Wednesday, July 1, 2009

<3 Cupcakes

Where I live, summer has really kicked in the last few days (read: Halp! I'm melting) Luckily all the summer items at Cupcakes have been priced down to 100L or 75L! And if you look carefully, you might stumble upon some items priced 1L too. And that's not even all! You can also find a new groupgift in the notices (If you are not already a member, there is a 100L joining fee, worth every linden :))
I also got some cute capris from the G Field subscribomatic and I was lucky enough to score a lovely gown for 50L at the Snatch riot vendor! While I was there I also got lucky at the Lucky chair (Yeah I totally cracked myself up on that one!) and also won a skirt at the lucky chair from MNK. And to finish it all, I also found a cute tank and long skirt as a groupgfit at Anuenue.

So enjoy all the pics now and don't forget to click them if you need a bigger image :)

<3 Cupcakes
Poison black velvet dress, 50L, Riot vendor, Snatch
Long skirt and tank, Group gift in store, Anuenue
Tangerine mini dress, 1L, Cupcakes
Metropolitan boots, Lucky chair, Snatch
Batty V-neck top, 1L, Cupcakes
Skirt, Lucky chair, MNK
Highwaisted shorts set with shirt, groupgift, <3 href="">G Field
Polkadots tank, 1L, Cupcakes

<3 Cupcakes
Tops, Skirts and shorts, 1L each, Cupcakes

<3 Cupcakes
Tops, Skirts and dresses, 1L each, Cupcakes

<3 Cupcakes
Bathing suit and dresses, 1L each, Cupcakes

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Hair: Laine from ETD
Skin: Hope from Tuli

Belles from Shiny Things, Belt Platfrom Sandals from J's
Lap, Mela's, Pffiou, Striking poses, Reel Expressions, Imperial Elegance, Sugar Mill, Analu