Monday, August 31, 2009

Bad, bad boys.

Every so often, I like to change things up on my posts. Today, I'm going to show some clothing for the boys in our lives. As I'm sure many of you know, the grid can be a scary and intimidating place for a man who wants to look for clothing. Guys pretty much get the short end of the stick when it comes to high quality clothing, much less the cheapies and freebies.

First up is a new store called + blacklisted + on the new Starlust sim, Horst. The shirts are put together very nicely using great textures. You can tell the shirts had a lot of blood, sweat and tears (i.e. effort) put into them. To celebrate their grand opening, there is a dollarbie inside of the store!

Boy stuff.
The middle one is $1L!

Pig is a store that sells, not only cute feminine clothes, but also unisex and men's clothing. Pig's style is fun, fresh, and breaks away from the norm. Their clothes aren't for everyone, but if you want something that'll have people asking, "where'd you get that?" then this is your place.

More boy stuff.
Left: $1L@their main store. Right: free from the Poop Hunt!

While all of the freebies and dollarbies are great, let's not forget to browse around the stores. So many people complain about the 'smash & grab' mentality that some accuse freebie blogs of feeding. We truly appreciate the fabulous gifts that the various talents around the grid lovingly create for us. Let's show them our support!

Fab, but not free (or no longer available):
-Shirt: (1st & 3rd on pic#1): + blacklisted +
-Hair: Junwave ($200L for a fatpack!)
-Jeans: (pics# 1&2) League
-Skin: Belleza (old group gift)

Poses used: [LAP]

**Editor's note: It was brought to my attention that a store I previously mentioned (I removed the paragraph and photos) has ripped skins for sale. We at Baking Cupcakes do not condone this behavior, for it is insulting to not only us, but also to the hardworking and decent creators that make Second Life a joy to be a part of.


Juxta said...

I think freebies are an important accessory for stores, when I was newer too many times I bought stuff that looked good on the rack and looked awful on me. If the freebies are great quality, I always support the store in tips or buying stuff. I can't help it..SL Fashion is super addicting. ^_^

Juxta said...

Also, thanks for the guy stuff post! My husband just started playing SL and finding good stuff can be difficult, free or not. He's not too picky about how he looks..but I am! ^_^

Pumpkin Saenz said...

lol no problem, Miss Juxta! Thanks for your insight and kind words! <3