vendor Support Month the other day and I thought it was about damn time I showed you what I made for Pffiou! for the occasion! 
It's a couple pose called Fan Secrets that comes with this fan I made as you can see. I put the poseballs with and without the fan in the vendor in case people want to use it against a wall or something.
Like every other items participating in the Vendor Support Month you cant get it for only 10L$ at the Pffiou! mainstore nao.

Fan Secrets for Vendor Support Month 10L$, Pffiou!

In other news I know Asthenia already featured this gorgeous blue lingerie set from Seldom Blue that you can see in the middle of this pic but what she forgot to tell you is that this black lingerie set with tons of outfit options is for 100L$ only for a very short time before going back to 792L$ normally! So better grab it quickly!

On the left: Black lingerie set 100L$ for a short time only, Seldom Blue
In the middle: Blue lingerie set 1l, Seldom Blue
On the right: Pink ballgown 0l, Seldom Blue

Pink bustier and jacket DSN, MichaMi
Black dress Bedtime Stories hunt, Cilian'gel

Pink lingerie DSN, Mon Amour
Necklace DSN, Shine

Oh wow, I managed to cram a lot of lingerie pictures of me in that blogpost didn't I? Well I hope you all enjoy those finds and they are new to you, if not... *hands you guys a cupcake?*

P.S: Oh and did you guys see our awesome new banner :D ?!

Not free but you still want:
Skin Gauze
Hair ETD