Monday, June 22, 2009

Koreshan Bake Sale.

One of my friends TP'd me to the Koreshan bake sale, going on now at the Koreshan sim. It was supposed to end today at noon, but as of 10pm tonight, it was still on! So what do they have for you at this sale, my frugal friends? Let me show you!

First up -- two hairstyles from Tiny Bird for $1L, and in a super cute color that Autumn is calling "Blurpleberry"!

Koreshan - Tiny Bird(1)
Tiny Bird's Gattina in Blurpleberry

Koreshan - Tiny Bird
Tiny Bird's Olivia in Blurpleberry

Also available is this cute style from Deviant Kitties called 'Alice' in Blue/Purple for only $1L! It comes with some sweet cupcake yummies for your head!

Koreshan - Deviant Kitties
Deviant Kitties' Alice in Blue/Purple

So hurry your buns over to Koreshan and pick up some cute stuff! Not all of it is on the cheap, but they have some really interesting stuff available!

Koreshan Bake Sale
Bake sale table at Koreshan!

Yeah, it's fabulous, but it ain't free:
-Skin: MinaJunk 'Cry' (Bake sale exclusive - a steal at $250L)
-Top & shorts: Maitreya
-Cupcake on my head in pic#2: Lazy Places (at the bake sale) - $25L
-Poison Lolli in pic#3: Pink Fuel (at the bake sale) - $10L

Poses used: Pretzel*Poses