Monday, June 1, 2009

VSM, DSN...lots of acronyms.

Right now, you may or may not be asking yourself, "WTF is Pumpkin talking about? WTH is 'VSM' and 'DSN'?" Well, my acronym-lovin' cuppycake, VSN stands for Vendor Support Month and DSN stands for Designer Showcase Network. FYI (I'm just loving using these acronyms), VSM is a group of awesome designers who have placed groovy gifts out at their stores for $10L a pop, while the DSN is a service of sorts that you subscribe to so that you can receive preview and sample items from participating creators. You might be asking..."what sort of samples/previews?" To answer your question -- everything. Poses, skins, shapes, hair, you name it. Now, onto the actual items I'm highlighting today.

One of my besties gave me an LM to a new-to-me store by the name of Tarnished. She told me that owner December Larkham had placed her VSM entry, a skin, out for sale. Of course, this piqued my interest, so I TP'd and had a look around, buying a few items...the skin included. The skin, called "Dot", has a Lolita-esque vibe to it. For a new creator, I think it's really cute and shows great promise. The skin, as I've said, is $10L and comes with a shape (not shown).

Channeling my inner Lolita.

Today I also received a DSN preview of Otaku Designs newest tattoo, called "Azteca". I loved the last tattoo Otaku Designs released (called "Sugar Skulls & Roses"), and I'm really digging this new tattoo as well. If you missed out on this cute DSN gift, don't worry. You can always go down to the Otaku Designs mainstore and purchase it (it's very reasonably priced). While you're at the mainstore, be sure to do something -- hit the subscribo so you can be the first one to get the awesome gifties that frequently flutter into my inventory [note: you have to already be a subscriber to the SOM at Otaku Designs in order to get the gifts...none of this subscribing to just get the gift, then unsubscribing -- that's neither fair nor cool, dudes]. Speaking of SOM's, today I received these cute charm-like bracelets from *Ticky Tacky*'s subscribo! They regularly send out great gifts, so I'd recommend joining if you haven't already!

Awesome tattoo from Otaku Designs & bracelets from Ticky Tacky's subscribo!

Subscribo gift from Otaku Designs. Not shown, but still cute: the legwarmers.

Finally, if you have Tuli in your picks, be sure to pick up this month's Picks Reward gift --- these lovely skins! Hurry up and grab these before you forget!

Tuli never disappoints! Another winner!

Not free:
-Hair: Truth
-Jeans: (2nd pic) League

Poses used: *TorridWear*, The Black Canary


Banana Vella said...

Nice post Pumkin!

I'm just about to make a start on my VSM list and go shopping! :)

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Thank you Banana! <3

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