Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where are my manners?


In my last post, I should have wished you cupcakes a happy 2010. I was just so excited about the dress we all got from the subscribo that I just forgot my manners. HAPPY 2010!! Better late than never, eh?

With that said, boy oh boy have I got some yummies for you all! Zeerya Pyrithea would like to wish us a happy 2010 with an invitation to check out her store Zeery and scoop up her spicy gifts that are scattered around! They're not free, but at $5L a piece, I know you guys can afford them!


Also treating us to some deliciousness for the new year is Crystalin Clayton of Plastic Flowers. She has out some cute skins, priced between $15L each & a special two pack New Years set for $25L. She makes no secret of the fact that they're Evana & Eloh Eliot skin mods. I'm not an expert at skins, but I think they're pretty darn cute, especially for the bargain price she set them at, which is very generous of her!

Here's some pictures of the $15L a piece skins available (click the pictures to view them at a larger scale):

Plastic Flowers

Here's some pictures of the special two-pack $25L New Years skins:

Plastic FlowersNY

That's it for today, folks! Have a great Monday!

-Hair: Exile
-Top, scarf & earrings: Zeery
-Jeans: Naughty
-Boots: Mentine


Anonymous said...

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