Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Poison

He he, what an emo sounding title isn't it? Well the reason for it is because Cyanide, a store I blogged about a few days ago, released a new subscribo gift for having reached 200 subscribers. Congrats! It's this gorgeous skin and I must say I love it!

Skin subscribo gift, Cyanide

If you stop by Cyanide do look around, they have some very nice stuff like this lingerie set that I could totally see myself wear to relax all day around my house. It's not free but it allowed me to show off that tattoo which is the new group gift from Pididdle!

Tattoo subscribo gift, Pididdle

So there you go, enjoy!

Not Free:
Hair Truth
Poses Pffiou!
Lingerie set Cyanide 125L$