Friday, January 29, 2010


So looks like Asthe beat me once again to blogging something! But never fear I am lazy so I shall keep the picture as it is :D

On the left: Headpiece 1l, Seldom Blue
On the left: Dress 100l for limited time, Seldom Blue
In the middle and on the right: Dresses 0l, Modd.G

Shirts group gift, Mustache

Rawr those skins! I just luff them! They are a freebie in store at Nuuna's Skins, even if she first sent them to her subscribo. They come in 3 tones as you can see and they are to promote her new line of Black Lips skins. And yus they are delish, go get them!

Black Lips skins 0L, Nuuna's Skins

That was tiring! Time to enjoy a rest on a mushroom:

Mushroom with 4 poses group gift in store, D-Lab

Week-end here I coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome!

Not Free:
Hair Truth
Shoes J's
Shorts in some pictures are a past freebie from Zaara


Asthenia said...

Copycat :P

Anonymous said...

I know right :O ?!