Monday, July 27, 2009


Sh*t Happens is a store with cute clothes -- and they just so happen to have a sale going on at the moment at their Horst location! You can grab some sweet deals, like the running shorts I'm wearing in the pic below (a whopping $15L) for a limited time. While I was browsing around, I grabbed these two dollarbie tees. I paired them with these black & white 'Starry Night' flats (a very reasonable $30L...and they come in a variety of colors) & a yummy strawberry popsicle (pay $1L to the fun random may get this or some other yummy treat!), both from With Sugar On Top. The location I'm linking to is a temp locale at a !Doux Petite Dahl flagship store, so don't freak out. Just look around and you'll see the board for WSOT.

Sh*t Happens & With Sugar On Top
Get some sweets.

Speaking of !Doux Petit Dahl, I snagged their in-store freebie: this adorable boho-style shirt!

!Doux Petit Dahl & With Sugar On Top
I also kept playing with the random vendor for more

If you're a member of the Tuli in-world update group ($250L), you might already know about this, but I'll go ahead and post it anyway. Go to the Tuli store, activate your group tag, and go towards the big tree. To the left of the tree is a red & white mushroom. Click it and you'll get the exclusive group gift -- some lovely skins in various tones and a very pretty white blouse.

Tuli - group gift skin & blouse
Tuli is a very generous creator...join her group and you won't be disappointed!

If you're already a member of the Ornamental Life subscribo, you *might* have gotten these cute lingerie freebies, unless, like me, you accidentally declined the offer. Fortunately for you, you can pop over to the store and hit the subscribo and get them! Just touch the SOM board, hit 'messages', then go through the messages until you find the one entitled "Freeeeebies" (or something like that -- haha). Also, the skin I'm wearing in this picture is a freebie from KA Designs' profile pick reward program. Just put them in your picks, wait a few days, go back and touch the sign and bam! You got yourself a new skin!

Ornamental Life subscribo gift
Five free sets of lingerie! Yippee!

Fabulous, but not free:
Hair: Refuge (pics#1 & 2), Tiny Bird (pics#3 & 4)
Jeans: (pic#3) G*Field
Skin: (pics#1 & 2): Curio
Tattoos & bangles: Otaku Designs (new mainstore coming the meantime, check OD at Blue Blood or ElfPyre)

Poses used: (pda), Pretzel Poses (temporarily closed -- but they'll be back!), LAP, *Amaris* (DSN)